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Atlas Aesop

Founder of Galactic News Now (GNN) and President of Aesop Real Estate.

0 · 249 views · located in Tai'emroth City

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by OldManPsycho



Atlas Aesop


"My ambition and determination rivals the wrath of gods"

Personal Information

Full Name:
Atlas Aesop
Age Appearance:
Mid Fifties
The Mad King of the Media
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:
Single, Divorced
Blood Type:
B Negative
Lochcrest, Cryo
Date of Birth:
Six foot seven inches
Two-hundred nineteen pounds
Physical Condition:
Being from Cryo, He never lost his physical prowess in both strength and agility
Eye Color:
Media Mogul and real estate entrepreneur.
Atlas is a self-educated man. Eventually he attended university, but after a semester decided it was counterintuitive to efficiency.
Current Residence:
Illumene, Arastel
Former Residence:
Lochcrest, Cryo
He has two daughters that live with his Ex wife in Solinus City, Terra.
Over the years, Atlas has formed many bonds that consist of trust and mutual enjoyment.
There had been a few women that have been intimate with Atlas after his separation, but none stand out as special.
Many are known to disapprove of Atlas on several aspects, but none has posed any real threat yet.
Although Atlas likes to think that there is no competition, there are a few people through out the galaxy that could hold there own against him.
Atlas created a large news corporation that is widely known and highly localized throughout the galaxy that includes several news websites, a news channel that is always reporting, and a few newspapers. More recently, he setup a real estate company where he has been aggressively buying land throughout outer rim of the Aurora nebula including New Haven, New Vira.
Most of the time Atlas appears apathetic towards people, unless they have something his needs: information mostly. He has little regard manners and is often impatient. His take charge attitude is abrasive at time, but he always means best.
General philosophy:
He lives by an ambiguous code of ethics were the ends always justifies the means. He believes the one life does not equal another, and he values his life and the lives of his daughters above anyone and everyone else's life.
Order and cleanliness
Acknowledgement of his achievements
Having intelligent discussions with people of power and influence
Wasting time
Poor people
Having to repeat himself
Most children except his own
Atlas enjoys playing chess, though he isn't very good at it. He also submits political cartoons to his own news site under a false name. He is actually quite a talented artist.
Life's Ambition:
To be remembered as a great man who changed the galaxy for the better.
To be forgotten.
Least Outspoken About:
His pro-slavery stance. It is an efficient part of an economy as long as it is properly regulated.
Most Outspoken About:
His anti-Aschen stance. Isiria NEEDS to be free.
Favorite Word:
Atlas carries not guilt of his past crimes because in his eyes, he has committed no crimes. He walks into every room like he owns the building, and in many cases he does. His Hands are ether tucked under his crossed arms or are rubbing his goatee, eyes, or some other part of his face.
Psychological Condition:
It has been his belief that if he hangs around a person long enough, Atlas will start to develop the same bad habits of that person.
Positive Characteristics:
Atlas is a strategic thinker and has no difficulties making long-term plans and approaching problems from several different angles. Being confident, charismatic and inspiring makes it easy for Atlas to convince and inspire other people. He is known to be very efficient and very determined about his goals, rarely giving up and abandon them, regardless of the opposition.
Negative Characteristics:
Atlas can be a forceful, intimidating and overbearing individual. He has little patience with people who do not see things the same way and dislikes to see mistakes repeated, and have no patience with inefficiency. Occasionally He acts without thinking of the consequences and there has been enormous consequences. Atlas is not quick to anger. His anger builds ups until it explodes, mostly in the form of yelling and cussing but on rare occasion Atlas gets violent.

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