Hailing from the far away land of Atrulyn, Azael is from a race of winged humanoids. A disciplined warrior, his people call him the "Requiem of Time," as he has total mastery over space and time thanks to wielding the two-handed sword, Chronos.

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Titles and/or Aliases:
"Requiem of Time"



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160 lbs.

His eyes tell a story of perseverance, burning with an unrivaled sense of determination that is almost frightening. Features hardened through years of discipline, his skin radiates like a summers day, hair fiery and unwavering as an open flame. Hues akin to two icebergs floating out in open water, itโ€™s what lurks beneath the tides you should be worrying about. Standing at a lofty six feet tall, he is slender and light on his feet; his movements as graceful as a leaf blowing in the wind.

Body as solid as a rock and carved like marble, his most distinguishing feature are his wings which have a span of roughly twenty feet. In terms of his anatomy, his bones are both stronger and lighter than most other biological creatures โ€“ which not only allows for his wings to carry his weight, but also move at speeds of up to 60 MPH (almost doubling in a dive).



Conditioned to follow a strict code, he is bound by honor, and not permitted to tell a lie. Protecting the weak and the defenseless, and despising injustice, he seeks only truth and glory. Loyal above all else, he is a mildly religious man, fearing the wrath of of the Gods and driven by faith. Appearing unusually stoic, he is very calculating, and is sometimes mistaken to be cold and heartless. While brains over brawn is something he prides himself in, he isnโ€™t known to turn his back on a foe, or refuse a challenge from an equal.

The tone of his voice is a solemn one, most able to hear the sorrow resonating from his soul. A life of selflessness had made him a quiet and reserved individual. Regardless, he isnโ€™t afraid to stand up for what he believes in is right or put his life in danger. Practically fearless, he lives every day as if itโ€™s his last and is willing to take a life as much if not more as he is to save one.

He would let on that he fears nothing, not even death; but that would only partly be true. While ready to give his life at a momentโ€™s notice, in truth, he has three great fears in this world. The first is to be left alone, much like he endured his years as a child, cast out on the streets without a sole person in the world to care for him. Although heโ€™s grown from being that helpless little boy he once was, he fears not being able to save those who rely on him; all those little voices screaming and then dying out in an instant as he only stands idly by doing nothing.

Of a trivial nature, Azael fears the dark, which is partly attributed to not wanting to ever lose his way.

Azael doesnโ€™t speak much on the subject, and quite honestly isn't even entirely sure himself what it is he wants out of his life. Heโ€™s always strived to be the best, to be the hand of justice and bring honor to himself; to die with dignity and usher in a new era of peace across the realm.

A god with a sword, his swordsmanship is revered across all the seven worlds. As smart as he is strong, he was truly destined to lead, and has a way about how he carries himself that is if not admirable, at least respectable. Is very versatile in the field, and wise, believing that a truly great leader finds a way not to pick a fight.


Spatial Manipulation: Is able to manipulate, bend, and distort space.
      Tier 1: Force-Field Generation
      โš” Force-Field Generation- Able to create a barrier out of the fourth-dimension to block incoming attacks. It cannot be penetrated by physical force, and consumes a great deal of mana to maintain. Cannot be used for extended periods of time because of the toll it takes on the user.
      Tier 2: Telekinesis
      โš” Telekinesis- Unlike traditional telekinesis, he can bend the space around an object, thus giving the appearance of telekinetic power. In the case of mind over matter, matter wins. Results can vary depending on the sheer weight of an object.
      Tier 3: Spatial Crush
      โš” Spatial Crush- By distorting the space around an object in a designated area, he can generate an enormous spatial pressure enough to crush the target with tremendous force.
      Tier 4: Spatial Slicing
      โš” Spatial Slicing- Is able to slice through the third dimension, displacing a slit of space and cutting anything in the occupying area. Due to the nature of this ability, there are no known elements or mode of defense against this attack. This can leave the user temporarily weakened as this ability requires a massive amount of mana. Cannot be used in succession.
      Tier 5: Gates of Ishtar
      โš” Gates of Ishtar- An immensely powerful variation of Spatial Slicing in which the user can focus the technique into bullets that he can rain down on his enemies. Being his most powerful attack, he is left very vulnerable due to the steep cost of mana.

Chronolock: Can live outside the laws of space and time.
      Tier 1: Chronopathy
      โš” Chronopathy- Although a seemingly insignificant ability, he is able to instinctual discern the time and his location in space at all times.
      Tier 2: Intangibility
      โš” Intangibility- Is able to phase through solid matter. Has limitations dependent on the density of the object and the material. This ability can be cancelled out through electrical interference. Because he can only phase through objects at rest, this cannot be used to block incoming attacks, avoid noxious gases, etc. Furthermore this does not grant the user transparency or invisibility in any way.
      Tier 3: Reality Perception
      โš” Reality Perception- Is immune to mental manipulation and can sense deception. More powerful adversaries could potentially override his immunity to some varying degree.
      Tier 4: Omnilock
      โš” Omnilock- Grants immunity to reality warping.
      Tier 5: Spatial Mimicry
      โš” Spatial Mimicry- An extended form of intangibility which for a short time allows him to occupy space without form while still being able to interact and communicate with the physical world.

Space-Time Migration: Warp through the space-time continuum.
      Tier 1: Teleportation
      โš” Teleportation- Can travel via rifts in the space-time continuum. Consumes a great deal of concentration and is unable to be used in battle. Cannot be used to transverse between worlds or travel long distances. User must be in range and able to visually see the location they are teleporting to.
      Tier 2: Remote Teleportation
      โš” Portal Creation- Is able to create portals used to connect two nonadjacent locations. Its primary function is the transfer of matter through space, which can in turn be used to deflect enemy attacks back at themselves. Mana consumption varies on the mass of matter being transported.
      Tier 3: Dimensional Awareness
      โš” Dimensional Awareness- Can detect matter traveling through space in proximity and cannot only sense objects moving through cross-dimensional portals, but interact with them. Makes it very difficult for another teleporter to gain the advantage by surprise.
      Tier 4: Telefrag
      โš” Telefrag- Similar to remote teleportation, he can teleport objects or even himself into already occupied space.
      Tier 5: Spatiokinetic Combat
      โš” Spatiokinetic Combat- Makes him virtually invincible in battle, able to warp or teleport both himself and his attacks almost instantaneously, making it near impossible to land a hit on him.

Chronokinesis: The ability to both manipulate and alter the flow of time.
      Tier 1: Time Acceleration
      โš” Time Acceleration- A very deadly ability that when used, speeds up blood flow, hemoglobin metabolism, and muscle movement, which allows him to move at speeds faster than what the human eye can detect; thus increasing his physical skills and reaction time. Because of the over exertion posed to the body, this could easily lead to internal complications or worse, death.
      Tier 2: Temporal Healing
      โš” Temporal Healing- By rewinding time a fraction, he can erase damages done to the body, or even regenerate entire limbs. Consumes a great deal of concentration and cannot be used in battle. Will not cure any manner of disease and only works on recently sustained damages.
      Tier 3:
      Tier 4:
      Tier 5:



All good swords need a name. Chronos, the personification of time, has been passed down through generations of his people. Said to have been forged sometime near the beginning of creation by the Gods, this two-handed blade wields the power in a single blow to sever the space-time continuum, shattering the very fabric of reality. One of the few remaining Grimoires left in the Finite Realm, only the chosen can brandish such power. While not in use, Azael is able to send Chronos to the fourth-dimension until such a time when he has need of summoning it again.

Before his Grimoire takes form, it will appear as an ancient black leather-bound book, emblazoned with a golden clasp and the words "Tempus est Aeternum" inscribed along the spine (which means "Time is Forever"). The book itself is indestructible, and stilled in time.

Prior to coming into possession of Chronos, Azael was bred a knight, following a strict code of honor and chivalry; bound to live and die by the sword. Although he yet still has much to learn, he has what it takes to be one of the greatest swordsman alive.



Brief History:
The smell of crisp clean air and the sight of its empty blue skies, and water so clear you can drink straight from the stream. Atrulyn is one of the lushest civilizations in all of the Finite Realm, with rich soil and greenery as far as the eyes can see. With majestic mountain ranges, and dark blue waters, the winged humanoids who inhabit this planet have made the most of its resources. Not a single desert or wasteland even scratches the surface, the world filled with thick jungles and wide-open plains.

Not one building touches the ground in the world of Atrulyn, having carved their cities and fortresses into the mountainside. The winged humanoids like to spend much of their time in the sky. Over the course of their lives spent on Atrulyn, they have come to harbor a deep respect for nature; understanding how everything relies on one another to maintain balance.

Overall the world is much like you would expect, filled with a wide array of insects and mammals. But what the winged humanoids are truly known for are their dragons, whose legend has echoed throughout all the seven worlds. Surprisingly a rather benevolent species, there isnโ€™t a city in all of Atrulyn where the dragons cannot be found circling overhead. But beware, because they donโ€™t take kindly to strangers.

Now whoever said chivalry was dead? The people of Atrulyn are a very honorable and disciplined race. Usually averaging anywhere between 5โ€™10โ€ and 6โ€™4โ€, they are naturally quite lofty, a necessity to burden their some fifteen to twenty foot wingspans. They were born knights, upholding the virtues of truth and justice. From birth they are taught respect and dignity, to defend the weak, and most of all stand side by side with their brethren. As a race they are immensely loyal to their own, and protective over those who are pure of heart.

In a world where only the rich and prestige become knights, Azael was orphaned before he had a chance to meet his parents; tossed on the streets, a loner for much of his childhood. Yet, those of import had seen something in Azael that he failed to see in himself, and it was the Elders who first took him in when he was only nine years old. Unlike a typical child, his training was harsh, but he came to handle a sword in a way no man had before. A prodigy, he excelled in swordsmanship and magic, learning to both hone and control his skills. He learned compassion for his enemies, discipline and patience along with self-restraint. An arbiter of the battlefield, he was knighted when he was only nineteen years old, and has spent the last five years training and pushing himself to the limit.


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