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I'm a shut in

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Bluetear


A shut in spreading the way of a shut in.

So begins...

Bluetear's Story

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The final exchange between the admirals came one sided, the Aschen clearly in what seemed a sense of denial at the mention of Earth. Douglas had managed to catch the exchange with the AI, but hadn't fully translated due to the difference in dialect. What he had managed was the translation of Earth and Myth, which left little to truly ponder. The communication had been cut off, with Nash's final proclamation of their imminent face to face.
"Admiral?" Aroia, aka the Captain, called forth. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" her question came with pause both for the inquirer and the inquiry.

"The Aschens do not seem much different than the Krauskarian regime we fought to be free of, and now we're licking the boot of a new one?" a certain angst laced the Captains tone.
"I understand your concerns, Captain..." the Admiral finally spoke, as he did so his single functioning ocular remained trained on the now non-existent holo-projection that once held the Aschen's visage, "... and I share in your concerns."
Though the Captain was relieved that she was not the only skeptic within the senior ranks, the strong sense of 'but' held within the air.
"You know why we need this alliance, why the UPC dared reach out beyond the Septem to contact the Aschens."
The Admiral's words seemed enough to quell the Captains further pursuit on of matter.
"Now, lets go meet this Admiral Nash."

A travel into the belly of the carrier was carried out via mag-lift tram, perhaps overkill in only 11km of starship, but it served to disperse the crew efficiently, a strive the UPC always aimed to maintain. This tram took them towards the bow of the great vessel, if stopping at the three quarter mark. This grand hangar served as a maintenance for the smaller, though still sizable, cruisers and the like. At one time, the carrier could house as many as five heavy cruiser class within, all of which could be retrofitted with varying menagerie of systems, weapons, and the more. A cruiser was not the aim for transportation, instead the duo had come to stand upon a mag clamped corvette. The craft was 291 meters in length, with a carapace of a darker teal colouration. The craft would be nimble, perhaps even surprisingly so considering the overall mass.
Aboard the craft the security team in which Stratcona had mentioned to the Aschen was assembled. Each stood at six foot and bore combat attire that appeared old Earth Marines. Nylon straps and what almost appeared to be a kevlar frame. However, beneath the old world rigging lay the true kit of the UPC. Each soldier was encased in what appeared to be a contorting number of synthetic muscle, the woven materials reminiscent of the human musculature system. This was mostly black, with the odd chrome linkage shining through. The helm each wore was an angular, boxy, triangle that fully enclosed the wearer's head. There were no signs that these suits even contained a human within, and yet when the Admiral approached one, in particular bearing a rather well garnished skull painting upon said helm it would speak.
"Sir, Legion Alfos is ready to step off under security measures." spoke the man behind the mask.
"Excellent, Lieutenant. Best we not keep our Aschen friends waiting."

The departure would be quick, overall taking only five minutes for the craft to leave out the ships primary bow point, the destination took roughly an hour with ample thrust.

As they corvette drew ever closer to the Aschen flagship the sheer weight of the vessel through appearance alone was crushing. Such a behemoth alone must have made for more than adequate deterrent. Since the weapons were mostly, if not all tucked away, the entourage aboard the minuscule corvette could only contemplate the sheer amount of firepower just waiting to be unleashed.

Within the colossus, the navigator and communications officer both coordinated with the Aschen flight director, bringing the 291 meter craft to dock at the desired location. Already Stratcona, the captain, as well as thirty of the aforementioned exo-suited marines, exited the craft at the mid-drift, whereupon their boots made contact with Aschen steel. They had officially stepped within Aschen territory. The Admiral took point with this company, showing that was willing to put trust in these xenophobics rather than remain surrounded by his guard; the captain in toe beside him.
"Ah, Admiral Nash!" beckoned the elder fellow, as he closed the gap between them. He did stop a fair twenty paces away, not wanting to provoke the cautious nature of his counterparts.
"It is truly an honour to meet you in person." this was said with his hand moving to his chest, whereupon Douglas' hand pressed to his breast, and he took an ever so subtle lean forward; a bow of sorts.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Madeline W. Character Portrait: Shio Mizuri Character Portrait: Felvia Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Flavius Darastix Character Portrait: Admiral Stratcona Character Portrait: Captain Kalenskov Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: E.V.E. Character Portrait: Bluetear
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The first contact thus far appeared more a stand-off as the two groups of militarized terrans stood to face one another. This was supposed to be a meeting of peace, and yet the old wisdom of offer peace with one hand, a knife in the other never held more merit than this moment now. The Marines of the UPC remained in their tight formation, a box like parade fashion behind their senior staff.

While the captain and the entourage of armed soldiers had each trained their attention to various points of Aschen fortified positions, the Admiral had remained trained upon the officer and her many mannerisms. For the most part she was poised, her demeanour maintaining that cold and commanding presence, as an officer should in the face of the unknown. Whats more, since the Aschen officer stepped forward, the Admiral would be the only individual to truly pick up on the seemingly alive floor. The metal seemed almost liquid, rippling out as if each foot step were a drop in a pool, adding a near mysticism to the Aschens' overall visage.

"Sir..." the marine lieutenant called out, if only loud enough for the admiral to hear, "... I don't like leaving you alone and unarmed."
The admiral's response came with a reassuring nod, "It'll be alright, I doubt the Aschens are in the business of holding hostages."
Concluding the brief exchange with the marine, Stratcona soon turned to his captain with an expectant gaze. Aroia glanced back, almost double taking with the understanding of her superior's notion, though clearly not comfortable with the idea. A heavy sigh exuded as her hands moved to procure her PSP-5, her standard issue sidearm. The captain relinquished her weapon to the nearest marine behind her before once again directing herself towards the Aschen Admiral.

Once all arms had been surrendered, the senior staff duo both stepped forward towards the Aschen defence line, ensuring to keep their hands visible. The closer the pair came to the Aschen officer, the more detail that could perhaps been seen in the UPC uniforms. The admiral's main coat was a fine leather, likely an organic material save for the polycarbonate mantle that bore his ranking. The captain wore less decore, if only a white uniform of a wool outer coat and trousers, polyester undershirt, a uniform more reminiscent to the military of old Earth; obviously a pattern developed of old Earth and UPC.

"We are ready to proceed when you are, Admiral." Stratcona announced, awaiting the Aschen officer's next direction.