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Baronness Lloth Dimara

She Who Governs Monsters

0 · 815 views · located in Seaside School of Scholarship Tower

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Ersatz Creed, as played by That-Angel



Lloth Dimara

Corrupted Drucchi (Dark Elf)



Lloth has a 'don't fuck with me' attitude. She holds her head high and shows no mercy. You are either with her or against her and oh boy you do not want to be against her.

Lloth's life begun as an orphan, tormented for merely being born of the Dark Elven race as if she had a choice in that. It gave her a strong is not the word...A profound distrust for any race other than her own. As she grew she became aware that not everyone was as evil and cruel as those who had tormented her youth, but she could not find it in her to forgive. Instead, she assumed that everyone she met was horrible until they showed her otherwise. Growing older still and having her view of the world expanded she saw that it was not just the people whom were to blame for the wrongs committed against her but also governments.

Establishments. Men and women who had done nothing to earn their titles were being crowned kings and queens despite their immense incompetence. Many starved as though it were the norm, as though there were not enough food to go around but she had seen the gluttony of nobles and kings first hand in her travels as an adventurer. It was sickening. Lloth sought to put an end to them.

It was how most tragedies commenced...a tragic past, a noble goal, and somewhere along the way they slipped and crossed over. Unsealing magic meant to kept sealed, consulting spirits whom were in fact demons, and making blood packs with Dragons whom the Gods hunt down to this very day... One way or another, the hero became consumed by darkness until darkness was all they were.

Once a noble goaled Hero, all have heard of her fall onto damnation. Seeking power to conqueror the world and bend it to her noble vision, she was lost to the evil she tried to master. Now monsters of all sorts rally to her presence, Dragons acknowledge the draconic blood she possessed and the ancient arcane arts she wielded. Yet the goal remains the same, conqueror the world and bend it to her now grim dark vision.

So begins...

Baronness Lloth Dimara's Story