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Andrew Sedwich

Clean pressed and sharply dressed. Andrew prefers to reminisce on a time when power and reputation were respected, and things were straight forward.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by charmingthunder


Andrew Sedwich, known to the supernatural world as one of the former most powerful Incubus poets in the world. During the early days of the victorian era, Sedwich made his reputation on beautifully written poetry. However, that wasn't the only reason behind his poetry, as it also got him closer to the very thing he needed to survive as an Incubus. It was said that at one point he was so powerful even the high order of Vampires in Britain wouldn't dare cross his path. Those days have long since passed, and Andrew currently lives in seclusion at an unknown location. Rumor has it that Sedwich found a way to live without having to feed that which his being craves. This rumor is yet to be confirmed as truth.

Andrew is a tightly kept man, relying heavily on appearances and wealth to intimidate his foes. However, to accommodate ever changing times, Andrew has had to take a more hands on point of view when conducting any business.

Andrew has had very little interaction with other supernatural beings since the fall of his "Golden" era. The only notable relationship with any other races is a bad blood between him and a pack of Werewolves from Spain for reasons unknown. That set aside, in Andrew's roughly 6,000 years he has never had any other serious issues with any other races aside from the occasional of his own.


So begins...

Andrew Sedwich's Story

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The faded rays of the sun reflected gently off of Andrew's skin as he strolled about the grounds. It was not unusual for Sedwich to take afternoon walks around the grounds near his humble home, and today was no exception to that statement. As he made his way among a freshly flattened deer trail, he suddenly saw a mansion come to view through the great trees. It was strange, Andrew could not recall having ever seen a mansion here before, and he was an extremely observant person.

"Either I've made a wrong turn, or I've made a right one..." He said to himself quietly as he adjusted his shirt collar.

Straightening his posture a bit more, he began to make his way towards the mansion. Walking through the large open yard in front of the building, he showed no sign of worry for being spotted. This far out in the wilderness, it would be surprising for anyone to catch a glimpse of him.

As he finally came close enough to the mansion, he could see the apparent ware on the building. Stone was crumbling away, glass was cracked or shattered, the paint was peeling and losing its color in spots. "What a terrible waste of craftsmanship." He thought to himself as he slowly made his way around the building. He evaluated the home until he made it to the back door, where he then approached and tried the knob.

The nob turned ever so slightly, and then quickly halted. Locked. As Andrew sighed, taking a moment to rethink his access plan, he noticed that a window was slightly ajar. Investigating, he determined that he could use it as he means of entering the curious mansion. Carefully opening the window the rest of the way, Andrew climbed in and quietly shut it behind him.

Looking around, the place was huge, and smelled of dust and ash. "That's peculiar," He whispered. "I could swear I sense someone else here..." His senses were telling him that whoever it was, they were powerful, no simple scavenger. Using this knowledge, he very slowly made his way through the large corridors and rooms, every now and then calling out. "Hello? Is anyone here..? I am not a threat, just a wandering Incubus..."