Andreas Di Vilio

"I'm sorry, do you need something?"

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A man who makes a living from being beautiful, Andreas spends a great deal of time and money on maintaining his good looks and glamorous lifestyle. He is accustomed to a certain standard of living, and has come to expect it rather than be thankful for what he has. Living for the moment, he has very little in the way of liquid money; what he earns he spends on upkeep, and he is quite content in that. He doesn't think of the future, probably because he is a very vain man, as well as a little unrealistic when it comes to the harsher sides of life; he seems unaware that his good looks will one day fade, despite medical and cosmetic science's best efforts to freeze him at his most beautiful.

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Andreas Di Vilio entered the establishment with a look upon his face that dually suggested that he felt this place was significantly below him and was delighted by that fact. Dressed in casual, expensive clothing that accented already markedly good looks, his casual air of self-assuredness made him a striking figure, even in the dingy bar scene.

His eyes swept over the room, clearly seeing the developing danger. His expression became tastefully conflicted (he seemed to modulate his behaviour by some set of internal rules at all times) as he hesitated beside the door. For a long moment he remained undecided before, coming to some sort of personal conclusion, he swept away from the entrance and took a seat at the bar.

Once seated, he arranged himself into a posture that suggested he owned the place, draped artfully across the counter as he waved lazily for service.