Boyd Winston Basford

I lost her, my other half, so I became her in a way...

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Boyd Winston Basford

Devora Isa Basford



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Boyd has a small scar on the side of his ribs where he got one day playing in the woods.


Boyd is a 5’4 male who is slim and curvish and has pale skin. He has a scar on his right side of his ribs where he got when he was younger. His hair is grayish blonde hair that is short, but when he dresses up he puts on long, same colored hair. A charcoal brown fills his iris and when the sun hits it they shine like an angel’s.

Preferred Clothing:

He rather wear night gown dresses or Lolita dresses with knee high socks and flats. At school he goes as a boy and wears grey slacks with a button down white shirt. Sometimes when he goes out he goes in a black shirt and tan shorts or blue jeans.




Boyd, in stressful or depressing times, will talk to himself. He believes he is talking to his sister and she helps him through it. He rubs the end of his shirt or the side of his dress when he is nervous.


He can speak in Kramin fluently, sew, cook


Popsicles, animals, donuts, dresses, wigs


Drop Bears, loud people, rude people, spicy curry


Hanging with his friends, sewing, cooking, running, hiking


Thanatophobia- fear of death

Acrophobia- fear of heights

Allodoxaphobia- fear of opinions

Ceraunophobia- fear of thunder and lightening


Boyd is usually a social person, except if it is someone he likes (whether it be a boy or a girl, he likes both) He is still has an adventurous soul. From time to time he will go out and hike through the woods, finding new things. Boyd is curious, sometimes he finds himself creeping on people to hear what has happen or what is going on. He is friendly; making friends comes easy to him. Even though he is a kind soul he can also have a temper, like his sister. There are days, exspecially on his sister’s birthday and the day that she died, where he is quiet and goes kind of cold.



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Personal History:

On October 3rd, Boyd and Devora were born into the Basford family at 12:25 A.M, on one of the coldest day. The delivery was long, taking over twenty four hours. Everyone was surprised that they were born naturally. The doctor and nurses said that they were one of the rarest twins to ever be born within a second from each other. Many said this was one of the many reasons why they were so close to each other. Devora was born last and had the most complications, but never cried when they prodded her with needles. Instead it was Boyd who would start to cry at the exact moment that she got prodded.

A couple years later as time went by it was surely known that anytime Devora would get hurt Boyd would be the one to cry. One day, at the age of seven, as they were playing outside Devora and Boyd went on a little adventure in the woods that bordered their yard. Devora was the first to climb one of the old trees and bugged Boyd to climb up with her. He was unsure about this, having an ill feeling wash over him. He begged her to come down as he got to the first branch. The ill feeling grew more and as he looked up long white hair brushed his cheek. He heard a thump with the russiling of leaves, when he looked down his eyes watered and he curled up on on the branch, feeling the pain wash over him.

The next few months left Boyd numb and cold. Devora was in a coma and doctors worked furiously at trying to cure her. A year had gone by and none of the doctors could figure out what had caused her to suddenly collapse. Boyd had been at school when he felt it, he fell to his knees. The air in his lungs seemed to disappear and his heart broke. Boyd had felt half of him die. He didn't need to go to the hospital' he didn't need to see his parents crying; he had already known Devora had died.

Boyd never went to the funeral; instead he stayed home and cried in his sister's closet. A few days after the funeral Boyd found himself in his sister’s room; he felt like half of him died along with her. He undressed and slipped his sister’s favorite dress and twirled around. Boyd looked into the mirror and realized that in some way this made him feel like he had his sister back. From that day on he would come back from school and dress up as his sister. He refused to make friends, scared that if he did he would lose his sister again.

Boyd’s parents became seriously concerned and brought him to a psychiatrist, having nothing else to turn to. He was seeing his psychiatrist, Dr. Hynd, up until he was fourteen. He helped Boyd learn that he could still have friends and memories of Devora, but he had to realize that she was dead and gone. Boyd still dressed up as Devora, even became to the point where he would go out in public. People started to talk so his parents shipped him off to his grandparent’s old him. There he met his friends Roman and Calliah, the only two who knows that he is a male.




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