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The quietly wise and powerful Librarian of Academia Celestia. A calm and modest demeanour disguise great power, though she is always hesitant about employing it in any significant regard, for reasons of her own.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Script, as played by Disdain


The students, staff and affiliates of the esteemed magical educational institute that is Academia Celestia.
Registered citizen of the Terran National Government


©2005-2011 *deaddolliecandy

Name: Annoura Serenaea
Age: 29
Race: Human (supposedly)
Significant Relations: Academia Celestia staff and students.

Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 132 lbs
Physical Description: Annoura’s features are seldom displayed, either disguised by her cloak hood, or directed downwards towards a book. Despite this, she is a fine featured woman, though it is inexplicably hard to call her attractive or beautiful. Her face possesses an ageless quality, one moment she appears no older than twenty, the next she has the wizened look of a forty year old. Her eyes, silver-blue in colour, seem unnaturally perceptive, and those who are the focus of them could swear that they were looking straight through them, and into the most secret parts of their minds. Her skin is pale, but not excessively so, and her lips are an oddly blue tone that seems too natural to be lipstick. She is almost always clad in a hooded robe, with an intricate embroidery pattern upon its edge.

Personality: Serene, calm and elegant, Annoura’s patience seems infinite when it comes to dealing with anyone from violent thugs to whining students. With wit as sharp as a blade, Annoura still manages to make any cutting remarks seem made in the most calm and not at all vehement fashion, though that often has the effect of making her seem excessively patronising.

Skills and Talents:
  • Perceptive, it is incredibly hard to lie to Annoura without her figuring it out.
  • Coolheaded, Annoura almost never loses her graceful calmness.
  • Possessing reflexes that are almost supernatural, Annoura seems to be able to sidestep and duck most attacks as if they were in slow-motion. She has caught an arrow out of the air more than once, though dodging bullets is very much out of her reach despite this.

  • Arcane Magic: In taking up the mantle of a mage, Annoura has, by necessity developed the necessary skills to do so. A magical librarian without any detectable magical talent would be more noteworthy than she would wish, after all.
  • Divine Magic: For obvious reasons best known to her, Annoura has command over divine spells despite no obvious religious affiliation.
  • Power: Annoura possesses an inherent power that is not magical (by technicality) in nature. This power includes such acts as projecting highly powerful blasts of energy, shimmering shields, telekinesis, telepathy, divination, scrying, true sight, phasing and what can be described as situational manipulation of reality (highly situational, I believe that all those involved with this character will be willing to trust me on this one).
  • Skimming: Similar in nature to teleportation, this ability involves the slowing of relative time to a near standstill, enabling Annoura and any whom she extends this ability to freedom of movement. While in this state, neither she nor those with her can affect in any way beings who remain in the normal flow of events, and any inanimate objects that are interacted with must either remain on Annoura’s person or be restored to their initial state before she exits the state. I.e., if she picks up a book, she must keep hold of it or return it to its original position; if she opens a door she must close it again.


    Naevyr: A raven with feathers the same midnight blue colour of Annoura’s hair, Naevyr is an odd example of a raven in that he never sheds feathers unless it is deliberate, is remarkably tame, and refrains from leaving droppings everywhere, or indeed, anywhere at all. This is because he isn’t, strictly speaking, a raven. A projection from a small midnight stone that Annoura carries, Naevyr is ‘part’ of her, though she cannot see through his eyes. With divination powers of his own, Naevyr can see through any lie, and sense intent, malicious or nay.

History (brief): Wouldn’t you like to know?

So begins...

Annoura's Story


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#, as written by Script
The door of the bar swung open gently at the brush of fingertips, blue-painted nails carefully filed and neat. A black-hooded and robed figure stepped into the bar, faintly visible midnight-blue hair hanging out below where her eyes were largely concealed. Behind her, a similarly coloured raven cawed as it flew into the bar, wings fluttering as it crossed the room swiftly to perch upon the bar counter.

Blueish lips pursed slightly at the fight going on within the bar, but Annoura ignored the participants, allowing the door to swing closed behind her and walking calmly across towards the counter, where rather than taking a seat, the woman stood, surveying the room.

The setting changes from gambits-bar to Academia Celestia

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#, as written by Script
"Any word from the council?"

"You know those old coots take months to make a decision about anything," Scarlet rolled her eyes as she strode down the corridor of the academy, students parting around her as they moved between classes. Beside her, the ghostly form of Katarina floated. There was work being done on creating a new body for the black mage, but she had been clear that any mistakes would not be tolerated, and she would rather wait a decade for it than have a faulty body.

Katarina snorted, "I don't know why I expected anything else. Well, the good news is we can rule out anything demonic or 'dark magic' based. I've been having my department examine every energy signature of every demonic entity known to man, and the patterns from the anomalies don't even come close to them."

Nodding, Scarlet turned a corner, taking them out onto the Academy's courtyard. A pristine fountain splashed droplets of water into the air without, the trickling making a mellow background noise as they made their way towards the archives building a short way down the road. "The Diviners haven't turned up anything in their attempts at forecasting, though apparently it is going to rain on Tuesday. Really, you'd think one of them might have turned up something useful."

The pair reached the archives, swinging the ancient wooden door inwards and walking inside. The normally silent library was filled with a low hum of conversation - there were several people dotting the aisles of ancient tomes, working their way through stacks of books to try and find anything of any use. Silviana greeted them as they entered, "Welcome back - you might have guessed we haven't got any further. It was a longshot that anything here would be helpful, but I can't help but be disappointed."

Scarlet sighed, nodding to her fellow headmistress. Some of Everia's faculty were here as well, helping the Celestian volunteers in their investigating. "Hopefully next time something happens we'll be able to glean more." she said.

"I fear that what is happening is beyond our comprehension," another voice interjected. Scarlet turned to see the hooded figure of Annoura, the archives librarian, looking out one of the windows.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"It's... unclear to me. I have a sense that our magic will not be able to determine anything useful. That there are those with greater resources out there that have similarly failed." the mysterious woman replied.

Scarlet frowned - whenever Annoura gave her advice, the woman had always been right. She seldom left the archives for much at all, but when she did, it was usually important. But now she was suggesting that this strangeness was beyond them? Scarlet couldn't just give up, not without knowing whether they were in danger.

"Maybe so," she said, "But we can't stop looking. Unless these anomalies stop, we need to find out what they are, and whether they're dangerous. There's no telling just how much is on the line. If everyone out there is looking as well, then good. If someone finds out, then hopefully they'll have the decency to tell others. Now," the headmistress turned to the rest of the mages, "I want wards and spells prepared that will be analysing the next anomaly as it occurs."

Silviana looked to Scarlet, "Heard back from Elante yet? Or heard anything from the other Patronus?"

Scarlet shook her head, "It'll take a few days for word to reach him in Lustre, and I've not heard anything from the others. I'll seek them out soon, but right now we need to focus on being ready for the next anomaly, to find out what's happening."

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