King of Atalas

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Aþalaric Esmund
King of Atalas


Personal Information

Theme Song: Attilins Saggws Dauthis

Name: Aþalaric Esmund

True Name: Written in the Gothic alphabet

Age: 22

Age Appearance: 20s

Sex: Male

Race/Main: Human

Race/Sub: Gothic (East Germanic)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Birthplace: Toledo, Carthaginiensis

Date of Birth: March 9th 509 AD

Religion(s)Beliefs: Germanic Paganism (gives reverence to Tiw, now known as Tyr)

Marking|Tattoos|Piercings: His right arm has a large scar on it.

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 124 lbs.

Physical Condition: Healthy

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Alignment: Lawful Good

Occupation (Main): King of Atalas, a land he was transported to by Tyr upon saving his men from a battle and saving a village near Toledo.

Education: Educated in martial combat, politics from 500 AD, etiquette, and how to read/write.

Language(s): Gothic

Current Residence: Travelling, by request of Tyr.

Family/Relatives: None.

Enemies: None.

Disabilities: None.

Personality: Though a bit full of himself, Aþalaric strives to be the best person he can be. He taught himself politics, learned to read and write from an old sage set up in a hut, and received training in etiquette from a knight who Aþalaric challenged to a duel and won.

Fears: Inability to serve Tyr.

Psychological Condition: Healthy.

Image Equipment Image

A standard hand-and-a-half sword, and minimal armor.


POWER: |||||||||| (7/10)
SPEED: |||||||||| (6/10)
ENDURANCE: |||||||||| (6/10)
INTELLIGENCE: |||||||||| (5/10)
WISDOM: |||||||||| (4/10)
CHARISMA: |||||||||| (6/10)

(If a stat is listed as 10/10, mark the stat as blue and bold the stat.)

Fast Learner: Aþalaric learns things at an increased rate, especially in regards to bettering himself. This also comes into play when dealing with tactics mid-combat.

Strike of Tyr: His only extraordinary ability, Tyr's power is blessed upon his blade. The blade will deal more damage to those who have been hit by it, as if its weight was doubled.

(Color Key: Green is a passive ability, Red is a combat ability, and Blue is a healing ability.)


Aþalaric was a young boy who was brought into a mercenary group in the Visigothic Kingdom in the early 520s AD. He traveled the lands with them, learning all he could while studying the world, though mostly the kingdom he was held up in. When Aþalaric was 20, he was dubbed the King of Atalas, a domain Tyr set up for his most devout and heroic follower. Those who are invited into the realm are fellow followers and helpers who Tyr deems worthy. Though most allowed in the realm are worshipers, they do not have to be. This realm was set up for mortals to live in, and be free of the outside world. When they die, they will automatically be accepted into Valhalla.

So begins...

Athalaric's Story