Bane Star

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by zane saphire


Image He has blue sapphire eyes with medium length red hair that falls right up to his chin. He is around 6,7ft and weighs around 155 pounds, Bane also has a fairly musclar build. He wears a black underarm shirt and black leather slacks with a white fur coat that is all tattered and woren. He also has belt with a skull on it and it is dirty yellowish. He wears a red bracelt that is actually his sword and red gloves to keep his hands warm. He also wears a red gautlet on his right arm which is the one he uses his sword with. He also wears black boots.
His sword: His sword is white and the hilt is white thats studded.
Name: Bane Star
Age: 23
Personality: A dark and self sufficent person. He dosen't like to talk much and says little. When people are able to get through to him they would earn his trust. When he talks he can say some stupid things and odds stuff as well. He dosen't like to joke and takes them seriously and would plan out a well dessert. People may not belive it but he often finds himself worrying about his dragon but doesn't express that. He figures that she's a strong enough a Dragon to handle whatever comes her way. Through the fact he does look naughty and wild on the outside he's actually can be calculating and gentle when someone gets to truely know him. When a person first looks into his eyes they only see cold empty darkness full of hatred.
Likes: Darkness, hate, training, watching others make mistakes, his dragon, sleeping,
Dislikes: smiling, jokes, laughter, love, Being in large crowds, girls, anyone who gets on hs nerve, idiots,
Favourite weapon: A paralzing bow and arrow. He can also Light bend but he can only shine a beam of light or create small light disks that he sends at his enemies. They are extremly powerful and can cut through many things.
Equipment: He has a special long sword that is enchanted so it has the form of a red bracelet, He also carries a bow and arrow that have special propeties, the arrows are able to replentish them so that Bane dosen't have to buy any new ones or make them The bow enhaces his eye sight so that he can shoot at a great distance and is able to turn on fire when Bane needs it.
History: Bane is a orphan a loner and a bunch of other things. No one knows who his parents were but he only had Crim as a family. He grew up with Crim for a young age and always been around her. He only trains and dosen't have any friends due to his cold personality. He spent his days in the woods of the light kingdom and slept there for a while. He got chosen to be rider for the light kingdom because of his overall performance and strenght. Some people think it's because he hated and dosen't care if people get hurt. They would always talk about him, cuse he was the typical person who didn't care for what anyone said.
Dragon name: Crim
Gender: Female
Dragons personality:Crim is a kind hearted dragon but doesnt like Bane much do to him being a male. She always want to do things her way and disproves of most of Bane's action. She sometimes won't listen to Bane when he talks to her. She is carefree and loose. She likes to play tricks on Bane or make him late for class.
Likes:Bane, flying, sleeping, talking, training, wining,
Dislikes: getting hurt, not being able to fly, dark dragons, Bane but only a little, jokes, rudness, enemies, being beaten
Dragons favourite fight move: Crim moves with extrem speed using the power of light to her advantage to momentarly to blind her enemy the allows Bane to unleash a milestone of arrows at there opponet. He would then ride on her tail and start attacking them with his sword.
History with dragon: When Bane and Crim first met they got in alot of fights. They kept bickrting about each others flaws. Some times when Bane is riding Crim she would brust into flames and try to shake him off. That changed when Crim nearly killed Bane when they were flying high in the sky and she turned upside down and tossed Bane off of her. He nearly hit the ground when he impailed his sword into a near by pinetree saving his life by a few seconds. Crim was scared that he would'ev died but was relived that Bane was safe. She stopped trying to hurt Bane most of the time but she some times does when he is rude or sexist.

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