A keyblade weilder that is currently on the search for the Arc of twilight. A magical bridge between worlds that when activated, can acess a doorway straight to thier hearts. It also grant's the people that activate it, a single wish.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Arietraekos


Braixon stands a lofty 6'1'' for his age of 15, with Radiant blue eyes that could strike awe into you from a distance. His hair is that of a dirty brown, which gleams golden in pure sunlight. He wears it with a bedhead/spiked look, for ease and the typical hero stereotype. He has a well built body, along with everything else with him. He typically wears a gray tunic, along with a piar of relaxed jeans, he also wears a small silver necklace and watch, their purpose are unknown for now


Typically aloof and goofy, somewhat cynical and just like your average 15 year old; he has a slightly perverted mind. If a joke is made to him though, he takes it completely serious, even if it's just a joke. He's also an unnatentive romantic, as if he acts attractive, but doesn't even realize it.


Braixon is a rare dual weilding keyblade bearer: His original Key "The Sleeping lion" Stays with him throughout his anger states. Each more powerful than the last...

Sleeping Lion Key: A powerful key that specializes in strength more than magic. Has incredibly long reach and increases physical endurance...

His other weapons remain locked...

His armor includes Bracers, Shoulder plates, Chest and abdominal plating and Knee pads, all made of an unknown metal and covered in a a padded leather.


Long forgotten, ever since he woke up the morning with his key...

He has a hidden rage... this... is his ally in battle

So begins...

Braixon's Story