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A Luesi assassin adept in the shadow arts.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by You


Appearance – Her skin is fair which leads many to believe that she is an elf; however very few people realize this is hardly the case as very few people have seen her face and lived to talk about it. Although almost no one has seen her face, most tend to agree that she appears to be in her mid twenties. Rumours do say that she is very beautiful but has a serious hardened expression and radiates impatience, has jet black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is quite tall about 165cm while weighing 55kg with a slim and athletic body, with long legs. She has a hole in the palm of each hand which, when placed over the mouth of a victim, steals its soul as do all Luesi.

Attire – Aurora wears a black cheongsam, split up to her hips, with a dark green vine from the front bottom corner traversing up and twisting around her waist and body, with thorns on, on it as well. It splits open to reveal some cleavage before disappearing under her cloak which rests on her shoulders, most often thrown back behind her while covering her head and obscuring her face. Her cloak is black and also has the vine pattern on it. She wears knee high black leather boots and has several arrows held onto her right thigh by an arrow holder. She carries a katana at her waist used in close combat. She also wears black leather gloves and carries a bow.

First Impression – A stranger’s first impression of Aurora would be of a confident cloaked warrior. One who is so confident in their skills that they look down disinterestedly on all. They would not be able to see her face and neither would she allow them to.

Strength – Auroras strength is reasonably high due to her being a Luesi. She can lift more than her own weight and an average punch would do about 100 damage out of a total of 1000.

Speed – Aurora’s speed is above average, her movements are quick and she can move quite easily due to her light armour. She has a fast sprint and can easily keep up with most opponents.

Endurance – Aurora’s stamina is her weakest point, hence her strong training with her bow, hopefully negating the need to battle close up. Should she enter an enraged state she can push harder and further for a very short amount of time, but once she calms down again she feels the effect more than usual.

Reflexes – Aurora’s reflexes are extremely good, trained to stretching point, they are so good that she is able to catch arrows out of the air. She still has a hard time with bullets and other projectiles however, due to them being so small. She can react before even thinking when an attack comes her way.


Personality – The few people that have met Aurora and lived say that her personality and demeanor are very cold, and uncaring. Her body language as well as her voice radiate impatience and disdain for everybody she meets. Rumors also say that she has quite a temper and can become enraged if things do not go according to plan. It is known however that if the right price is offered, that she will accept money to avoid being killed. It is also known however, that she will kill her target anyway. She is very ruthless and it is not an encounter you will want to remember should you survive. She does crave the human soul like most Luesi, and will take her fill either right after her target dies, feeding off the escaping life force, or if possible kill them doing so.


Weapons –

Blackvine: A composite bow coloured black with a vine motif running around the handle. It is usually strung around her body when not being used. The string is stored in her pocket while not seeking a target or fighting.

Shadow arrows: Just like normal arrows but made of solid shadow and very sharp. They work even in bright light, but must be pulled from a shadow first. If the light stops any shadows they cannot be drawn out but any previously drawn will remain.

Orochi the shadow blade: Otherwise the same as a regular katana but the blade is black and incredibly sharp. The handle and guard are also coloured black, with a vine motif. The scabbard is also completely black with a green vine motif

8 special real arrows on her thigh: poison arrow, explosive arrow, blindness arrow, armour piercing arrow, paralysis arrow, petrifying arrow, sleep arrow, magic arrow.

Armour – Brigandine: Black leather armour with some steel plates sewn in between allowing swift movement yet still allowing adequate protecting against attacks.

In the following sections ill be using the form a friend of mine devised to explain each spell and ability.

Name: Name of ability/spell
|-Element: This will display the element it is primary associated with
|-Target: This explains what the target may be, be it a single person, or a tree. Or up to an 'area of effect' (aka; AOE). For 'Passive' skills, as they are activated (on self) they will remain active for a period.
|-Mana drain: This is the basic mana drain, all from none at all, to severe.
Mana drain levels: None, slight, low, moderate, high, severe, insane.
After insane, one is normally not able to cast another spell until more energy is gained, often results in unconsciousness. If the spell has a varying level, it will be displayed as a 'Min - Max' system.
|-Casting Procedure: the way the spell is cast, this contains the way it can be identified as well.
|-Explanation: This will explain what the spell does, and how it might affect things.
|-Counteraction: This will explain the best way to counter, or nullify the spell. If there is none, the word 'none' will be displayed, and one will have to physically evade the spell, or the AOE[/font]

Abilities –

Name: Water walker
Element: none
Target: Self, is permanent
Mana drain: None
Casting Procedure: None, is permanent
Explanation: Allows her to walk on water as if it was land.
Counteraction: Remove water, stop her going in that direction

Name: Archers bane
Element: None
Target: Self
Mana Drain: None
Casting procedure: None
Explanation: Due to her highly trained reflexes she is able to grab arrows out of the air in mid flight
Counteraction: Don’t use arrows

Name: Multistrike
Element: None
Target: Person
Mana Drain: None
Casting Procedure: Pulls up to three shadow arrows from a shadow and draws them upon her bow.
Explanation: Fires all three arrows at once, but accuracy is slightly decreased.
Counteraction: Avoid the arrows, halt her shot.

Name: Excruciate
Element: None
Target: Object
Mana Drain: Medium
Casting Procedure: Aurora pushes her sword blade into the ground and presses her hands to the ground also.
Explanation: Thorned vines erupt from the ground beneath the target and wrap themselves around it crushing it with huge force and impaling it with the large thorns
Counteraction: Keep moving avoiding the erupting vines, cut them away

Name: Shadow bind
Element: None
Target: Person/thing
Mana Drain: Low
Casting Procedure: Aurora pushes her sword blade into the ground, creating a brief shadow circle around the blade before it travels towards the target.
Explanation: If the circle connects with the targets shadow the target is immobilized as long as the blade is still in the ground or their shadow disappears.
Counteraction: Get the sword out of the ground, create light bright enough to dispel any shadow.

Name: Shadow Walk
Element: None
Target: Self
Mana drain: None
Casting Procedure: None
Explanation: If Aurora is in a shadow that is at least as large as her she can step into the shadow world. While there she can travel to any other shadow and exit. Time flows differently in the shadow world and so a day in the shadow world is only several minutes in the real world. However every moment spent in the shadow world causes Aurora to weaken. If there are no shadows large enough to exit from she can extend an appendage to attack but cannot exit the world.
Counteraction: Use bright light to remove shadows, prevent her from entering

Name: Thorns of Destruction
Element: None
Target: Object
Mana Drain: Medium
Casting Procedure: Aurora makes a circular gesture with her hand in the direction of the target
Explanation: A circular wall of giant thorny vines circles and encloses on the target before the thorns extending at high speed impaling the target in the center
Counteraction: Get out of the center, cut through the vines

Name: Shadow Wall
Element: None
Target: AOE
Mana Drain: Low
Casting procedure: Aurora waves a hand in the general direction of the area for the Shadow wall
Explanation: A wall of shadow rises from the ground to a maximum height of 4 meters and a maximum length of 5 meters. The wall is extremely durable and can take a lot of effort and strength to break. The wall can be bent and shaped like a ball.
Counteraction: Move around or over the wall, break through the wall with a strong attack

Name: Shadow’s Kiss
Element: None
Casting procedure: None
Mana Drain: High
Explanation: Aurora fires an arrow, as the arrow nears the target, Aurora appears as a shadow in the air, out of the arrows shadow to slice the target at the same time the arrow strikes.
Counteraction: Avoid the arrow and/or Aurora shadow

Name: Shadow Form
Element: None
Mana Drain: Medium-Severe
Casting procedure: When coming out of the shadow world she can appear as shadow Aurora
Explanation: While in this form her speed and attack power is greatly enhanced and she is able to teleport between shadows, however her health is constantly being sapped and she cannot use her bow.
Counteraction: Remove any shadows, damage her enough that she can’t keep the form up, bide time and defend so her health is sapped away

Name: Soul Swipe
Element: None
Target: Person
Mana Drain: None
Casting Procedure: Aurora places one of the Slakes on the palm of her hand across the victim’s mouth, they both start to glow blue
Explanation: She feeds upon the victim’s soul and life force, rejuvenating her and killing the target. The process takes several minutes, if interrupted half way through the victim will survive but as a lifeless shell with only basic motor functions depending on how much of their soul was taken
Countermeasure: Avoid the Slake

Name: Kiss of Rebirth
Element: None
Target: Person
Mana Drain: None
Casting Procedure: Aurora kisses the victim on the mouth, they both start to glow blue
Explanation: She feeds upon the victim’s soul and life force, killing the victim, several hours after death the victim will arise as a Luesi.
Countermeasure: Avoid the kiss

Magic –

Name: Ghost effect
Element: None
Target: Self
Mana drain: moderate
Casting procedure: Raises hand straight up which starts to fade, resulting in her whole body becoming invisible
Explanation: Makes her invisible and thus harder to hit with melee attacks, a single hit with a magic spell cancels it immediately, otherwise lasts a few minutes. All objects and clothing of Velox’s will also become invisible.
Counteraction: A melee hit will hurt just as much as when visible, being hit with any kind of magic spell cancels the effects immediately.

Name: Life Drain
Element: None
Target: Person
Mana Drain: Low
Casting procedure: Aurora points her sword; tip first, towards the target
Explanation: The blade expands into shadow vines, which wrap themselves around the target causing damage and rejuvenating Aurora’s health slowly.
Counteraction: Avoid the vines, sever the vines, create light bright enough to stop the shadow

Other Skills – Life experience from being a Luesi and the souls she has fed upon, the holes called Slakes in the palm of her hands used for feeding, being able to see in the dark, walking on water. She is able to go about her business in daylight as long as the sky is overcast and she stays beneath her cloak. Direct sunlight can still drastically hurt and even kill her if she is bathed in it causing severe blisters and burns to the exposed part, even ending in death.


History – Not much is known about Auroras past due to the fact that she rarely converses on matters apart from business and has lived such a long time. Little is known about her and only a few have seen her face and lived to tell the tale and those that have tend not to talk about it. What is known is that she has been the cause of many assassinations over several hundreds of years. This has led to the theories that she is an immortal assassin or that several skilled archers have taken her persona over many years. She is responsible for the assassination of King Leonas as well as Emperor Vlondoch the Fanged most famously as well as several other rulers and famous people. As such she is both wanted and revered in almost every country. Few people know that Aurora is a Luesi. She was converted many centuries ago by an unknown Luesi causing her to die and be reborn as a soul stealer. What is not known is why she predominantly started to only feed off her assassination targets. Likewise it is unknown whereby she came upon her sword, bow and the ability to use shadow skills. One theory states that thousands of years ago the ability to travel to the Shadow World was common place and that Aurora once became trapped for a prolonged time there, returning as a Luesi. Whatever the case Aurora is one of the oldest living Luesi, but it is unknown as to whether she has converted anyone. Information would dictate that she has not as she prefers to feast on the souls of her victims.

So begins...

Aurora's Story

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