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Borealis Myrkul

A dreamer in the depths of the Altar

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by lil_kreen


Borealis has lost a good deal of their memory. Some events scraped him clean leaving memory grainy and smoothed out. As if something had ground away all detail leaving the grainy impression of language once there. He has memories he knows are not his own and wanders in search of something to free himself of the machines keeping his mind alive within base repetition. A distant fellow if absent-minded his memory has seen better days but the power in instinct remains strong. Trapped in their mind for a long time he is unable to remember what the outside world looked like to wake up. He works a great deal with the creature known as Eldryth as a waking dream that wanders where he's directed. As yet he's unsure if he truly ever existed at all and feels the concept of his death in what may be a dream is a largely unimportant concept. His powers are actually reminiscent of clerics drawn from Eldryth as they are though it is not a god that Borealis serves but an Outer Dragon.

Eldryth constructed the Borealis of the scrapings of soul stuff too broken to resurrect into humankind also too intact to ignore. Rather than allow the spare soul stuff to form into undeadkind or be stolen by the hated Aetherkind she shapes the remainders of those destroyed souls into Borealis. Their powers are varied among them and have a dreamy doubtful interaction with the world. In time they may take a name for themselves and carve an identity into the aether where a Borealis once was. In the meantime, they are attentive servants that know where their home is and share Eldryth's tireless thirst for exploring the varied demiplanes and aether realms created by the gestalt of humankind's effort.

So begins...

Borealis Myrkul's Story


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Time ran slow here the gears trundled hard in the endless pale grey world Borealis had always known. An endless horizon pocked by close-looking bronze gears set by a sky shedding a an even light laying everything devoid of shadow. His soft footfalls of burnished matte metal of some stripe walked toward the horizon occasionally only looking up to see the swirling black thunderhead that was always overhead.

Until it wasn't anymore. A small difference where the sky was blue. Hints of green where his careful sight looked for difference. It had the reflection of some new place on the horizon now. Everything in a mind starved for any sign of change ran for the first time in years uncountable.

Borealis carefully moved his gloves of slowly moving facets to a time in Loross on his breastplate while running. The only evidence of former individuality that remained in this place. Somewhere in this place was what remained of of anything recognizable. Practice did not suffer in the uncountable years though attention certainly suffered by desperation.

That of course led the softly shifting armor to lack any awareness of the curious stone stairwell wreathed by hard bronze hooks as if hauled to this place by force. Reluctance marked a gloved hand reaching for that blue sky instead of breaking momentum. Clattering down the stairwell a hollow voice could only laugh with glee even through the pain of smashing helmet to marble. Even continuing to clatter down the stairs no attempt to stop is made though neither any obvious injury even while picking up speed.

The setting changes from The Dreamlands to Multi-Dimensional Pathway

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Beneath the planes of reality a swell of etheric wake passes the pathway as a huge creature quietly moved along her business carrying her reality with her. She was on her way to help her progenitor, Tolyl, but a thin connection of strands in front of her gained her immediate attention. A outer wyrm hastily bidding to halt before impact she stopped in time to nudge one of the paths much like a train just in time to do the same to a car. What were these twitching strands and to where did they go? The obstruction gained her interest as well as her sight as bright starlit heavens for two pairs of eyes opened to see. A bulge of a the huge creature's eye distorted reality along a path as Eldrylth examined it from outside like it were some curious fish bowls piled along a hallway.

A seamstress of planework, in mirror to her progenitor's shredding force for such, saw careful attentiveness break through a frayed seam to tether her own inner reality to the network onto the gap. Her threads of reality tethered well enough to most anything that can cross realities and the realities as stitched together had an artist's skillful dallance. A new hallway folded into life a grassy verdant if confusing view of a reality lacked certain consistency of gravity.

Tiny the spaces indeed paths turned out to be. Quite too small for herself to explore but she long had a solution for that. Across the newly tethered inner space she looked for one of her Borealis. Each busying itself eternally for something wandering in carefully prepared circles so they did not interact with each other. Too close to each other it did not do their minds well to touch patchwork minds so self-similar. She found one from a human tavern she liked, empty though it was, cleaning a bar for a tomorrow that would never come. A door opened to the pathway and the change immediately drew the purple-armored creature's attention. Scrying loci deeply written into the armor that contained the amalgamate she watched with rapt attention the senses of the Borealis as it wandered across the threshold into the pathway.


"This isn't my bar," A male voice intoned from inside the armor with slow profound confusion, "I guess I'm done for today? Time to go for a walk! But I forget where I'm staying right now."

Borealis looked down one path then the other and shrugged the hollow androgynous voice intoned, "I guess one way is as good as another until I remember."

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 “ north ”