Black Cross

You have the shape and looks that make my mouth water...No, not you, your shadow.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by SkullJester, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: 'Black'

Race: Construct

Age: 3 years old, appears to be 24

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 212 lbs

Hair: Incredibly dark black

Eyes: A ghostly pale blue



Black is an extremely odd individual. Only drawn to people and objects because they have what he desire. Quirky, little to no people skills, jokes about things that shouldn't be joked about, sometimes a little awkward. His other emotions seem to be incomplete, and that is nothing but a defect of his creation ceremony gone wrong.


There was once a cult of shadow worshipers who desired to create a being who could consume and deliver shadows to their dark master, a man called Dorvan the IV. Their master thrived on the stolen shadows of others, for inside of them lies an energy that prolongs one's life. However, Dorvan could not continuous cast the spells and incantations in order to take the shadows himself. So his followers decided to devise a construct for him, one that could blend in with society and go where they had long been banned from going. In the construct, they devised a sort of reoccurring mechanism, combining both magic and technology, so that every month, during the nights of a new moon, the construct would have no choice to collect shadows from everyone he would come across.

However, when the project was finished, and Dorvan's unnatural life was drawing to an end, the crazed cult leader suddenly, tried to imbue himself inside the already sentient machine. The resulting flow of energies wiped out the cult building, killing all of the members. Except for Black. His fake body was powerful enough to survive the collapsing rubble. And so, even if he no longer had masters to serve or any real purpose, his 'once a month' programming would always kick in, forcing him to seek out and find people.

More about his power: It does not kill. In fact, it doesn't even hurt. The only thing they feel is a very slight chill and then they black out, until the sun has risen. The shadow does return, and Black does not even remember his actions. His creators made sure that in order to truly blend in with society, he has no clue about what he really is or really does. They even implanted false memories of a fake life deep inside his created mind. Note, he does fully function as any human could. He even has a heart beat. He can cry and bleed as well. In the end though, thanks to his 'malfunctions', he really isn't complete. And he is fine with it.

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Black Cross's Story


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