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Arlin Soarge

A gifted child facing the meaning of life

0 · 860 views · located in Wing City Spaceport

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by PastelHarmony, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Arlin Soarge

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: Aril is aloof, introverted, and overall lackluster. She's highly intelligent and creative, and fairly athletic. Despite seeming uncaring, she believes everybody is born good and always examines troublesome behavior. She also tends to be meddlesome in the lives of her friends.

Race: Human, American (First generation Japanese)

Backstory: Aril grew up in a middle-class household with a working single mother who encouraged her creativity. She researched and learned on her own. One day, her mother went out to meet a guy and never came back. Aril called a missing person report, but after a month, local police couldn't find any leads and local fervor died down. Aril began packing to move in with her aunt, but while she was doing so, she was grabbed from behind and knocked out with chloroform. She awoke in Genesis and has moved about for a year.

If you're roleplaying with this character or intend to follow their story, do not read the following. If you're just glancing, go ahead.
Gender: Trans (AMAB) Girl

Personality: Aril seems to have it all- creativity, intelligence, athleticism- in heaps. But what nobody seems to realize is that when you're a gifted kid, it gets lonely sometimes. Well, most times... All the time. Aril is struggling with boredom, disinterest in class, perfectionism, loneliness, and existential depression. She's empathetic but infrequently acts on her feelings. She's ambitious, passionate, and inspired, but afraid to show it because she "too ambitious" or "too young". Sometimes she feels guilty sitting on the sidelines and her need to take care of her friends bubbles over, resulting in short bouts of over-protectiveness.

So begins...

Arlin Soarge's Story

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Lewis checks his watch. He's an odd figure, standing in this spaceport, but then again, when were there not odd figures in a spaceport? His mission may be odd, though. He's here to hunt vampires, of all things. The cross-shaped patches sewn into his shoulders glint silver as he turns, and he looks at the digital clock on the wall to sync his watch up to.

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Chaos erupted in the bay at the departure of Sol Senshi. As soon as the sky door opened to allow it to pass through, an alarm began to blare. All over Wing City Spaceport, officials mobilized to the scene of the crime.

A Gundam, decommissioned tech and unseen for ages on Terra, was ascending into the sky. It was supposed to be sent to Sol Enterprise but um...well, it was currently headed off planet now wasn't it?

Someone was in deep trouble!