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'I am Boltstorm! Hear me ROAR! Oh who am I kidding, I'm not as dumb as the majority of Predacon, I'd like to believe I'm much more wittier."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Klein


The Wretched Boltstorm

(Disclaimer: I do not own this image, all credit goes to the original artist (could not locate said Artist). I merely used this image to display how I viewed my character or of his|hers|ts physical appearance. I will remove if asked politely.)



Cybertronian Beast|Predacon

"The Predacons once ruled Cybertron but became extinct at the beginning of Cybertronian history, in an apocalyptic wipe-out known as the Great Cataclysm."

Ancient Sentient Cybernetic Lifeforms. The Predacons where the great predecessors to the Autobots and Decepticons, much like the various lifeforms that had inhabited Earth far before Man had claimed their 'rule' over it. These Automatons where much bigger then their predecessors much like how many of the survivors of the prehistoric era seem to be much smaller then the ancestors they originate from. Now only where the Predacons larger but they where also stronger and seemed to be built baring thicker armor or frames, a majority of the Predacons seemed to be able to breathe a manner of fire that can melt the very metal off a bots chassis.

Much like this predecessors the Predacons are able to Transform between their bot form and 'disguised' forms.. but unlike the Decepticons or Autobots who take on the form of Earth Based Vehicle or other technological devices the Predacons took on the appearances of Mythological Dragons and Prehistoric Creatures. Those of a higher stature amongst the Predacons often assumed the form of Dragons and where permitted flight while those lower where forced to take on the forms of land fairing Beasts who lacked such a privileged. In their world size and power means EVERYTHING.

I'd fancy I was quite a 'High Ranked' Predacon, not only was I respected by the masses even feared it seemed Lord Dragotron went to no ends in order to see my extermination.. sad even with all that raw muscle he had he couldn't best my intellect.


As a Sentient Cybernetic Lifeform this Predacon lacks no initial Gender, as unlike Humans, Mammals and other Organic forms of life they do not reproduce sexually, rather their entire existence is founded off the aspect of 'Rebirth'. When a Cybertronian dies their spark returns to the Allspark where it recuperates and is eventually released back out onto Cybertronian Soil (Metaphorically seeing their planet is covered in metal and not dirt) and much like the Legend behind the birth of Man their 'Sparks' bound themselves to the planets surface... molding a form to house their Spark or 'Souls' which will serve as the bases for their very beings. From there a Cybertronian either shape themselves out of personal tastes or according to whatever 'following' they are 'born' into. Their 'Gender' appearance is also determined by their personality type and the initial shape of their animated forms.

Oh..? You are wondering how we 'Predacon' are born..? Well.. I must say its not EASY... nine times out of ten we are made into 'snacks' by the much larger more mature Predacon. Though if we are 'lucky' we are taking in by Lord Dragotron the self proclaimed leader of the Predacons. I think he regrets saving my hide after the trouble I gave him.

{:Sexual Preference::}
None|No Interest

Seeing 'she' is a Giant fifty foot tall Robot its quite obvious her 'standards' or 'Preferences' are much different then that of Organic Life or 'Fleshies'. Then again Predacon's often don't care for such things as 'attractions', their way of life could of very well deemed such a 'trait' a weakness as it can easily be used against them. The same seems to go for many present time Bots.. of course it seems they still occasionally like to show admiration if ordered they wouldn't hesitate to blast down the very thing they are gawking at. Be it a nice fancy car or a fellow bot.

Preference..? What am I a fleshy?! I have absolutely no interest in you meat sacks organic if not gross way of... reproduction.


Do to the fact that Boltstorm spent a large portion of her 'existence' as a disembodied Spark its hard to tell to how old she initially is. It could range between the thousands to ten thousands of years. If it weren't for the great cataclysm that whipped her species out and she managed to live up to this point she'd be delighted to tell you.

You can assume what you wish, its not like the Spark itself can store valuable data which is why we often forget our 'past lives' upon being reborn.. its only thankful bits of my memory even as aged as they where had been recovered by that Decepticon Shockwave. Sad I can only remember bits and pieces of my past life.. mostly trivial things and to be honest even those are rather.. fuzzy at best. I'm quite certain my name wasn't Boltstorm back then either..I could be wrong.


Seeing I lack an accurate estimate to how 'TALL' a Cybertronian is I will assume they range at twenty to fifty feet tall. Boltstorm will stand at a towering seventy nine feet tall, towering over many present day Cybertronians.

I just LOVE the expression these little Bots make, all wide eyed and practically leaking oil all over themselves. Its like they've never seen a Predacon before.. though perhaps its because they've only seen the in Museums rather then in person.

A few hundred tones

Again. Its hard to estimate how much a walking cybernetic life form weighs. It could range between one hundred tones to a whopping thousand.

Dainty..? A Predacon can't afford to be dainty.. we need to be big.. strong.. menacing, otherwise we'd be chow for those who are bigger then us.. or forced to live in numbers and heavens I'm not a pack type of Bot.

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