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Brother Praeus Apollo

Sanguine Priest of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter

0 · 73 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Shidoshi


Race: Blood Angel
Home Planet: Baal Primus
Age: 250 yrs. old
Build: Muscular
Height: 9' 4" (2.85m)
Weight: 363 pds. (165 kg)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green


Praeus has an isolated personality, his obsession with purging the Blood Angels Flaw taking all of his spare time off the field, while on the field he is rarely with any one squad long enough to form lasting battle bonds. He is otherwise friendly towards his brethren when the opportunity presents itself, although he has little concern for anyone outside their Legion.


Power Armour
Bolt Pistol
Power Axe
Blind Grenades

Put 'em together and they look something like this:



Praeus (pronounced: Pray-oos) and his brother Mars applied for Astartes testing together. During their childhood, they had talked at great length about the adventures awaiting them were they to become Marines. Nothing kept their dreams confined to a life on Baal Primus, so on the day they came of age they made the day long trek via shuttle to their moons' chapter house. It was becoming more a rite of passage for all young Primus men to apply, if the queue they found there was anything to go by. Another day would pass before their evaluation began, even with 15 testing stations running simultaneously.

Mars and Praeus were called into different exam rooms. From what they had seen it would be quite a while before they knew the others fate. Praeus was accepted, and would later meet up with Mars to find he too would be indoctrinated into the ranks of the Blood Angels. What would surprise Praeus during his initiation was his chosen duty. Apparently his physical test results showed an aptitude towards supplementary implant potential. His mental tests had shown capacity for logical and lateral thinking in the specific, and to him at least, somewhat unrelated areas of defensive tactics and anatomy. It meant nothing to Praeus at the time, but he would soon discover those results suited the role of medic. It was not what he expected, but then again, that did not matter now. Once you are recruited you do not ask, you obey. True to his tests, Praeus found he was aptly suited to his training and took to it with vigour.

His brother Mars would take a different path. He did not have the particular traits Praeus had shown, but had the potential to be a Marine nonetheless. Eventually the brothers became what was expected of them, Praeus a Sanguine Priest while Mars joined a Blood Angels Assault squad. Over the years they would occasionally battle together as Praeus was assigned to Mars' squad or another deployed nearby on the field. Mars had yet to require aid from his brother on the field, yet when he needed him the most, Praeus found there was nothing he could do. In barely their 50th year as Blood Angels, Mars succumbed to the Black Rage. He was quickly reassigned to a Death Company squad, lost to Praeus and his fellow Marines in the throes of Sanguinius' fury. Ironically, it was Praeus who would be tortured by this. Mars was lost in the Rage and had no concept of what was happening to him. But Praeus would be the one to witness his brother, herded in and out of the Death Company holding cells time and again for his chance at an honourable death in battle.

He sought counsel from the chapter librarians, offered prayers to Sanguinius, all in the hope of a quick clean death for Mars. But it was all in vain. For twenty torturous years Mars fought on in a mindless, savage limbo of rage, and for those twenty years Praeus would bear witness to his brothers' living death. Still it would not end for Mars, even when his time with the Death Company was done. Every opportunity was given for Sanguinius to claim Mars, his deathchild on the field, but it was not to be. In Mars' 71st year as a Blood Angel, the Red Thirst would covet him instead. Praeus was spared the nightmare that would visit him every time he saw the Death Company go to war: only to have it supplanted by the knowledge of what his brothers' fate would now be. No glorious afterlife by the side of Sanguinius, no chance to live on in the progenoid of a Brother Marine. He was to be shunned for the rest of his unnaturally long life, locked away in that dreaded tower of woe. To this day, Praeus will not name that horrid place, will not grant it any more power over his life and that of his brother than it already has.

Praeus found inspiration from Mephiston, the only man to overcome the Red Thirst. He would eagerly devour any insight he could gain from the Master Librarian, any thought or feeling that would be a weapon against their curse. With whatever spare time he had, he would spend it in the infirmaries, deep in consul with the research arm of the apothecary, divulging all his findings in the field towards his ultimate goal: the purging of the Red Thirst. He has created some friction with a few of the more radically minded chaplains, those who view resistance to the Thirst and the Rage as a form of strength that keeps all Blood Angels ever vigilant and prepared for war. Praeus does not mind however; he is sure he and his Brothers can be ready for anything without their curse forcing them onward like a Commissar training new guard recruits.

Other: Praeus has two symbols branded into the back of his shoulders. On the left, a broken blood drop to represent the Red Thirst: on the right, the squad markings of the Death Company for the Black Rage. Over each of these scarred images he has thickly inked tattoos in blood red, the ink mixed with some of his own blood and that of his brother. They are three overlapping seals to enforce his dominion over these inner foes: the Custodia Colericus, Humana Statua Aeternum and Per Orbim Terrarum. While not actual seals of purity or repression, they are constant reminders of his personal vendetta against the Flaws. Also, he has had inscribed on the rest of his torso the complete Book of Mephiston for further emphasis of his cause.

Praeus believes his brother Mars is sequestered in the Tower of Amareo on Baal, but in truth he is in stasis at the research facilities there instead. For a Blood Angel to last so long within the Black Rage before succumbing to the Thirst is unheard of. Those in the upper echelons of the Blood Angels see Mars as a missing link, a subject worthy of study to help the Legion rid itself of the Flaw. Being his brother, Praeus too is under careful scrutiny, albeit at a discreet distance. They wish to see if he ever turns to the Rage and if so, whether he has the will to surpress the Thirst like his brother or overcome it like Mephiston before him.

So begins...

Brother Praeus Apollo's Story