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The goddess of the hunt and member of the secret society created to protect people from the evils of the paranormal.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RydeDawg




Full name: – Artemis Agrotera
Alias/Nicknames: – Diana, Ruth Diana Alexandra (America 1860s)
Gender: - Female
Species/Race: – Deity/Elder goddess
Nationality: – Greek/Roman/French/British/American
Birth Date: – N/A
Age: - N/A
Zodiac Sign: - Sagittarius
Descendent(of): – Zeus and Leto
Current Residence: – N/A
Job/Profession: – Supernatual hunter/member of silver/Sporting goods saleswoman
Title: – Lead Hunter of Silver/Lelantos (Leader of Silver)
Allegiance/Alignment: – Silver/netural

Height: – 5’ 10”
Weight: - 145 lbs
Build: – Athletic toned with a light and agile frame
Eye Color: - Blue
Hair Color: – Dark dirty blonde
Skin Shade/Color: – Caucasian/Mediterranean olive tone complication.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: – These seems to be no visible markings on Artemis' body such as scars and tattoos and while her advanced healing ability as a deity would explain not having scars not having tattoos must be a preference.
Description: – Slim, atheltic and with soft nearly flawless skin Artemis is truely a beautiful goddess whose very picture represents the visage imagined as a deity. Human in appereance with ties connected to greece she can and has been able to hide among normal humans with ease and with the ways of the ancient world gone she has had to do so in order to survive. Her eyes are more than just blue but a virbrant turquoise that resemble clam sea waters, and her high brow along with her neat full lips is truely remenisant of the classic representation of anicent greek art. But do not let her beautiful human appericance fool you as she can be very much a tomboy is usually stronger and faster than many human males in the prime of their lives, which accounts for her rather strong and atheltic build that would often freighten away many potiental "partners."


Sexuality/Preference: – Bi-sexual (Leans more toward men)
Relationship/Marital status: – Artemis is currently single and her affections are rather hard to come by unless one can prove themselves to be to her type. With only three known relationships in her entire immortal existence and a deep connection with her twin brother, Apollo, this goddess doesn't give her love sparingly or easily, but it isn't unheard of that she has had fun on the side with people she has had deep connections with over long periods of time.
Family/relatives: – Artemis is the daughter of a god and goddess, Zeus and Leto, who was born along with her twin brother Apollo, but as it is known to her Zeus died thousands of year ago against an immortal warrior who she met once before during her long time of traveling. Her mother Leto did not survive the passage of time and eventually faded away with her power from the world as she gave up with the new world where humans had become more powerful than the gods they once served. Apollo lives but Artemis hasn't spoken with him in years and does not know where he resides or what has become of his fate over the year. Despite her long life, she has yet to have any children of her own and most likely for the best as she is known for keeping herself very busy with her Secret Society.

Weapons: – Artemis is a true hunter at heart and when she goes up aganist the creatures of the night or the beasts of the forest she attacks with her Bow and Arrows, hunting knife and any other kind of gear that fits the specific hunt that she is going on. The Bow of Artemis is a powerful weapon and much like her brother's own bow it can strike true and effortlessly through any distance and priece through even the toughest of hides, metals and even has penatrated the hull of a space vessel flag ship with one of it's arrows. While Artemis' bow and arrows require more skill as they do not have the same abilities as Apollo's sun bow, but her arrows are endless as long she is within the presense of the moonlight and her bow makes no audible noise at all. The arrows can also bring to harm many creatures and their natural silver like glow seems toxic to creatures of the dark like the undead, fey and were-beasts. Artemis' hunting knife is much like the bolts that fly from her bow in that it is harmful to the creatures of the dark and death, but also seems to be the only thing as well to wound or hurt immortals and even cut at beings that can take on mist or air like properties and even ward off harmful spirits. While the arrows and knife can also hurt and kill demons it seems to have a harder time doing so to stronger level demons and beings like Fallen Angels that were once servants of the God of Abraham.
Combat Attire: – Long gone are the days of a simple white tunic or hunting dress that didn't go beyond the knees, but living within this more modern and futuristic world she now dons the attair of the hunters that fight by her side in the war aganist the evils of the paranormal world. Usually dress in black or dark blue tatical gear and sneaking suits that offer a decent level of protection from the dangers of the creatures that mean harm to all exsistance. And while Artemis is indeed a deity of great age and powerful blood she is not immune to injury, defeat and can even be killed if the harm or injury is too much for even her to withstand. Misltletoe and Dragon's blood can be extremely dangerous for her could perhaps kill her.
Accessories: – Artemis is the leader of the secret society known by the non-members as Silver and as such she has access to groups of people and resources to aid her in hunts aganist the forces of the evil paranormal. From Christian priests to tackle the demons and fallen angels, a network of mages, researchers and historians and even a group of talented and skillful human hunters as well as hounds that she'll take on solo hunts.

General/Preferred Style: – Artemis will keep her distance with a volley of silver bolts from her bow and will use her speed and agility to keep this distance between her and her prey. But in an age where the gun has taken the place of the sword it isn't enough sometimes to be upfront with the people she has to fight, and her slender frame, quiet presense and animal like sences means she is excellent with sneaking around and even going unnoticed by those that would wish harm aganist her. And using the advantage of going unnoticed and sneaking around she can strike her victim down with a well placed shot or closing the distance and making the gun useless.
Hand-to-Hand: – Artemis is skilled with her knife and knows how to weild it better than any man could perhaps hope to ever do so, but that doesn't mean she hasn't come across people who have shown great skill and even defended themselves aganist her or been able to even strike her a few times. Artemis is also skilled with bare fist fighting and seems to know many european based material arts like boxing and even wrestling and thus can make her a tough oppantant up close and personal.
Special Abilities: – Being an Elder goddess, Artemis, possess near immortality and cannot age from the passage of time unless her body is weakened enough by external harm. Her strength, speed and agility surpass that of most humans but not beyond levels that a well trained and talented human can't keep up with in regards to her physical power. She possess great regenative abilities and is able to recover from injuries within hours or even mintues depending on how severity of the injury.

Chant Magic: – N/A
Rune Magic: – N/A
Elemental Magic: – N/A
Psychic Magic: – N/A
Conjuring Magic: – N/A
Enchantment Magic: – N/A
Space/Time Magic: – N/A
Arcane Magic: – N/A

Relationship Status: – Single
Family: –
Known Languages: – French, English, Galatic Common, Greek, Latin, German and Japanese.
Proficiency(Affinity): – N/A
Personal History/Background: – Coming Soon...

So begins...

Artemis/Diana's Story