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Beatrice Leazule

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a character in “The Multiverse


A handy guide for all things Misranan.
An ancient house of unknown origin, scattered throughout the verse. Many of them are unaware of their lineage and origins.


Beatrice Leazule
Twenty Seven Years of Age
Her hair is rich like Turkish chocolate in both texture and color. When unbound it falls to just beyond her shoulder blades, but you will never see her hair in that state. Instead it will be pulled from her face, tightly twisted back into a large bun. The style doesn't give her the threatening look, like it does most. It doesn't bring to light her age, which is present through the light creases around her eyes. Instead it accents her straight nose and pondering eyes. Her eyes rest as swirling pools of pine sap, hazel honey dripping into the soul of all that dare look. Beatrice's mouth sits in an odd fashion most of the time, for she is usually deep in thought. She chews on the interior of her lower lip, you see, a habit her mother had tried relentlessly to break her of. She stands five foot nine, without a hat or heels. She dresses in deep blues, the colors that construct the night sky. Attire casual, her dresses are nothing to write home about. However her dresses are nothing to scoff at either; even though they are simple in design and shape, they are tailored exquisitely.

She is cooperative for productivity, and likes to get things done. She perseveres and sees her goals through to the end. Beatrice is persistent when gathering information, and focused on what she is doing. She aims to complete.

Tolerant of others, she breaks up fights for the sake of the task at hand.

Beatrice is one for reason, and is very practical when it comes to assessing situations. She is also very punctual when it comes to keeping appointments. Beatrice works efficiently. Beatrice is polite, daringly so. She uses her vocabulary and knowledge to wedge her way into where she wants. She is no nonsense. She cannot help but feel that she has something to prove. Beatrice has a morbid sense of humor, she is often one to laugh when someone falls or dies, if she even laughs at all. Her sense of humor is not exactly there.

A bad taste for men, paranoid, and a bad fighter to boot. She doesn't date, and prefers to keep at arms length from the opposite sex. They have proven to be both a distraction and a downfall for many. She would sooner burn alive than see a library turned to ash. She is a bit thick skinned, and has a hardened look to her expression. Her eyes pierce. It's mildly intimidating. She has never been intoxicated before. Ever. Don't ask again. She possesses a strong hatred for nuns. She wears heels, or socks. Her feet are always covered.

Analyze [Good]
to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results

Identify [Above Average]
to verify the identity of

Track [Above Average]
to follow or pursue the track, traces, or footprints of

Research [Good]
to make an extensive investigation into

Scribe [Excellent]
to write down

Remember [Good]
to retain a memory and bring it to call

Listen [Above Average]
to wait attentively for a sound

Melee [Poor]
a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people.

Cut [Poor]
to penetrate with

Stab [Below Average]
to thrust, plunge, or jab

Brawl [Poor]

Bite [Good]
to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth

Grace [Average]
elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action

Dance [Below Average]
to move fluidly to music

Subterfuge [Above Average]
an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc.

Scholar [Excellent]
to be a student

Born to an English Scholar and a witchcraft practicing lady. Her father was motivated, and gave her direction. He of course nudged her towards the scholarly path, but her mothers practice had a strong effect on her interests.
Her mother disappeared when she was eight, returning a year later completely changed. Now she was a good Catholic lady, much to her mother in law's content. She shelved for good her books on witchcraft, brushing them off as a phase she went through. Only Beatrice would ever come to know how much her mother truly feared her past craft. Only Beatrice would see her mothers eyes grow cloudy and dark at the sight of certain old book.

Privately schooled until the age of fourteen, her parents saw it best that she kept to healthy extracurricular activities rather than petty socialization. Beatrice was signed up for horseback riding, as well as bible studies, and was trained well in her handwriting skills. She attended catholic school for four years, graduated with high honors and moved on to study at Oxford at the age of 18. She completed her Bachelors degree there, and moved on to her Masters. During the spring/summer holiday, Beatrice would spend time in her parents library.

She cut her education short one year, and took a 6 month absence. During this time she apparently disappeared. She left a letter to her loved ones, stating that she was seeking enlightenment. Although they doubted this, they didn't question it. She had been poking around in the library, her mother's shelves to be exact. After finding the letter, her mother raced to her shelves, Beatrice's father hot on her heels. She managed to lock him out just in time, slamming the door and flinging herself to the foot of her family stack.
He could hear her sobs beyond the wooden door.

The disappearance definitely took a toll on her personality, it seemed to have sucked some sanity from her. She had developed a taste for the morbid, which heavily unsettled her mother. During the month before returning to school, Beatrice spent every waking moment in her Mother's library. Her interests had shifted, she no longer nosed through history, seeking truth. Instead she dove head first into witchcraft lore.

She completed her degree at the age of 26.
Majored in History
Minored in Humanities and Art

Also studied Philosophy, Biology, English, Mythology, History and Philosophy of Science, International Studies, Archaeology

If it isn't tucked in her hat, it's poking out of her bun.
A Small Magnifying Glass, gold rimmed and no larger than a dollar coin, aids her frequently in her studies. Whether used to read old scrolls in the library, or in the field to examine a plant, she puts it to good use.
She keeps a Collapsable Spyglass for navigational uses when travelling or in the field. It also has good uses seeing monuments and gargoyles on high up buildings, and observing things across lakes.
She has a small bottle of black Ink always at her disposal.
The Notebook is small, leather bound with a small clasp. In it she keeps notes, sketches, anything she pleases. Pages devoid of lines, it is the canvas for her mind.
Knife A small glistening metal stabbing object kept in a thigh sheathe.
Her dress is made from layers of linen laying at different lengths, with no bustle beneath. She always has material at her disposal.

So begins...

Beatrice Leazule's Story