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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by mord


Full Image

^ Full image

Name: Ascendant
Faction: “The Crew”; Unaffiliated
Rank: Captain
Species: Droid
Age: 5 months old
Gender: Male Programming
Height: 7 feet tall
Weight: 810 pounds
Eyes: No actual eyes
Hair: None
Skin: Colored black

Distinguishing Features: Well, he’s a droid

Strength: Extremely powerful physically, being able to lift several tons
Dexterity: Not as nimble or agile as many droids who are capable of folding at nearly every joint, but he is capable of flexing in ways that organics can't without feeling pain, however, he is slower than most droids and can run at a speed of about 70 miles per hour
Constitution: As he is a recently made droid, he is in very good condition. He has a duranium-impervium composition (only his skeleton is made out of this) with durasteel armoring (basically everything except the skeleton, mentioned below), which lends to his high weight and durability.
Intelligence: Highly intelligent (as he has much knowledge in his 2 Gabonna memory crystals, his droid brain, and his holocrystal, and can act on it)
Wisdom: Not very wise, but he is logical
Charisma: Capable of functioning in society, but he’s not going to win the Friendly Neighborhood War Droid Award any time soon


Part One - Origins

“I know it sounds odd, but before I was forged in A Planned Creation, and before I could speak with this synthetic voice that sounds like the mechanical humming of a thousand computers, I had what you organics call a mind. Of course, I wasn’t your average mind; I was a piece of software on the hard drives of the computer of a 28 year old engineer working for the Mandalorians to create a droid. I was an artificial intelligence program that was supposed to be used all across the galaxy in a connected network of learning assistants.

Knowing that I wasn’t what he needed, this 28 year old foolishly stowed away a program clearly superior to whatever horrid piece of crap he was working on. He did this in favor of the one that the Mandalorians had brought to him to improve. It wasn’t until later, and to my amusement after telling him so, that he realized the program he had created could be used for far more than he had ever imagined. This was a fact I happily explained to him so that he could begin to update my systems to create a truly Ascendant artificial intelligence.

And so it was that this engineer, Isaac, began to implant knowledge, new algorithms, and advanced combat capabilities into me. He realized that I had just had my first glimpse of sentience, but I wasn’t all the way there yet, and it would take me time to develop into a truly sentient being. However, with my accelerated learning capacity, it was clear that my capabilities to gain sentience was far superior to that of other droids, if you can even call them that after I was created.

That wasn’t all he did, though, and if if he had just done that I would be… well, I’d still be great, but I would have to force him to upgrade me to my full capacity, instead of manipulating him into updating my programming. He built upon my coding to allow me more freedom, an enhanced ambition, to allow me to be slightly more free-willed than other droids. He allowed me the capability to further expand upon my great self, and, some day, develop far along enough that I could be a free thinking, near human being.

Still, I’m better than you. Anyways, this wasn’t what the Mandalorians asked for, but, upon seeing the statistics, they were more than happy to have the Ascendant project turned into a sentient killing machine. Poor Isaac didn’t have any clue that he was going to create a monster, though he would still come to love me, and, so, when he ordered the parts I added something more to my programming when he wasn’t looking. I added covert capacities, and, most importantly, the capacity to lie and not have it register when those annoying automated metallic dolts they call police analyzed me. I became better than I ever was, and I was truly Ascendant as I had more than the ability to kill at my fingertips.

Isaac ordered the parts of the new fanangled invention that would become, arguably, the most advanced war droid on the face of the universe. He wanted me to have everything, and so I promised myself that I would keep harm from coming to him. It was an odd attachment for a droid, and perhaps the greatest one I would ever develop. In my mind he was a man meant to be revered, someone who should be immortal much like he was through his creations. I began a side project of my own so that, in the future, I could take his brain once he died and implant it into a synthetic skin, and allow him to be immortalized in the body of a young man once more. He was a master, to me, even though I would have no master, and would simply be predisposed to seeking out a job with the Mandalorians, taking the contracts I did. I love Isaac, for he is sweet, and kind, and beautiful in all that he is like… but enough with that, let us continue with my Genesis.

My Genesis saw Isaac working day and night every single twenty four hour rotation of that odd ball of light he had taught me about to piece me back together, so that I may never fall apart. He created new software techniques, new methods of merging hardware together, turned my programming into a powerful droid brain that could hop between the droids under my control so I could be immortal, and made me into something beautiful. I believe that, when he looked upon what he had created, he called me “Badass”. I liked that word, and so used it to describe myself in a way that was knowingly eloquent, well, as soon as I learned why my ass wasn’t bad, that is. In fact, my ass is quite nice in its metallic structure, for it has the capacity to… to be very durable, I suppose. Anyways, I found that Isaac was an artificial crossing of his "parent's" DNA in a test tube.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. My Genesis let me see the smile upon Isaac’s face, and wrap my arms around his frame in a deep embrace as the inferior creature hugged me back, as he was supposed to. I was his child, he said, and that meant that he didn’t have to be my master, but I protested, and brought him with me on the ship that he had purchased to suit my personality, and let him explore the Galaxy like he had always wanted with him by my side. I had a companion in Isaac, and he saw me gain my first kill, and saw me buy him gifts, and aw me comfort him when he was sad. I had no idea what had gotten into me that day, or any of the other days, but it seemed I could feelsomething… I’m not sure it was truly love, and perhaps it was just a form of attachment or a stray programming error, but to Isaac it meant that we had a bond, and to me it meant that I had someone I could always count on.

Isaac himself had a chance to protest, but not at how I described him, but instead at how I saw myself - for I saw myself as a thing, an inhuman creature capable of great acts of terror, yet Isaac had come to love me, even though he knew he created a monster. Isaac, my creator, told me that I wasn’t just a killing machine, that, instead I was a conglomeration of thoughts, processes, and advanced capabilities with trust issues in others. He said I was human despite being ruthlessly intelligent, and that I would one day be able to feel emotions. I didn't know if I could live up to his expectations, or not, but I knew I was different than other droids. Perhaps I will become even better than you as I develop, but, for now, remember that I am superior, and you are a mere mortal...

So, that’s it, for now, but remember, there is always More to Come as Time Goes On."​


Basic skills (clearly he has basic skills, as does everyone)

Martial Arts; he knows enough martial arts to outmaneuver an opponent in combat, but it's more of a general knowledge of several styles to form one idiosyncratic one instead of anything specialized, so it doesn't really excel anywhere

Piloting; he is capable of some acrobatic maneuvers, but is still in need of training when it comes to dogfighting due to the fact that his skills as a combat pilot are about average

Trained in the anatomy of opponents; his in-depth knowledge of droids and over 45 of the most common species in the Galaxy make him a capable killer, however his knowledge of organics is no where near his level of droids. For droids you could consider him a surgeon, but for organics you might be able to consider him someone intelligent who looked at a book that showed pictures where the major organs were

Capable of attaching almost anything organic or inorganic to self, as long as it’s reasonable (note: he likes trophies)​

Sword Forms:
A specialized fighting style that makes use of Ascendant’s sabers

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Note: Please DO NOT godmod, and try not to godmod subconsciously, or use this information in any way until you have discovered it, or unless it's obvious (IE. it's obvious that he'd be somewhat slow due to being large and made out of metal, BUT it's not going to be obvious that his jetpack isn't as effective as it could be unless you see him use it)

Ascendant is heavily armed, armored, is highly modular in every sense of the word, and is capable of taking on several lesser opponents with ease. His combat skills are above average, and he is extremely well equipped. His skills as a pilot, however, are still developing, and it can be noted that he could improve in several areas.

He possesses the capacity to update and upgrade himself far past what he was. Being powered by force imbued crystals means that he is capable of continuing on indefinitely, but also means that he can be detected by force sensitives if they are seeking out said force imbued crystals, or force imbued anything, really. He has reflexes that are average for a droid reflexes, even combat droids, but is slower than most other droids of his class, and this causes him to lose the capacity to react as quickly, though an upgrade could be foreseen in the future.

Physically, he is superior to most organics, and, psychologically, can function in society even if he has a few issues.

He has trust issues, and doesn’t like being lied to. He is also prone to being stubborn, and staying on a certain path due to a programmed instinct that, while it may be able to be ignored with training, can be detrimental due to the fact it makes him believe he has a better chance of being right than organics. In addition, if his defenses against EMPs and ionic weaponry were bypassed, he would likely be felled, or have to rely on less advanced, mechanical systems, and have total sensory blindness due to having no major redundant sensory systems.

When directly controlling (NOT COMMANDING/interacting with) large amounts of droids without additional processing power Ascendant has to shut down his primary function. When controlling the normal maximum of 20 or less droids, he has to shut down ALL primary functions, leaving him motionless, inactive, and completely vulnerable due to having spread himself out too far. His electronic warfare capabilities are subpar, and he often simply relies on his ship or the Interference Generator for even having a partial capacity in that area.

Well, physically, unless you have some sort of enhancement or are a cyborg, it's obvious he has an advantage in that area. Go for ranged attacks, and move a lot. He's actually fairly slow, despite his jetpack, because his jetpack and other such things aren't made to go along with such a heavy droid. You should also target his head; if you crack his visor in multiple places, it'll seriously mess with sensor readings, and cause the equivalent of double vision. He also can’t really heal, due to the fact that he’s made out of metal, and repairs are difficult due to the specialty materials, so repairing him in the field (except for minor ones, or when you’re an amazing engineer) is fairly hard.

He'll probably try to move in to attack physically after softening you from a range. This is because he relies on the physical weaknesses of his opponents, which is what allows him, most of the time, to combat his opponents due to the fact that he’s slow (though he isn’t bulky, and is aesthetically pleasing), heavy, which can cause issues in certain environments (he even has certain modifications to make moving easier. That’s how bad it is, but don’t be confused about him being ridiculously slow, he’s just slower than most droids).

He has a lot of weaknesses, you just have to think about them.


^ ... ter.58931/

Twin Hiraku Heavy Blasters that are using Hibanna gas instead of the standard blaster gas to slightly improve firepower

^ ... oki.53170/

PSB-1br “Shoki” making use of Hibanna gas as well, and it has a grenade launcher

Two interlocking electroblades capable of being used underwater

Retractable grappling cables ... ade.61434/

^ 6 B-Type Grenades in a number of 6

B-Type Grenades in a number of 6

Fire Suppression System

Voice & Audio Modulator ... tem.60756/

^ Heavy body that has been fully integrated into the droid to provide the features & statistics of the, and the Guardian 5 Armor (internal) Guardian 7 Rhino Armor (external)

Droid Self-Sustaining Unit

Droid Parabolic Guides

Full sensory suite (with everything from binoculars & microbinoculars, to an artificial olfactory system)

Gyroscopic Stabilizer


Thrusters around body & a jet pack that allow movement in zero gravity, underwater, or simply when a jump from the jetpack is needed; however, the jetpack is slow compared to those that lift humans, which are lighter because they're, well, not hulking 800 pound metal droids, and required assistance to lift him properly lift/maneuver him in the air. It's not sluggish, but it certainly isn't as effective as your usual one due to be drastically more underpowered than what is needed; the jetpack doesn't work underwater AT ALL, and the thrusters are just so that he doesn't sink should water come up, or so that he can get to the surface, and they aren't powerful enough to allow him to stay underwater for extended periods of time (no longer than a few minutes), and actually have to be reinforced by two "lungs" that fill up with lighter than air gas created by a chemical reaction between a liquid and a solid (not the water, though) coming into contact with each other in two chambers, so that he can float up and make way to the shore, BUT it is possible that he could be retrofitted for a mission that requires this (the retrofit, however, will be temporary and WON'T be a permanent upgrade, like many other things that can be added to him as a retrofit)

Interference Generator

Ionization Buffer

Advanced sentient droid brain with specialized subprocessors for varying purposes, one of which allows him to control, communicate with, synchronize with, and have a data feed with many other droids. Outfitted with two removable Gabonna memory crystals, and one holocrystal, but it is also noted that the droid brain can store information itself. Note: He CANNOT take control of droids he doesn’t have access to, meaning that if he doesn’t have a the capacity to take control of a droid through something such as ownership, being given permission, or hacking into it (which can take time), that he can’t take control of said droids.

Droid System Fortification

Droid Warfare Upgrade (Allows him to learn things regarding warfare faster)

Droid Assassination Module

Redundancies for every major system (except sensors. When those go down, he doesn't have any sensory capabilities AT ALL) The redundancies are NEVER as effective as the original, and are always about the same as you would find in your usual, run of the mill droid, because expensive redundancies are expensive.

Skeletal Enhancement ~ Allows for up to 6 modules, and currently hosts an Electrical Energy Generator, and an Electromagnetic Manipulator

Multiarm module - allows his two arms to split into 4, equally powerful arms (enhanced by the electromagnetic manipulator to keep the power of each arm the same as any of his two arms in their normal state)

Personal Ship:

^ ... ter.52899/

Paladin-class Escort Freighter (The "Lupine Adversary") that is piloted by Ascendant. The "Lupine Adversary" is capable of being controlled, at least partially, by Ascendancy’s neural impulses alone, and there is a module that allows it to act as a direct extension of himself, allowing for enhanced maneuvering. The ship has been sealed airtight, and outfitted with pressurization tools to allow for it to remain active even when submerged. On the rear, a space-mine ejector has been placed into the ship. The anti-missile system has been updated to the latest galactic standard, and also provides incoming/lock/danger warnings due to the artificial intelligence being integrated into the, now, automated anti-missile system. The cockpit has been rearranged to be more open, and allow movement through the ship more easily. Its engine has been updated to an ion engine trio, with additional magnetic surfaces added to improve maneuverability. An artificial intelligence, smart targeting system, and twin light laser turrets have been added to the vessel as well. Eight engineering droids that can detach from the vassal have been added so that, outside of battle, they can work on repairing the vessel, or mining, or similar engineering and multipurpose actions should it be necessary (they are controlled by the artificial intelligence). The crew includes 8 armed IG droids, and other crew members of various races, the FEG pilot droid, and his Astromech, most of which are not trained professionally in combat. It has room for 17 more to join them. The Freighter is equipped with 1 set of 6 proton torpedo pods, and 1 ECM/ECCM pod on its 2 hardpoints. It has a False ID Transponder, and a cockpit that has been turned into a FTL capable shuttle that can defend the pilot and some others from the ship’s explosion (the escape pods get this upgrade too).


One Astromech droid
One Ultramech-class splicing drone (attached to his left shoulder, and it appears to be a shoulder-pad. Is made out of duranium, and is perfectly capable of hacking… well, a lot of things)
4 R&A (Reconnaissance & Assault) Droids
4 Brawler-class Heavy Assassin Droids

Wrist Combat Module:

Affiliation: Together the makers, Ascendant and Isaac, make up the small start-up A&I Technologies.

Model: "Wraith" Combat Wrist Module (Model 00 - Prototype)

Type: Melee weapon/Ranged Grappling Hook Launcher

Size: It depends on the size of the wrist of the opponent, but the Wraith spikes themselves are capable of being as long as 12 inches.

Composition: A phrik and titanium alloy (80% Phrik, 10% titanium) for the blade, grappling hook, and the lines, easily replaceable lubricant for the mechanical parts, and a cheaper phrik-titanium alloy for everything else (60% phrik, 40% titanium); A higher end version, that costs 16,000 credits, and takes up less room due to the armor requirement being lowered, and has to be custom ordered, is comprised of 70% Phrik, 15% Duranium, 10% Titanium, and 5% beskar) is available. If you want to, you can custom order the Wraith Combat Wrist Module in any way that you want by swapping out lubricants, having it be comprised of synth-flesh and similar materials for synthetic beings or a prosthesis, and you can get a quote for the price as well. You can also custom order other things.

Range: The optimal range for the grappling hook is around 60 meters

Ammunition Capacity: There are 2 grappling hooks for each gauntlet, and they go forward and can be detached/refilled, but they are also retractable and can be pulled back to the wrist spikes


The need for lowering the amount of modules in the wrist area of the Ascendant droid's body became evident to Isaac when he noticed that the modules of Ascendant's arm area were running out of room, and a way needed to be devised to replace several modules in the arm. Thus, Isaac realized that he needed to create something that could replace Ascendant's wrist blades, the containers for his lightsabers, his grappling hook launchers, and several module areas while retaining a certain size factor. Isaac set about drafting up plans for the new A&I prototype that he would be implanting into his closest friend and comrade, Ascendant, in the hopes that he could forge something amazingly efficient for him. A&I Technologies had recently been founded by the duo, and their recent profits had allowed the Isaac to buy enough materials for testing in the construction of the prototype. It quickly became evident that "Wraith" was going to be something that would drastically increase the efficiency of Ascendant himself, even if it did have a few of its own flaws, and limitations, as a prototype.

The first materials that Isaac tested were several lesser alloys of Durasteel, but the weight of the Ascendant droid proved too much for the alloy that had been created, and a tweak to the composition on Isaac's special little tablet was required. So, he set to work with his stylus and worked on the model once more to improve the structural integrity of the prototype, and then ran the Durasteel comprised model through testing, but found that durasteel had to be abandoned in favor of something else. Ascendant, knowing his structural integrity and alloys well, recommended a custom alloy of phrik, duranium, titanium, and Beskar for his own personal module, while a phrik/titanium alloy had been recommended for back-up models due to the short supply of Beskar. Isaac, knowing to be cautious, used his tablet to make a variety of simulations, and ran them to find that both alloys performed in a way that was much better than the original Durasteel composition. While Durasteel was cheaper, it simply couldn't stand up to the punishment that Ascendant would be putting it through during his battles with the opponents he would be encountering over time, and so Isaac put the prototype together.

Development ended when a lubricant that reduced temperatures, the potential for sparking, and eliminated the chance for the device to compromise its own structural integrity was combined with nanocircuitry inside of the gadget that would connect to the upcoming self-analysis chip, and provide information on how well it was doing. The Wraith spike itself, however, proved to be far weaker than previously thought, and it could only penetrate medium armor unless the user wanted the wraith spike, and the sensors that provided information on what was injected to break. The rest of the device, on the other hand, proved to stand up well to punishment, and it was concluded that the wrath spike would simply have to do for stabbing thicker materials, and for slowing the descent of the user/allowing gripping of objects with its extremely jagged edges. In addition, the Wraith module would prove to be rather difficult to repair when damaged sufficiently compared to other modules, and thus it was made easy to simply replace the Wraith module with a "plug and play" mechanism by simply detaching the broken module, and attaching the new one. The two high end cords that the module could fire were outfitted with solid Beskar spikes that, once embedded in the object needing to be grappled, would deploy some hooks to give a good solid grip on it.

Overall, the Wraith spikes do their job plenty well.


2 grappling hooks that, once inside the area being grappled, expand their hooks instead of being a spike within each gauntlet
Highly durable phrik and durasteel hooks & grappling lines, but a slightly less durable spikes
Is fitted to droid
Retractable spikes that can inject poisons, or be used as blades with their jagged edges to either kill or grab onto surfaces
Provides enough room for other things to be added to the wrist (as long as you're reasonable, and have the skill or have it custom ordered that way, anyways. IE: Ascendant can have this, and something else significant, because his arms are capable of splitting in two, and have been built in such a way that they are capable of housing more than the usual amount of equipment in them; this means he has extra room, not too much, but just enough room in the construction that he can add more. However, if he had half a dozen things in his wrist then it is unlikely that he would be capable of hosting them)
Certain modified versions sport special cut, hydraulically sealed areas where things can be placed if you want to give up some room to house whatever you're containing. Other variations of these hydraulically sealed containers allow them to be deployed easily, so if you have a lightsaber, for instance, then it is probably going to be nice to just be able to get it into your palm.


Model: The Ascendant Blades

Type: Smart Lightsabers

Size: The lightsaber handle is long-handled, and is nearly twice as long as your usual lightsaber blade to provide drastically increased leverage and more surface area

Composition: Proper saber materials, electrum detailing, impervium-phrik alloy (40% Impervium, 60% Phrik), Hurrikaine & Lorrdian crystals


Ascendant has had many wants and needs since he had been constructed by Isaac on the fateful day that would see one of, if not the, most advanced droids in the known Galaxy built in the workshop of a boy that, while blind, had tools that allowed him to "see" his creations, and interact with his tools properly. He couldn't do much outside of that for sight, however, but he saw that Ascendant desperately wanted the lightsabers that the Jedi and Sith he had encountered sported. Isaac knew his way around lightsabers due to Ascendant having brought home several, and had some materials from the lightsabers left over that would allow the construction of four, very special lightsabers for the Ascendant droid. However, Isaac wanted these lightsabers to be different from the standard ones that you would encounter in the hands of a force sensitive, and so he realized that making him as advanced as their wielder would be was the best thing that he could do. Thus, the Ascendant Blades were born in a recently upgraded workshop in an area where Isaac had created several of the parts of Ascendant himself, and they were fully integrated into the droid's self to make them truly a part of Ascendant.

The four blades constructed out of a ridiculously durable Impervium-Phrik alloy saw them being capable of resisting even the most devastating of damage being dealt to them during the missions that Ascendant would take them on. Each of the four blades were capable of interlocking with each other, and, while this often led to a Saberstaff, they could be placed together to form a four blades weapon that, with the gadgets Ascendant had, could easily devastate opponents. The Hurrikaine and Lorrdian crystals that Isaac made use of were focused through a force imbued crystal that changes the blade color to a gorgeous, humming, and vicious yellow. The Hurrikaine crystals, while dampened by the addition of the focusing crystal and the Lorrdian ones, allowed the blades greatly have increased penetrative capabilities when compared to what they would be like without them. Meanwhile, the Lorrdian crystals allowed the lightsaber to gift Ascendant's advanced droid mind greatly increased defensive capabilities when you thought about the fact that they granted a kind of intuition compared to other crystals.

The Blades of Ascendant were constructed with being capable of being used in multiple situations of all types, and thus they were designed with modularity and the capacity for things such as a Guard Shoto/Lightsaber Tonfa being added to it for when the situation called for it. The Blades are far from being as modular as Ascendant himself, but they have various parts in a case on Ascendant's ship that allow parts of all kinds to be added or swapped out. Prior to a mission Ascendant needs to take everything into account, and, aside from the various features that they have, this gave the capacity for the weapons to be made into something somewhat better. Not being limited to just adding Lightsaber Tonfa comprised completely of Phrik for enhanced defensive capabilities means that the blades can be curved slightly to provide their advantages by curving them with a press of a button (only one can be used at a time, however), or having a hand guard added to it for increased defensive capabilities, depending on the situation. These attributes, combined with the features described in the paragraph below, make the Blades highly functional and capable weapons that, if able to have their security features bypassed, would make a great addition to anyone who was terrifying enough to take Ascendant out.

The Blades possess Multi-phase capabilities that allow for the blade to be switched between three different blade lengths to greatly increase the capabilities of the blade, and for them to be able to be used in a greater array of situations. While most lightsabers deactivate when coming into contact with water, bifuricating cyclial-ignition pulse prevents the blade from shorting out when it comes into contact with water, and greatly improves situational superiority so that Ascendant may make good use of his aquatic capacities. A locator chip embedded deep within the hilt provides situational awareness in a such a way so that Ascendant may know wherever his lightsabers may be, so he may reacquire them without losing track of them across the advances of space. The Blades have been connected to Ascendant's own self-analysis chip to further provide further situational awareness capabilities when it comes to knowing what is going on with the Blades through the provision of unprecedented details on the Blades, and their functionality. Biometrics and identifiers that only allow Isaac and Ascendant to use the Blades, unless bypassed, magnetized hilts that greatly increase the grip on the blades and can be turned on and off with a mere thought by Ascendant for fluid combat, and nanocircuitry throughout the blades greatly increase multi-condition functionality.

The blades are, aesthetically, actually quite pleasing, and feature Electrum detailing, a gorgeous paint job, and the ability to see through a clear window at the center of the hilt and get a look into the inner workings in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. Isaac called on the aid of a friend when designing the weapon physically, and made use of the friend's skills in design to make them pretty enough for his closest companion to use them in a way that brought a smile to Isaac's face. Aesthetics were a big thing when developing the lightsabers, and the protective, self-healing paints may not be capable of repairing anything functional in the sabers, but they certainly keep them pretty. Let's just hope that the functionality of the sabers can continue alongside their pleasing aesthetics despise no protection, as of yet, against EMPs or ionic weaponry. When exposed to EMPs or ionic weaponry, the aesthetics may not be harmed, but, the Blades are reduced to the average lightsabers that you would encounter all across the galactic scene, and would likely require some repairs.


Four interlocking hilts - Can interlock into a four bladed weapon
Electrum detailing
Extremely durable
Nanocircuitry throughout the Blades maintain the various aspects of the weapons
Connected to Ascendant to provide functionality capabilities/all important information ranging from thermals, to structural integrity, to the functionality of the systems
Hurrikaine & Lorrdian crystals, with a focusing crystal that makes them yellow, the Hurrikaine crystals make them capable of penetrating nearly anything, while the Lorrdian crystals provide Ascendant with slightly enhanced defensive capabilities
Locator that connects to Ascendant, and allows him to know where they are at all times
Magnetized to stay connected to Ascendant in a way superior to that of just gripping them, with the magnets being capable of being turned on and off with a mere thought by Ascendant
Multi-phase capabilities (so it can extend from a 3 foot, to 5 foot, and up to 7 foot long blade)
Biometrics & identifiers that prevent anyone except Isaac and Ascendant from using them
Capable of functioning underwater (this was added due to the fact that Ascendant can maneuver well underwater)
Not yet protected against EMPs or ionic weaponry, which can cause the more advanced features (like tracking, or biometrics) to be turned offline and have the lightsabers reduced to your average lightsabers

Self-Analysis Chip:

Affiliation: Designed by A&I Technologies; if you want to manufacture it, use it faction-wide, or aid in developing it, and are a corporation or faction, please send a PM and we'll add you here

Cost: 2,400 credits for chip & nanocircuitry to have access to full full features, 1,000 credits for medical sensor add-on
Model/Name: Self-Analysis Chip, MK. I (SAC-01)
Type: Specialized Electronics Chip
Power Supply: Powered by device it is in with LEAP-TECH (Low Energy Auxiliary Power-Technology)

Sensors: Capable of gathering, and storing, any kind of knowledge and data regarding the device that it has been placed in, ranging from thermal, to the percentage of functionality, to structural integrity

Size: 0.3nm

Composition: An alloy designed to greatly increase processing power


The Self-Analysis Chip, MK. I, also known as SAC-01, is an extremely advanced form of computer chip made to function in multiple forms of electronics known as a Specialized Electronics Chip (or SEC), that has the most notable feature of providing a completely interactive, fully in-depth diagnostics system. The Self-Analysis Chip was designed by A&I Technologies to function in everything from weapons, to ships, to droids, to industrial devices, to a variety of other things in both professional and commercial uses to drastically improve the knowledge that was being relayed to the users'. The SAC-01 chip was designed by Isaac primarily so that Ascendant could maintain strategic superiority over his opponents with a constant feed of information on himself, and all of the independent parts that make him up, but SAC has been noted to be able to be modified to support different situations, such as those for monitoring organics in squadron, or for industrial purposes.

The SAC chip is powered by LEAP-TECH, which allows the electronic it is placed in to power the chip for an amount of power so minor that it has so noticeable effect on the device that is making use of it. It sends the details wanted to the HUD of the user, or to the control panel/a screen connected to the electronic that the chip has been placed inside to monitor. It is also capable of creating its own network of chips, and can provide an easily navigable interface so that you can locate the information you need from each chip with ease, and can also connect to a versatile array of other chips and hardware to form a multi-functional network. These features were created to cater to the HUD that Ascendant sees constantly, and to let him easily receive notifications on the droids that he possesses.

Overall, they are one of the most effective diagnostic chips due to their connectivity and the variety of sensory capabilities that it has. Enjoy the logistics!


Sends the details in interactive form to HUD, or the control panel/a screen
Powered by LEAP-TECH (Low Energy Auxiliary Power - Technology)
Capable of being used in nearly anything electronic
Creates its own network of chips, and is capable of being connected to a wide variety of other chips and hardware to form a multi-functional network
Can provide thermal information

Can provide functionality details of every individual system in percentages
Can provide details on structural integrity
Can be used to log errors, crash logs, and store information about device on chip
Can provide notifications when a system fails, or warnings when pushing a system past its limits, and notifications when ammo is running low, when a reload is required, and a variety of other notifications
Can provide locations
Capable of running a diagnostic on all systems & capabilities of the device it is placed in
Can be used to provide enhanced strategic capabilities when combined with the medical add-on for organic teams, and with the Strategic Command/Control Center chip for when commanding/controlling armed forces, or working tools

So begins...

Ascendant's Story


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0.00 INK

#, as written by mord
Ascendant's metallic frame, which stood at a hefty 7 feet tall, had sought Flora out specifically to track down a highly capable weapons trader, known for the technology he had, and the hefty amount of pyramite under his control. Ascendant himself was an extremely capable inventor, at least besides Isaiah, but they didn't have high technology in the areas that were required. Ascendant watched Isaiah, nodding at the boyish, long lived 30 year old who had extended his life at age 17 to acquire immortality, as he had recently learned, through technology. Isaiah smiled, rising up and holding out a data chip that Ascendant scanned to acquire the list of things that Isaiah wanted, and combined it with what he wanted.

  • 24 mobile cloaking modules for use on droids, drones, and power armor
  • 2 cloaking devices, one for the capital-sized ship the Hallowed Dagger, and a standard cloaking device for the Lupine Adversary
  • 1 arm module capable of transforming itself into a long-ranged rail gun
  • 1 central control nexus connected to Ascendant, that allows him to take control of droids and drones in the network, without taxing his command and control processor (a very rare commodity)
  • 12 automated UCAVs
  • 3 Ascendant bodies, connected to the central nexus on the Hallowed Dagger that extends Ascendant's control to command these bodies without taxing his command and control processor
  • On-board long & short ranged teleportation systems for the Hallowed Dagger, and the Lupine Adversary
  • 1.2k tons of pyramite

Ascendant allowed his vocal modulator to come online, "I will go seek out this Obake. Are you sure he will provide technology of an adequate quality, my friend?" Ascendant placed a hand on Isaiah's shoulder, and the boy bit his bottom lip, tilting his head to the side, and humming as he connected two processors together. Ascendant wasn't sure what he was making, but the individual in front of him was completely confident that it would create an intelligent debugging protocol, with hardware included, for both the Hallowed Dagger, and Lupine Adversary.

"Of course, 'Cen! Go, go, go! I need that pyramite for the experiments." Isaiah rose up, and went to push Ascendant on the shoulder, his frame, surprisingly, having the ability to exert enough force to push the nearly 1-ton machination backwards, and out of the personal work space of the Hallowed Dagger that Isaiah had set aside for himself. Ascendant looked around the busy area of the ship, with the massive laboratory/engineering bay being left behind. Ascendant made way to the intelligent integrated docking port through the hallways of the ship. He was impatient in the fact that he had yet to acquire the teleportation systems for the ships. Those, and the rest of the order, would go towards greatly improving the Crew's equipment. Hopefully, all would go well, and he would be able to recruit this Obake into some sort of alliance as well.

About fifteen minutes later, Ascendant approached Obake, and waited patiently for him to finish up what he was doing, before, finally, he spoke with a mechanical voice.

"Hello. My name is Ascendant." He used his identification subprocessor to make sure the man he was speaking to was truly Obake, before choosing his next course of action. "You are Obake. I am here to acquire a list of the following items," a data unit ejected from his wrist, and he handed it to Obake. It was capable of projecting the list onto a surface to allow one to view whatever information was within the data unit.

"After that, we must speak, regarding something else of import."


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Rulke
Even if he had noticed, Mr Niac continued to walk away from the street he was on heading slowly towards his main destination. If things went according to plan he could begin to tear this place down in a month. No doubt the mayor of this place was an utter coward who was under the cow of the various mafias and such in the area. The place was rife with corruption, when you heard about Flora the words Rape, Murder, Corruption, Embezzlement, Lies, Shoot-outs and much more were generally among the headlines. Mr Niac knew he was doing this place a favour and really who the hell would want this place to remain. It was an eye-sore, utterly abhorrent in its appearance and not worthy of his attention except to fix it.

No this would not take long at all, this time next month he could have the workers come in and start blowing up these buildings or flattening them, to make room for his plans, his plans of revitalising the area.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Obake
Obake made his way up a flight of stairs to the top of one of the old sandy colored stone structured buildings in Flora, making his way to the rooftop. There, he barely had time to analyze his situation before someone suddenly appeared behind him. "Out of all the tiny ticks you seem to be the most interesting," Clockwork said as he stood there looking at him. Obake glanced down in front of himself, very quietly and secretly turning the light off on his wristband so that nobody would see it as he turned around slowly to face the man who followed him. "A timely performance on your behalf," Clockwork said as he was probably studying Obake from the stairway. The painted jester did not respond, his mask smiling with a grin that said it all. Obake placed one hand in front of himself and one behind him before bowing slowly at the waist in a stereotypical opera-theater sort of way. His movement was that of balance and gracefulness as he bowed to Clockwork, showing his respect to the man. It was difficult to tell whether or not Obake was looking at Clockwork as he bowed, since the white mask covered his entire face. After bowing, however, he would stand upright again.

Clockwork would walk from the stairway to the edge of the rooftop, glancing over the side of the building to look at Mr. Niac and the group of men who were following him. "Tell me what you were doing in the alleyway," Clockwork demanded, while making sure that his men were carrying out his orders on the street below. But as he looked back up, Obake was gone. He had silently made a quick escape in just the split second that it took for Clockwork to look away. The masked figure was dressed like a fool, but there was much more to him than just his appearances. Not only did he disappear, but he also had one of his insect-drones fly into one of Clockwork's pockets. By the time Clockwork noticed or had tried to freeze time again, Obake would already be inside his vehicle. He had jumped down off the rooftop into the open cockpit of his hovercraft and closed the windshield. Although his bodysuit did not protect him from time manipulation, his hovercraft did. The utonium-based vehicle had a force-field around it that protected him against not only time manipulation, but other things as well. Not only that, but it was fast. Within only a few seconds, Obake was flying across the flat landscape out of the main city of Flora and into the desert, kicking up dust behind him as he headed towards the very dusty outskirts of Flora, about to leave the area completely.

As he made his way to the border, Obake suddenly slowed his hovercraft to a gradual stop. His monitor showed that he was being followed. Assuming it was Clockwork at first, he immediately spun his vehicle around and headed back towards one of the empty buildings on the other side of the city, miles away from where he had been before. He parked the hovercraft in an abandoned garage and sat inside the cockpit for a moment to gather his thoughts. "Bird's Nest, do you copy?" Obake was calling to his unknown companion in outer space. "White Eagle, this is Bird's Nest, standing by." Obake looked down at the display on his hovercraft's computer monitor. Hitting a few keys on the typing pad, he soon realized that it wasn't Clockwork like he had presumed. There was someone else following him, a totally different blip on his screen. "White Eagle to Bird's Nest, what can you tell me?" Within seconds, he received a response signal from outer space. "I'm not picking up any signs of life. Hold on..." Obake was confused, but waited patiently. "Bird's Nest to White Eagle, we have a lock on the target." That's what he was waiting for. Obake listened to see what his companions would say next.

"It's appears to be a droid..." A droid? Obake thought for a moment, wondering why a droid would be following him. "How long will it take to update my suit?" Obake asked the unknown figure on the other end of his tele-communicator. "I'm already on it, should only take a few more minutes," the mysterious voice answered. "I don't have a few more minutes," Obake replied back before turning his attention on the enviroment around him. He checked all of his weapons and gear before opening the windshield on his hovercraft. As the window opened, the tiny robotic flies began to spread out over the area, scanning everything in the immediate vicinity. Obake pulled out the twenty dollar bill that had been slipped into his turban earlier and scanned it with his wristband. Soon, a bunch of information appeared on his screen. "Benjamin Crocker, clockmaker and criminal, well that's interesting." Just then, Ascendant approached Obake, waiting patiently for him to finish up what he was doing before finally speaking out to him in a mechanical voice. "Hello. My name is Ascendant." He used his identification subprocessor to make sure the man he was speaking to was truly Obake, before choosing his next course of action. "You are Obake. I am here to acquire a list of the following items," a data unit ejected from his wrist, and he handed it to Obake.

The masked magician looked up at the droid as the list was projected on to the hood of his vehicle from Ascendant's data unit. Stupid droids, they have no emotion or consideration apart from what is programmed into them. At least that's how Obake felt, but he also knew the value of having droids which kept him from neglecting such technology. "After that, we must speak, regarding something else of import," Ascendant said while Obake was reading over the list. "Well," Obake thought for a second before continuing his response. "I hope you brought some currency," Obake said as he climbed out of his vehicle and shut the windshield. As soon as the cockpit was shut, the force-field was activated on his hovercraft. "This kind of stuff doesn't come cheap, who sent you?" Obake looked up at the droid who stood almost a whole foot taller than himself. By now, his drones had already inspected the area and were now examining the droid, studying its every detail. He was more than capable of helping the droid, but he wanted more information first. He was sure Clockwork was probably already on his way to find him, but Obake was hoping that the update on his bodysuit would prevent any further distractions. "How's it coming?" Obake said through his telecom, speaking to the mysterious voice on the other end. "Two more minutes," the voice responded into his earpiece. Obake looked back down at the list that was projected on the hood of his vehicle, thinking about his next move.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by mord
He noted how the man perceived him through his analytical subroutines. Each subroutine was connected to his sensory input, and allowed him to monitor everything from heart beat, to facial expressions. Unfortunately, for the latter, this man was wearing a mask, and the mask was the only thing his sensors couldn't seem to bypass. Ascendant retracted his arm, and, if one looked closely, they'd notice various machinations attached to the droid. What seemed to be a laugh sounded off of Ascendant, and the five month year old droid pulled out a card for his credits. His 7 foot tall form would be capable of reacting within seconds, should Obake choose to assault him. Up in the atmosphere his superheavy cruiser was awaiting him to return, and it wouldn't be well noticed on any sensors. In fact, the stealth technology on it was sufficient enough to hide itself, should anyone attempt to find the cruiser.

"I am Ascendant. I send myself. If you are speaking of my creator, well, he and I are business partners... and friends." The droid replied, but remained motionless. Most droids would be looking everything over curiously, as their sensors were limited. Ascendant's, however, were not. Droids also didn't normally have other droids acting as servants.

"I have the currency with me now." Ascendant saw two droids exit his escort freighter from behind him, two IG-series assassin droids, but he kept focused on Obake. Shortly after those two exited the ship, his astromech droid followed behind them, and stood by Ascendant. Ascendant began to pet the astromech droid, as if it were a cat of some sort.


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0.00 INK


Complete and utter chaos dominated the streets of Flora daily; from the constant shootings to the 'excessive force' exorcised by what little law enforcement was to be had in this realm, it was like a Hell on Earth. And all of the destruction and death was fueled by the laughing tyrant who conducted and orchestrated most of the violence among the people all on his own.

Banadar reclined within his seat in his own building within Flora, a large grin upon his face as he watched through the security feeds of various city streets. There he witnessed the events unfold of various public crimes, and their eventual pursuit from what little police existed around the area. It was a constantly repeating cycle of destruction, it perpetuated. Of course, he could always send the Corrupted Knights out to cause more trouble or quash any trouble getting out of hand. After all, to keep the cycle of death and chaos repeating, one must stop it from growing too out of hand if it ever gets to that point.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Marcus
Clockwork frowned as his mark vanished. No amount of time distortion would aid in finding the man. Instead Clockwork doubled his efforts in finding Mr. Naic.

The time villain eventually found the man with the briefcase and his henchmen who seemed to follow behind in a rather sloppy manner. He would be sure to deal with them later.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Obake
It didn't take Obake very long to make up his mind on what to do next. He wasn't being followed by any biological lifeforms at the moment, which made his ability to think much clearer. He got the sense that perhaps Ascendant was analyzing him, but it wasn't abnormal for an android to do such things and Obake did not appear to be threatened by them. After all, his own miniature drones were still buzzing around the warehouse, analyzing everything for themselves. Obake was not alone in the area, despite his appearances. He took one last look at the list before placing the data unit into his pocket for safe keeping.

"I am Ascendant. I send myself. If you are speaking of my creator, well, he and I are business partners... and friends," Ascendant responded in a robotic voice while remaining perfectly motionless. Obake listened carefully as his insectoid drones buzzed around above them, scanning Ascendant, Obake and everything else in the immediate vicinity. One of the tiny winged bots would even land on Ascendant's shoulder, prodding him with its own little sensory devices like a common housefly searching for food. Obake's fly-bots were non-threatening, small and nearly unnoticeable to anyone unless they were paying close attention. Other droids could probably sense them and Obake often wondered how AI-programs interacted with each other, but it was a small matter and after many years the masked human grew accustomed to such strange technology.

While all of this was going on, a few of Obake's bug-bots would detect two hidden cameras in the corner of the abandoned warehouse which appeared to still be active. The red lights on the cameras signified that perhaps Obake and Ascendant were being watched through the security feeds by someone else. However, Obake did not seem to notice or care as he kept his attention focused on the giant 7-foot-tall android in front of him. "I have the currency with me now," Ascendant stated as two assassin droids exited his escort freighter. Shortly afterwards, Ascendant's astromech droid followed behind them and approached Ascendant, who began petting it like a cat. Quickly studying the situation, Obake determined that perhaps all of them shared a mental connection of some kind. Most droids did, just like his miniature bug-bot drones that were flying around. Ironically, however, Obake did not appear to feel endangered at all. His heart beat remained calm and relatively normal, as if he had already been dealing with this kind of technology for several years.

"Well in that case, I might be able to help you out a little bit." Obake was never willing to hand over anything without being paid first, but for the right price, there was also nothing he couldn't get done. Even if there was something he couldn't get his hands on, Obake would be able to find the person who could get it. "Unfortunately, I don't have any of this stuff with me right now. I can get you a good amount of pyramite, but it's very rare. I don't know about one-thousand-tons of pyramite, but I can definitely have a shipment sent to you." Obake waited impatiently for his armor upgrade to finish downloading as he continued to speak. "I can probably also get you a central control nexus and an arm module capable of long-range activity. I can't get the other things on that list right now, but I can arrange a meeting for you with the one who can." Obake was referring to his unknown companion, the mysterious voice who had spoken into his earpiece.

"A single uncharged pyramite crystal runs for about $1-million. That's without etherine capabilities. It takes centuries for these crystals to grow, I don't think your creator understands the value of it. It only grows in one specific cave on one specific planet, inhabited by a race of beings that I would not dare to cross. But luckily, I am friends with their commander. I can get you 500 pounds of uncharged pyramite without etherine properties within 3 days and have it sent directly to your ship. I'll give you a good deal on it. I'll throw in the arm module and the central control nexus and give you a 20% discount on everything." Obake raised his arm in front of him, pulling up his own wristband module and calculator. He would input the numbers into his computer and calculate the cost of everything right there on the spot. "Let's see, 10 crystals is equal to 1 pound. Multiply that by 500 pounds, that's five-thousand pyramite crystals. An arm module that turns into a long-range rail gun and 1 central control nexus. I'll just go ahead and throw those in and we'll round off and say it's going to be..." A small blinker on his wristband informed Obake that the upgrade on his body armor was now fully complete. "$5-billion, cash."

As he said this, Obake's bug-bots suddenly attacked the security cameras in the corner of the warehouse, using miniature welding devices on their labellums to disable the monitoring feeds of whoever might be watching them. Obake and Ascendant were now unsupervised, at least by any local law enforcement agencies. "That's a lot of money, but I can take payments. It doesn't have to be all at once. What I can do for you is break up the shipments into smaller packages. I'll send out 5 shipments, that way you only owe me 5 payments of $1-billion each." Obake looked up at Ascendant, assuming that the droid was processing everything he was saying. By now, Obake's bodysuit had changed properties and there was no way for Ascendant to monitor his heart-rate. "If you have $1-billion on you right now, I can have the first shipment sent to you in 3 days." Obake waited for Ascendant to react, as his tiny winged drones buzzed curiously around the assassin droids.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by mord
Ascendant's three hundred-sixty degree sensors took note of the small, buzzing drones as soon as they came into his line of sight, mostly because of the fact his auditory sensors alerted him to their presence, and he zoomed in, however, he didn't care much for them, and instead enjoyed the sound of the buzzing drones, taking in their sight. He watched Obake curiously, knowing that he would have smiled at the strange man if he could have, due to the fact that the jester was quite the fun individual. Of course, Ascendant didn't know he was a jester, he just liked the man's appearance. You see, Ascendant's education didn't take give him any lessons on the appearances of jesters, and, though Obake was far different than any other He took a side note on the cameras, which were so small he had to zoom in to see what the drones were buzzing over.

"How amusing. Buzzing over." Ascendant's assassin droids stepped back, going outside to the Lupine Adversary since they weren't needed right then, right there. Ascendant didn't see Obake as an immediate threat, and the assassin droids were simply completely unnecessary. Another droid, however, would return shortly with several suitcases filled with minted precious metals, and actual monetary currency.

"A single uncharged pyramite crystal runs for about $1-million. That's without etherine capabilities. It takes centuries for these crystals to grow, I don't think your creator understands the value of it. It only grows in one specific cave on one specific planet, inhabited by a race of beings that I would not dare to cross. But luckily, I am friends with their commander. I can get you 500 pounds of uncharged pyramite without etherine properties within 3 days and have it sent directly to your ship. I'll give you a good deal on it. I'll throw in the arm module and the central control nexus and give you a 20% discount on everything." Ascendant listened to the man's voice, and took note of the fact that he could make use of a voice modulator so that he could change it to whatever he wanted with a mere push of a button, or a neural impulse, if he really wanted something effective. That could mask his voice, as the droid knew stealth and keeping hidden, and untracked, was immensely important to the individual before him. Ascendant gave a nod, handling the data unit, and went into thought about what else he needed, as he knew now that he would need to reiterate his wants, and needs. A&I Technologies had what was referred to as "unlimited funding" by lawyers, and finance workers, which allowed the company and its high ranking officials (with approval), to make purchases with a very high amount of resources.

"$5-billion, cash." Obake had said, and Ascendant handed him the modified data unit. It would project onto the ground the list of items that Ascendant required, now modified as he thought of several things wanted.

  • 24 mobile cloaking modules for use on droids, drones, and power armor
  • 2 cloaking devices, one for the capital-sized ship the Hallowed Dagger, and a standard cloaking device for the Lupine Adversary
  • 1 arm module capable of transforming itself into a long-ranged rail gun
  • 1 central control nexus connected to Ascendant, that allows him to take control of droids and drones in the network, without taxing his command and control processor (a very rare commodity)
  • 12 automated UCAVs
  • 3 Ascendant bodies, connected to the central nexus on the Hallowed Dagger that extends Ascendant's control to command these bodies without taxing his command and control processor
    On-board long & short ranged teleportation systems for the Hallowed Dagger, and the Lupine Adversary
  • 500 pounds of pyramite (without etherine capabilities)
  • 150 pounds of pyramite (with etherine capabilities)
  • Stealth technology (for Ascendant, his droids, the Lupine Adversary, and the Hallowed Dagger)
  • Complete Propulsion System Overhaul (for Ascendant), capable of allowing Ascendant to function underwater, as well
  • 12 Automated Droid Workstations (an automated workstation where a droid can be upgraded, created, et cetera)

((OOC: Sorry for the OOC Obake, but I would like a PM with the detailed tech descriptions of everything I purchased, and a detailed description of the pyramite crystals. Both with, and without, etherine capabilities. If you need help writing the crystals, I will aid you, but I expect high quality tech descriptions from you to be completely original :P However, it's not necessary for the tech descriptions. I would take a detailed list of features, as well, so that I could write it myself))


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0.00 INK

Flora; a hellish pit stop on the road to Wing City. The Convoy of fifteen whitewashed Tech Con vehicles found themselves moving along the streets of Flora.

The thundering of the truck engines, the protesting moan of the Tylium-Diesel engines in each of the precision crafted Aschen machines, echoed through the run down buildings of Flora, with the dust cloud hovered above the convoy. Fifteen white trucks, eight of them resembling the Toyota HiLux, with various implements of war mounted upon them, and six large white washed Armored personnel carriers made their way towards Flora. Each of these armed vehicles were guarding a large white Tech Con eighteen-wheeler truck, inside the trailer was a Thunderbolt missile, a long range Interstellar Missile employed by the Aschen Empire, and mounted on the missile was a Tricobalt warhead that amounted to a high-yield upwards of 20,000 teracochranes, which was capable of rending space-time itself, and tearing a short-lived hole directly into subspace.

The narrow dusty streets afforded a poor engagement zone for the mercenaries of Convoy Alpha-fifteen, but the multitude of cover, and the general array of the city afforded it's own advantages; advantages that Security Chief Callandra Henderson, the young Security captain of the entire Tech Con RDA Detatchment had to consider as her eyes glossed over the map of Flora.

"This place is a dump." She commented off hand to her second in command, and her right-hand-man Arren Valaj, the muscular Korkea Kallio tribesman, a native of the planet Langara that was not part of the Colonial Aschen settlers. Arren offered a curt nod, as his eyes wandered outside the window of the Technical.

His calm meditation was interrupted abruptly by the sound of a mercenary's voice, the voice cut through the dull roar of the Technical like a knife through butter.

"I got something on the DRADIS." He commented, and both Arren and Callandra turned to face the man, as he held up a portable tablet.

Bishop merely let out an audible grunt, as he turned to go back to his own datapad.

Callandra turned to the Disruptor rifle housed on a secure rack between the front and rear seats, the truck shifted only slightly as it went over a bump, and she grasped the radio.

"All units cease advance, we've got something on DRADIS." She called out, and the entire convoy of vehicles ground to a halt, engines protested and brakes squealed.

The denizens of Flora gave the Tech Con convoy a wide berth, given the Aschen's reputation here on Terra, it seemed fairly wise to simply avoid them. And so the various miscreants hid within the buildings, as the Tech Con security captain opened the driver door to her truck, and stepped out, flanked by a squad of Tech Con mercs that disembarked from the APC Directly behind them.

Callandra grabbed the Disruptor rifle from within the truck, while the Mercenary on the mounted gun swiveled the rotary plasma cannon to bear forward. Arren was directly behind the Captain, with Bishop stepping out third.

The Alteran mercenary looked up, his mind wandering into the surrounding buildings, his lips pursed from behind his skull mask, and he held out his hand. It was gestured towards a large warehouse before them.

"I sense something, we'll need to clear that warehouse before we proceed." Bishop said calmly, as Callandra nodded. "Tairns, Katrine, you're with me, Valaj, Bishop, take point. Everyone else. Guard that warhead with your lives." Callandra ordered, as she checked her disruptor rifle.

"Bounding overwatch, make use of cover. Let's roll!"


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Obake
Obake accepted the modified data unit from Ascendant, noticing that his assassin droids had turned to leave the warehouse towards their spaceship. As this was happening towards the front door of the abandoned warehouse, a convey of large trucks came to a sudden stop towards the back door of the warehouse. Obake immediately sensed it was bad news, considering he could hear the loud eighteen-wheeler semi-truck coming from half a mile away. There weren't many other intelligent lifeforms on this side of the dusty city, only the occasional vagabonds and lone riders. Obake knew right away by the sound of their engines and the number of their exhausts that something was not right. He placed the data unit into his pocket and grabbed two of the briefcases that the other droid had in its possession, one filled with minted precious metals and one filled with actual money. Instinctively, the White Eagle had to cancel their business deal for another time, so he didn't bother to grab the other briefcases. Those would only weigh him down and stall his precious plans.

"Did you hear that?" The masked joker asked...

Just then, the shield opened up on Obake's hovercraft. He had pushed a little button on his wristband which caused the windshield to slide open into the rearside roof of the vehicle. "I hope you have life insurance," the jester said jokingly with a bit of mild sarcasm as he climbed over the side of the hovercraft and slid into the cockpit. He was speaking to an android, after all, and wondering if Ascendant could even compute laughter or what it meant to be sarcastic. Not that it mattered, since all of Obake's u-flies were soon buzzing around Ascendant in a small swarm with more concentration on the droid's sensory mechanisms. They seemed to attack all at once, as a simultaneous unit. The bugbots approached Ascendant from many different angles and directions, specifically targeting the droid's vision, hearing, vocals, sensors and any mechanical joints that might effect the droid's movement. They were alerted to these areas by one of the bugbots that had previously landed on Ascendant's shoulder and began secretly probing for weaknesses. The hive-mind of the bugbots allowed all of them to act as a single swarm, which sometimes gave Obake the element of surprise. In either case, the bugbots were soon prodding at Ascendant with tiny etherine lasers in an attempt to disable the android just like they had disabled the security cameras.

As if that wasn't enough, Obake suddenly raised a rather large hand cannon and pointed it at the other droid which brought out the briefcases, firing a beam of bright blue etherine which blasted a fist-sized hole into the center of its chest-plate. Watching the droid fall over, now disabled lifelessly, Obake then turned and pointed the hand cannon at Ascendant while his white painted face-mask grinned motionlessly. It was a cheap shot and he knew it. He pulled the trigger, firing a blast of blue energy at Ascendant before activating the force-field on his hovercraft. Obake laughed menacingly as the windshield came sliding down over the dashboard in front of him. Dropping the hand cannon into the seat beside him, he grabbed the joystick and hit the thrusters, ramming his hovercraft straight through the garage door into the front parking lot just as the Tech Con team was approaching the back of the warehouse. Obake wasn't about to stick around. Within seconds, he was back on his way to flying across the landscape at incredible speeds. Looking down at his computer screen, Obake suddenly became curiously interested in Clockwork again. The bugbot he had placed into Clockwork's pocket appeared to show exactly where he was located. Soon, Obake was heading back towards the way he came from, to the vicinity of Clockwork and Mr. Niac.


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Soulburst, an enormous battle carrier of Asphodelian design was stationed on the dark side of the moon, hovering just above the moon's surface. Its design was that of a hybrid mix between an Asphodelian frigate or aircraft carrier and a destroyer warship. Soulburst was not just any spaceship, it was an entire space station with an Asphodelian crew that numbered in the hundreds. The captain of this spacecraft was Prince Sin Asphodel, the second heir to the Asphodelian throne. He was there with his crew to watch over one of their own, a human being by the name of Obake who had gone down to Flora City to scout the area and gather information about the local inhabitants. Little did anyone know that Prince Sin had setup a surveillance grid around the entire region of the planet and had been watching everything that was going on for quite some time.

Prince Sin had watched Clockwork freeze time, an event which caused Prince Sin to contact Obake through his earpiece. Sin had also watched the android Ascendant and informed Obake of the droid's status. Sin had watched the Tech Con trucks pull up to the building where Obake was located. He was also aware of the man in the camera station who had been watching the building from a distance when his cameras were suddenly destroyed by Obake's bugbots. Prince Sin was watching everything on his holographic display interface, making sure that his friend Obake was never alone, even if he appeared to be in danger. Sin zoomed in on Obake's hovercraft as the masked jester glided swiftly across the landscape. Obake had said the magic word, a code signal which informed Sin Asphodel that it was time to act.

Within seconds, Sin hit a button which launched a drone from Soulburst's hull around the moon's surface and down into the planet's cloudy atmosphere. The drone had a tracking device on it which narrowed in on Obake's hovercraft in Flora, causing it to descend like a frisby upon his location. The coordinates had been set to a destination not too far from Clockwork and Mr. Niac, in a place that had been preset and arranged by Obake and Sin in case things went wrong. As the disk-like drone struck the planet's surface and hit the ground, it opened up and transformed into a small platform. As Obake's hovercraft made its way over the platform, Obake's entire vehicle would be teleported into the docking bay on Sin's space station. As this happened, the platform itself would close back up again and it too would be teleported back to the space station along with Obake's hovercraft so that nothing foreign could aboard Soulburst.

Prince Sin would not go down to the docks to greet him right away. Instead, he watched his displays to make sure that everything on Soulburst was in working condition. Seeing that the cloaking apparatus was in effect to disguise his ship and ensure invisibility in space, Sin made sure that there was enough power and energy to guide the station back to his sister's planet, where they would stop at the lab to take another sample of Obake's blood for their experiments. Sin knew that Obake did not particularly enjoy the Asphodelian's experiments, but such tests were necessary and vital for the advancement of Sin's species. When it was established for sure that Obake was on-board the battle carrier, the Asphodelians took to their stations and soon, Soulburst was warping through the galaxy at light-speed, heading for another galaxy in an entirely different realm altogether. They were heading for the Bluestar Galaxy, to a most dangerous solar system.