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Ardelynna Delrussio

Sharpwitted warrior, she is strong and unafraid. She was brought up in a small town gifted with powers of the oracle.

0 · 344 views · located in Sol: Deep Space

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ArdieBoo

So begins...

Ardelynna Delrussio's Story


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Wearing her suit Ardelynna checked her helmet was on tight, she switched on her rocket boots and flew towards the ship. If the ship was empty she could steal parts and trade them for food and money. She opens the hatch on the ship and climbs the ladder, descending onto the ship. She quickly smashed the alarm because it was giving her a headache and she couldn't see anyone on board anyway. She then grabbed a few bags off of the sides and then climbed out through the hatchet to sit on top of the ship and look through what she had got.


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A literal handful of electronics debris spit out from the Shadow Phoenix and floated in a scatter off into space. Immediately after, the warp drives engaged.