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Ben Rudder

"Fox" Sas Recruited for G.I. Joe Made a squad leader.

0 · 2,225 views · located in Isirian Space

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Zarhara


Nickname: Fox
Race: English
Age: 25
Weight: 125
Height: 5'7'
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Clothes: SAS Black Combat Gear, G.I. Joe off duty uniform, Civilian clothes.
(Will remove If asked)


He is somewhat of a shy person, he usually keeps to himself and tries to avoid cliques. He doesn't always make friends quickly. He has some trust issues as well and a somewhat dark sense of humor. He follows order mostly with out question and has very good loyalty. He will do a lot to fight for what is right but he also uses his instincts and is often influenced by his conscience. He could have future conflict with loyalty and doing what is right.


Dual Weilds 2 FiveseveN pistols Image
Cables -often with grabble and Assension Capabilities to get him to hire positions and make him more agile and acrobatic.
Smoke: Grey and Colored -1
Flash Bang-2
Gas: Tear and poison -1 Type and if Depends on Mission
C4 explosive. (Small Amount)
Wrist computer - Exactly what it says.


Ben has been in the SAS as a sniper for 2 years and the British armed forces for one when he was picked out for advanced training and to join the SAS. Then he was given the was given the option of joining the Joes or MI6 about two years after being in the SAS. He chose the Joes after the options were laid out and jobs were displayed because he wanted to keep an active combat role. Plus he hates suits. He is now a new recruit in the Joes

So begins...

Ben Rudder's Story


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Reto cocked an eyebrow at Qâlia,"You're tellin' me that you wanna try to use water on somethin' electrical, which is specifically designed to zap the ever lovin' dogshit outta the person wearin' it? Get your hand off it, are you bloody daft or somethin'?"

He waved the blue-skinned female away, as he moved on to the next willing prisoner, who all seemed a little more keen on having their collars removed with Reto managing it without electrocuting anyone. The downside was that it took more time than if they were to just let Urza muscle his way though. Less pain, more time. Time they didn't really have.

The Cryon looked back at the fey and his offer, as tempting as it was, and shook his head,"Gonna hafta turn ya down, there, mate. As much as I'd like to be off this boat and home free, I think these folks at least deserve to go without shackles, ya get me?"

Karen shook her head at Urza,"I can't go, either. We rescued them, so they're our responsibility. No one would blame you for leaving."

She moved to see if there was anything left she could do for anyone, and motioned lightly to Qâlia,"Do you think you could pull the water from the air?"