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Aubrey- or Bree, or Jill, or A.J., depending on who you are- is mischievous and rather unpredictable. She's had lot's of friends over the years, but none that have stuck, and a few lovers, with the same results. She's hard to control and hard to catch, never having a close relationship with anyone before. Extremely social, she will talk to anyone, but those who do are likely to find themselves tangled in her next adventure.

Aubrey has short black hair and a perky nose, is thin and 5 feet 5 inches. She doesn't tan easily and her fair skin is always getting sunburns. She doesn't put a lot of time into her appearance, hence the short hair and zero make up.

She was always getting into trouble during her childhood. Her three siblings- older bothers Marcus and Alex, and her younger sister Emily, were much more...docile? At least, that's how she put it. Her parents Mandy and Jeff often got fed up with her spirit and sent her to her room, so she was often left to her own devices. She made her own fun-which often resorted to sneaking out, pranking the neighbors, and running off into the woods, where she would wait to see if anyone noticed if she was gone. Not being accepted as she was into her own family upset her, and she funneled her anger into her personality. She's never gotten too close to someone as a result of a fear of rejection.

Oh, yes, and also- don't make her mad, she's got a nasty temper.

So begins...

Aubrey Jillian Jinx's Story


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Aubrey walked silently through the woods. Silence- that's all that was left of the earth now. Not even the shivering croak of a cricket could be heard in her lonely existence. It was daytime; there should be birds chirping, squirrels should scuttle through the bushes, the sound of cars should be heard in the distance. Yet the only sound was her own footsteps, obnoxiously loud in her ears.
Everything was quiet, everything was still.
The disease had wiped out every living thing. The frogs had gone first. Then the fish. And after that, the rest of the world's creatures. Just...stopped.
Except for her.
No, Aubrey was there to watch her family die. She watched her city turn to a ghost town. Listened as the dogs stopped barking. The phones stopped ringing.
Watched the entire world, so many carefully constructed lives crumble. Everything said, all that was built and strived for, the college acceptation letters and Christmas presents and apologies and scientific breakthroughs vanish. Saw everything that was pegged as important, saw it all go out with barely a whimper. Saw that none of it even mattered.
One last walk through the woods. Then she would join the rest of the world.
Suddenly, a small foot trail came into view. These woods had been her playground as a child; her refuge. She knew it like the back of her hand. And yet she did not recognize this path.
She eyed it with numb curiosity. "What've I to lose?"
Talking to herself-she'd been doing it a lot lately. No one else to talk to.
She began to follow it, pushing leaves out of the way. That was one thing that hadn't died; the plants. They were everywhere now. They grew unhindered, not a grazing animal to stop them. Eventually, she knew, they would be gone too. Choke each other out.
Presently, she arrived at a door.
That's right- a door.
It stood independent of itself. There were no walls it was built into, just a plain wooden frame. The handle was round and made of some sort of dark grey metal.
The trail led right up to it, but disappeared beyond. Just a door. A trail to a door.
She let out a laugh-even she had to admit she sounded a little hysterical. Like she wascoming unhinged.
She giggled again.
She circled the door twice, three times. There was nothing beyond. Just a lonely little door in an empty world. Kind of like her.
She touched the handle. It was cool.
"What've I to lose?" she muttered to herself again.
She pulled open the door and stepped through.