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Avera Newton Rixy

Subject VI. "Warp Power Activate!"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LookingAtPerks



Name: Avera Newton Rixy

Age: Twelve or Thirteen, Probably. He does not know his age, since he was born and raised in a lab. Is the sixth eldest "brother".

Appearance: (See image)

Nicknames: Warp, Subject VI (Fifth Clone)

History: Avera was actually taken from an orphanage as a baby and utilized as a test subject to develop weapons using people with superpowers or other supernatural abilities as those weapons. And it was not just the painful bad kind, but the dark ones too. The experiments involved Avera being opened up again and again, as one of the "Core Subjects" in their attempts to implant more powers and abilities into him. This hurt him extremely, but over time he got more powerful.

Originally, the scientists had taken Avera because of his unique ability known as "Adaptability", which made him genetically able to accept and utilize all foreign tissue. However, he was not the only subject it turned out. One day, Subject XIII, the one who came after him, caused large scale destruction. This new power caused a huge amount of damage that let him escape, and caused the release of many other test subjects as well. What was surprising is that they all shared white hair and red eyes, and even their facial features were similar if not the same. Additionally, all had bar codes planted on them, mostly in the same place, under the left eye. Add then, they soon learned. Avera, the youngest of them all and the one who released them all, was actually a clone using implanted memories from the first subject, and he was subject thirteen. The youngest of the clones. Avera himself was the sixth oldest, Subject VI, and was under the same circumstances.

Outraged, the subjects wiped out the scientists, and then escaped into the world. They sort of keep in touch, but they often also lose track of each other. Supposedly, there is one brother however that is tracking all of them, because he was given a supernatural ability to do so.

Supernatural Abilities:

Adaptability: Avera's body is capable of utilizing and absorbing all foreign tissue without issue, regardless of the source. It may also hold other effects, but this was the main one utilized.

Spirit Guardian: Kurokage: Kurokage appears as a sort of liquid shadow, and can hide itself inside shadows. It is usually hiding, and summoned from, Avera's Shadow, unlike the others. It possesses the ability to crystalize as well, which it mainly does when attacking or defending. It can slip through barriers and shields unless they are focused and reinforced, but physical armor and shields are better at blocking it. It's attacks drain energy of various types from the enemy, and it can take various forms. Its common form it uses outside of combat when not hiding in a shadow is a small, black imp with red eyes. Because Avera tends to wear white and be flashy, its contrasting nature makes it difficult to focus on.

Linked to it, but can be separate, is a sword called "Divider", which Avera uses.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Nuff said.

Spatial Slice: Avera can cut the actual space itself in half, which will result in anything inside that space also being cut.

Shattered Space: Avera does something like Spatial Slice, but over a larger area and everything breaks apart.

Divided Space: Avera sets up a barrier that separates space itself, making it impassable for physical objects. However, energy and things that are phased from physical space may be able to pass. Uses up a lot more energy.

Pocket Dimension: For storage, Avera has a pocket dimension.

The Ancient Super Dreadnaught Amberclad: When the scientists gave him this ability, they also put a bomb collar on him that would activate the moment he tried to use it without their permission. This is because what he can essentially do is open up Warp Portals that allow the weapons of the Amberclad to come out and fire, or even bring the whole ship itself out if he uses enough energy. When destroyed, it returns to his dimension for repairs.

Warp Portals: Avera can summon Warp Portals to travel through space, but longer distance requires more time to prepare, and he has to actually move through them to travel. Other people, and objects, can also travel through them, and they are rather flashy and easy to see. They will only last a few seconds minimum, however the length of opening can increase the more energy is used and the more time is used to create them, meaning long range portals stay open longer.

Warp Blast: Avera fires a blast of Warp Energy, which is effective against armor and physical objects, but is less effective against shields and barriers.

Weapon Creation: While not as powerful as Ixian's, it can still be useful for Avera. Oddly enough, he can actually summon some unusual things the others cant however.

So begins...

Avera Newton Rixy's Story


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Avera Rixy took the crystal and also took head of the whispers of the man, as well as the looks from both of them. His look didn't appear to change, but that made sense. Avera never really trusted them to begin with. After all, he was kidnapped and experimented on by scientists, and was also still pursued by them after escape. So, he was naturally distrustful.

He then closed the doors of the shuttle once they were in, and began flying back towards the main ship he had in stealth mode as he analyzed the crystal. It appeared the direct route they wanted would take them through a nest of black holes. If it wasn't for the fact his ship was able to manipulate and isolate its gravity zones, it would probably take an extra day or two, but thankfully he had the Amberclad. However, it definently meant he had to use the Amberclad. Well, since he could control the ship directly from himself, it was fine.

"It looks like it will take about a day, provided nothing unexpected happens" he said as the shuttle suddenly docked with something they could not see. In fact, the shuttle itself was no longer visible. But as Avera got up and opened the door, revealing they were now in a hanger, the ship already showed signs of preparing to move forward towards the objective.

On an unrelated side note, the hanger looked like it was incredibly advanced, yet also old, and was massive in scale with all sorts of other craft inside, locked up and secured. There were also plenty of automated drones maintaining and working on everything, but paid the visitors no mind. Incidentally, to avoid people getting too lost, Avera had already locked most of the doors, which limited the areas they had access to but also prevented them from getting anywhere they shouldn't, and where they might get lost.

"Now all we have to hope is that nothing bothersome happens...well, if its something I can just blast out of the way, it will be fine".


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Cole's eyes tried not to dart around at the various technological wonders around him. Well, 'wonders' was a strong him, they appeared more chaotic and random. He barely understood how to operate a commlink, starships and the other things around him just made his head hurt. Instead, he tried closing his eyes for a moment and steadying himself. He was focused on his goal, and dammit he was going to reach it.

"A day...? That's impressive. Me and my companions before, it'd be a day's worth of travel to get from one town to another on-foot."

He mused this out loud to the other, yet trailed off to silence once more. He figured while the journey that this...thing...was doing happened, he'd be able to rest for a bit. Prepare himself. After all, once this was done, he needed to return to Wing City. And do his business there.


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#, as written by Marcus
Outside of the Core Worlds in the darkness of space loomed a massive fleet belonging to The Crimson Legion and Mars Corp. One ship in particular stood apart from the others as The Frost Rifter began to drift to the front of the fleet. Many of the crew of the Frost Rifter seemed to be working double time as Lord Mor himself sat upon the commanders seat.

"Maintain our position. I feel as if Destiny will soon be upon us!"

Mor simply watched as his men went to work awaiting for something to arrive at the edge of the system.