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The ultimate in deep-space probe technology.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Иanophяeak



Astraeus's metal armor is a complex carbon fused titanium-tungsten alloy with various underlying silicate structures for impact and heat resistance. This armor is consistently meltproof to temperatures upward of the surface of your average blue supergiant, but is only bulletproof where it forms plates, such as along the spine, chest, and head units.
In lightly plated areas, the armor is at risk, but can take impact and/or bullet damage and still remain functional, like in weakly armored areas around the legs.
At completely unarmored places like the ankle and neck joints, bullets will cause major damage but not shutdown or catastrophic failure unless concentrated fire is made upon many of these areas. Concentrated fire upon one area will usually result in loss of control of that limb.
This inconsistent armor strength is due to that the Astraeus model was only expected to have collisions with large bodies such as asteroids, where incomplete armor would be sufficient in absorbing impact energy.


Astraeus has two main objectives. Data collection and Survival. He floats through space, running on solar power, until he lands on a planet. When he does, he starts to attempt the capture of a live specimen to scan and possibly dissect so that he may store the information, along with other readings on the planet, in his main database. After he has acquired his information on the planet's life, he will go to the nearest spaceport or space-accessible area and blast back off into space, restarting the cycle.


ASC Laser Device:
This high-intensity laser beam is usually used to explode asteroids that are too large to be dodged while in space by heating the rock so much, so quickly, that they shatter. This device's intensity can be modified from slightly harmful to asteroid shattering, and should always be taken with caution. Rarely used, mostly for space travel.

Stun Charge Pulse Gun:
This device shoots a small slug of 5 milliamp electricity at a target, acting as a long-term, long-distance Taser gun for stunning targets. This bolt fries the nervous system temporarily, shorting out the brain for about ten minutes and making motion impossible for another fifty, giving a total hour of immobility.

VLC-T Gun:
This gun fires needles about two millimeters in diameter narrowing to a point two angstroms wide at speeds of about Mach 3. While this device's primary purpose is in the defense of Astraeus in threatening situations, it can also be used to disable weaponry and destroy obstacles. The high velocity needles can pierce flesh so quickly that a target may be shot multiple times and not even know they are injured until an important tendon or organ is damaged. The wounds caused by this device do not bleed, since the heat of the needles caused by air resistance and friction cauterizes wounds as it causes them.

See Description.

Gravity Propulsion System:
Gravity boosters on the bottom of his feet and beneath the plates of his armor use quantum links to large amounts of hyperdense mass to direct gravity in ways that Astraeus commands, without him having to bear it's weight. In summary, they get him where he wants to go, and fast.

IGNCE Engine:
A cloaking mechanism that operates on a blurring shield that distorts Astraeus's outline, used in conjunction with color-changing patches on his body, can cause the eyes to easily slip over Astraeus in dark, low-light, or object-filled environments.

Photosensitive Optical Devices:
Four optical lenses that can receive all forms of light, simultaneously or filtered out. These can withstand brightness levels like those of being within a million miles of a quasar while still being able to pick out individual stars within it, as well as operate in pitch black environments of empty space, using the infrared light from it's own drives to illuminate the darkness for him and him alone, or by cranking up photoreceptivity until he can see clearly by the weak light of distant stars.

Molecular Detection Nodes:
Two small pits, concealed beneath armor, that contain supersensitive wires with a constant electrical charge running through them. When a molecule lands on these wires, the resistance generated by the charge running through the substance is recorded and stored before the molecule is blown back out. These recordings are best compared to scent memories, and give the Astraeus model scenting skills ten times better than that of your average shark, able to detect one part scent in 250 million parts air, water, or land.

Impact Notification Circuits:
Microscopic, cone shaped collapsing metal membranes that have several charges running through them are spaced around Astraeus's armor, with three on every square millimeter. When something touches Astraeus, it can measure it on a scale of one to ten, with decimals running into the quintillions of places in between each round number. Ten is heavy, strong impact such as that of a high-velocity asteroid, and one is a moth landing on his armor. These can also register noises above 5 dB, to give Astraeus a sense of hearing.


The Astraeus model was produced on a planet named Kurrik after a deity in the religion of the natives, whose name roughly translates, in English, to "Mother of Life, Knowledge, and War." The project took three Earth-decades of research before it came to fruition, mostly spent on designing every aspect of the extremely costly robot probes. The rest of the time was mostly spent on programming the complex AI of the robots, fine tuning the routes, and creating the hyperdense mass for the gravity drives. Overall, the creators of the bots had a lot of fun designing and testing them.

When the ten bots were launched from Kurrik, a secondary quantum link was established with the ten probes, in order to maintain constant status information, as well as sensory input. The following is the status of each of the ten probes.

Astraeus 1: Terminated; impact with asteroid.
Astraeus 2: Active; stranded on lifeless planet.
Astraeus 3: Inactive; power supply depleted.
Astraeus 4: Terminated; electrical short in solar storm caused fatal system overheat.
Astraeus 5: Active; in degenerative orbit around black hole
Astraeus 6: Terminated; hostile alien attack.
Astraeus 7: Active; collecting data in sector containing planets Gilgamesh, Terra, Antongrad, Lao-Qing, Nodexio, Kos, Hiafa.
Astraeus 8: Unresponsive; situation unknown.
Astraeus 9: Active; wandering space.
Astraeus 10: Active; collecting data in sector containing planets Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Gilese 581 C.

So begins...

Astraeus's Story


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A literal handful of electronics debris spit out from the Shadow Phoenix and floated in a scatter off into space. Immediately after, the warp drives engaged.