Blaze Abernathy Firepower

The true heir to the throne of the Fire Planet in a distant galaxy. He gave up his birthright to his younger sibling and set out to travel the world. Recently, he has started recruiting for a bnd of mercenaries known as the Order of the Rose.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by BlazeAbernathy


Physical Description-- Blaze stands at a 6'5" and weighs near 175lbs. He is only half human, so some physical changes can occur at random due to him being half fire elemental as well. He wears all black and has a set of black tribal dragon tattoos all the way down his right side, starting at the face and stopping at his hip. Blaze has a dark set of eyes and short hair. To top his looks off with his chiseled features, Blaze has a darker tone, but not that of deep chocolate. More olive and tan.
Personality-- Blaze is a charmer, unlike his little brother. He does not rely on anger to get him what he wants, rather, he relies on his good looks and clever wits to charm most people into doing as he pleases. He is a true-blue manipulator, but that is not to be mistaken as villainy with him. He has an honest demeanor and a just cause for every action he commits. If he ever comes off as villainous,there is a good reason behind it.
Abilities-- Basically, black fire. Being the first of his kind to be able to control a Black Flame, he harnesses both the burning and freezing power behind the ultimate fire. He has also been cursed with a mutated right arm. It is not always obvious, however, as he was given the ability to control it by a celestial being, and it is now sealed away to only be brought forth when Blaze wills it. The seal is the large tattoo that spans almost half his body.
History-- Growing up as royalty, Blaze became a role model for his people. He was always looking out for the poor and the broken. And as his actions grew more just, his people grew more loyal, and the land showed proof. Soon, there were no more monetary classes amongst his nations, and other planetary leaders grew jealous of his prosperity. As time would have it, the Fire Planet was attacked. Blaze helped rally the citizens and military and drove off, but not before recieving a life-threatening wound. Shocked and willing to pay any price, Blaze went to the only source he could think of. Demons. Thus through many trials and tribulations, the curse of the clawed arm came around. Outraged, Blaze went on to destroy the civilizations. This brought consequences that could only be countered by angels and his little brother, Flare. After an intense battle, the demons showed back up, with intent to reap what they wished for. Blazes soul. Fierce fighting broke back out and if it wasnt for the angels, Blaze and Flare would have died. The angels gave Blaze the seal he needed in exchange for word that he would never wreak havoc again without good cause. Blaze now roams the multiverse searching for the answer to curing his arm for good.

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