Arcanus Tavar

A native of the planet Origin, Arcanus is a master of magic that has learned to intigrate it with a good degree with technology. He is an Adventurer, but he is not afraid to do an odd job on the side.

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People who are often involved in Origin, generally living there, doing business there, or such.


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Home Planet: Origin

Notable Connections: His grandfather is a man who ended up leaving the Akir Clan to marry and settle down with a woman in the capital of the Rosetta Kingdom, Hayslem City, and ended up taking their name. That woman was also from a bloodline of famous magicians, and his father as well as himself has inherited that ability for magic. But in addition, Arcanus has shown to be quite talented in magic naturally, which has resulted in him becoming a master Magician. Currently, he is working as an adventurer part time to help fund his research into magic and monsters that are present on Origin, as well as how materials and parts of both could be integrated into the advanced technology Origin had advanced with.

Notably, although its a rather weak link, due to his connection with the Akir Clan he may be the closest thing to a blood relative that the only survivor, Atrix Akir, has left.

When not at his apartment on the main street of Hayslem City, the Avenue of Heroes, when he will be back in the city can usually be found by going to the Adventurer's Guild HQ in the city, if he is not just at that exact location. He has also been known to frequent a coffee store at Millenium Plaza.

He seems to be especially good at ice magic and storm magic though, frequently attacking with wind, ice, and lightning attacks.

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Arcanus just walked around as he headed towards his apartment up ahead, on this main street of Hayslem City, the Avenue of Heroes.