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Bardon Hemos

"I only want to see her smile and laugh again, with the same light in her eyes as she had when she was still with us. Would you not be willing to sacrifice just as much too hold the one you love again." (minor edits)

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Wake


[font=Choose Font]Bardon Hemos


Theme Song: Mr. Freeze - fan made
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): The Necromancer, Blood sage, The Bleeding Widow, The Heretical Doctor.
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Love Interest: He still believe he can bring his wife back to life. He ignores all others attempts to court him while he searches for a way to achieve that forbidden promise.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161
Build: Muscular
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Dusty Blond

Description: It's been said that Bardon's gaze can feel piercing when one is under it. Indeed some have been stopped dead by the frozen blue orbs starring into their eyes. He stands and walks with his back straight, making slow and careful movements as though attempting to be both delicate and precise with each action he takes. His expressions remain calm and relaxed. He'll smile and frown, same as any other person, but it will be a subtle expression only, never exaggerated. At times he will often seem almost serene in how calm he is, something that can cause others to inadvertently lower their guard around him, something more cautious individuals will find unnerving.

Most notable is the web of veins that appear across his chest and face. Starting at his abdomen and reaching up to his eyes, whilst stretching across his chest and back, these blood vessels become much more pronounced when he uses his powers. When inert he can make them more transparent allowing him to hide them better.

Preferred Clothing: The cold doesn't bother him, his powers are able to keep his body functioning fine even at frigged temperatures. As such he's not too concerned with leaving much of his torso exposed. When he does have company he'll take the time to put a shirt on to make them feel less uncomfortable around him. If he needs to go out or start... "Working for a client" he usually sports a nice thick shirt and trench coat, usually accompanied with a hat of some kind.


Oddities: Given his ability to always seem relaxed, he tends to be undisturbed by things that would bother someone else. For example he likes to be in colder environments, nor does he mind foul smells. This adds to how eerie he can be at times, when he's able to remain relaxed even around things that would agitate others.

Skills: Bardon is a masterful surgeon and was considered one of, if not the, greatest doctors in Manus Luna... before certain disagreements with the church and government forced him to flee from public eye. He has a very extensive knowledge of the human body, how it works and how each part interlines with others. As such he can put that to use in a variety of situations. Most related to treatment of patients but in other ways as well.

Fears/Phobias: - Autophobia- Fear of being alone.
Likes: Cats, reading, soft music, cold temperatures, rain, stars, art, practicing medicine, coffee.
Dislikes: Rudeness, untidiness, obnoxious sounds and music, people who to disrupt his work, the Cathedral Square and Niamh Antouanette.
Hobbies: Pencil drawing and sewing.

Personality: Bardon is soft spoken and polite individual, keeping his expression and tone on a even level, rarely raising his voice or becoming loud. Though he can seem a little reserved at times Bardon is a friendly and helpful person once you get to know him, able to show concern when warranted and offer advice when needed. Being as patient and understanding as he is he can be an easy person to converse with, making it rather easy to open oneself up to him.

At times though he suffers from depression occasionally, and though he is quite good at suppressing it, it doesn't change the fact that he often feels pangs of loneliness. Still, he manages to keep himself busy with his work, something that he takes great pride in. In fact at time he can almost seem obsessive with his projects and research. It's when Bardon is fully immersed in his work that he can seem almost eerie. Being pron to shutting out distractions and muttering to himself he ignores much of the world around him. At times like this he can become almost a different person, still calm but more assertive.


Preferred Weapon: Bardon rarely finds need for weaponry. He is quite effective at unarmed combat, maybe even more dangerous with the way his powers work.


Hemokinesis - Blood manipulation - The very center from which all of his abilities are based one. His other two "powers" are just an extension of this. Bardon can control his blood even after it's left his body.

Necromancy - Corpse reanimation - Exactly as the name implies, by using his blood he can bring a decease body back to working condition.

Biokinesis - Flesh manipulation - His control over blood can allow Bardon to cut and stitch flesh. A skill he uses mainly in more complicated operations.



  • Red Scalpel - Bardon can make his blood shift and change into the form of knives and needles. Useful for surgery work, but can be used as improvised weapons. Especially dangerous as he can make these impossibly sharp and extremely durable.
  • Scarlet Injection - It's possible for him to insert his own blood into another person. The effects can be either helpful or harmful depending on his intentions.
  • Crimson hands - By wrapping blood around his hands, Bardon can make near indestructible gloves. He can stimulate these to create and "impact" effect, or make the blood vibrate on such a high frequency that it lets him cut through steal.
  • Velvet Bullet - When he needs a more precise form of ranged attack, Bardon takes a small bit of his blood and wraps it into a little ball. He then fires this ball like a bullet, using his hands to redirect it mid flight. The down side to this attack is that Bardon needs to both dedicate at least on hand to controlling the attack and stay standing in one place, as controlling the ball while moving is extremely difficult. Because of the amount of focus this attack needs, he uses it very rarely.


  • Breath again - When inserting blood into a corpse, he can use it to re-stimulate the nervous system and force the heart to beat again. This process, unfortunately, isn't a form of resurrection as the body is still capable of rotting and lacks the ability to think beyond processing orders and acting with animal like behavior. Bardon's capable of using these bodies as puppets, mentally controlling them from a great distance. As reanimated corpses, these bodies have no sense of self preservation, and while this means they tend to get torn up pretty easily it also means that they can continually get back up and move after taking damage. When coupled with his use of Biokinesis Bardon can even enhance the muscular structure of the body, making it much stronger and faster.
  • Blood guardian - The most advanced stage of his necromantic powers. By converting the entire biological structure of a body into blood, Bardon can create a life form entirely made of living blood. Blood Guardians are slightly more intelligent then walking corpses, but are still incapable of doing anything without orders. They are, however, much, MUCH, more powerful. Being entirely liquid based, most physical attacks are virtually useless against them and they are capable of changing form and shape at will. They are able to crystallize parts of their bodies into incredibly hard, incredibly strong forms capable of both crushing an slicing through metal with ease. Bardon can use these creatures as familiars, able to carry messages or spy on others.


  • Sealed Pains - Bardon can crystallize the blood over wounds, stopping blood from escaping and uses the blood to stitch tissue back together. This doesn't heal the injury outright, but it can hold together injuries that could otherwise be fatal until better treatment can be applied.
  • Purging - Bardon can also use his powers to remove any kind of blood born disease or toxin, rendering himself immune to most poisons and allowing him to treat what would otherwise be considered incurable afflictions in others.
  • Limit removal - Using his bio-kinetic powers, Bardon can ensure his body remains structurally sound even under great amounts of stress. This can allow him to empower his bones and muscle enough to let him surpass the normal human limitations and achieve physical strength and agility that wouldn't be possible in an ordinary person.

Fighting Style: Bardon is a very analytical fighter, he tries to study his opposition first, trying to pick out their movement before delivering pressie strikes that debilitate, unbalance, and destabilize. His opening attacks are mostly experimental, testing the other combatants reactions and movements. He will appear defensive or often light on the attack at first. Once he has his opponent's fighting style sufficiently mapped out he lets go of earlier restrains and begins quickly taking them apart piece by piece. And with Bardon's vast knowledge of the human body and how it is structured, he knows exactly where to hit that will bring someone down too their knees and leave them doubling over in pain.

So begins...

Bardon Hemos's Story


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