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Inter arma enim silent leges (Katana): Which means, "For among [times of] arms, the laws fall mute", resembles a dark sleek sword or katana to be more precise. n design the weapon appears nothing more than a sleek silver piece of metalwork while sheathed. The handle, guard and pommel are all glossy silver with a cord wrap of a near-black violet. The scabbard of the weapon is a black metal, but its weight makes it feel more like wood. The history of this blade is as old as his experience with the blade.

When drawn the true beauty of the weapon comes to bare. Ny’elis sports a brass blade collar, from this collar protrudes a vibrant silver blade. Along the blade ridge, edge and groove is a deep, nearly black violet that steadily bleeds lighter and lighter into the brilliant silver of the rest of the blade.

At various angles the blade appears ephemeral, as if it wasn’t really there to begin with.

Inter arma enim silent leges – Specifics:

-Echo: Every action has a beginning and an end. The period of time that falls between these two points is subject to it’s will.

Loosely speaking the blade can manipulate a fraction of a moment between when something begins and when it ends; for instance, the swinging of a hammer or casting of a spell. These actions all have a point at which they begin and when they end.

By changing what occurs between these two points the blade inevitably changes the overall outcome of the action. This is done through subtle changes, erasing a specific hand gesture from the casting of a spell, or shifting the direction a hammer is falling by pushing it in one direction or another halfway through its swing. Bujingai considers doing this as manipulating the “Echo” of an action. Because of what she is, Dane is comfortable and capable of perceiving these “Echoes”, and thus able to influence them in direct or subtle ways.

Martial Capabilities:

Concept of Transference: At its core the Concept of Transference greatly resembles that of Aikido, utilizing a large variety of methods revolving around the blending with the motions of an attacker and redirecting the force of the attacks instead of meeting them head-on. Similarly the Concept of Transference, or simply Transference, practices a wide array of joint locks and throws.

Where Aikido and Transference differ is in the well-being of the attacker, along with a few subtle things. Aikido practices the protection of the user as well as the safe-keeping of the attacker, while Transference applies a fraction of the attackers force, paired with the defenders (Transference user) own power to inflict damage via throws or other means of physical contact.

The Concept of Transference works by stealing a portion of the power behind an attack and building on it by the means of continual Guidance, the means of which a user of Transference refers to redirecting an attack.

The user of Transference can decide when to release the power he has attained through guiding his attackers force, but there is an overall limit to how much he can hold onto at any given time. With this said, with enough captured force, someone using Transference need only the faintest physical contact with a person to deliver a massive blast of physical force. Of course, the power behind this varies depending on the overall buildup of energy transferred from attacker to defender.

A person trained in the ways of Transference does not need to redirect an attack to catch a portion of that assault; even if they are hit they absorb some of the force behind the strike.

Discipline of the Falling Dawn: Strength is an illusion. Adherents of the Discipline of the Falling Dawn philosophy understand that no warrior can hope to be stronger, quicker, and more skilful than every one of his enemies. Therefore, this discipline includes maneuvers that use an adversary’s power and speed against him. The Discipline of the Falling Dawn includes maneuvers such as throws and imitative strikes. The highest forms of the discipline require an adept to empty herself of preconception and impulse to become a hollow vessel unhindered by want.

Discipline of the Obscuring Mist: Never show an adversary what he expects to see. The Discipline of the Obscuring Mist emphasizes deception, misdirection, and surprise. The most effective blow is one struck against an enemy who does not even know he is in danger.

Diamond Mind Discipline: True quickness lies not only with the body but with the mind as well. This art of combat hones the perception of the user and disciplines the thoughts so that one can act in slivers of time so narrow that others cannot even perceive them. A corollary of this speed of thought and action is the concept of the mind as the battleground. An enemy defeated in the mind must inevitably be defeated in the realm of the physical as well.

Blade Singer: The true use of a blade is not as a tool of destruction, but as a glorious extension of one’s self. As a Blade Singer one is taught to use the keen edge of a weapon as if it was a part of them, and to use it with the same fluid grace they would their legs, or arms. Under this discipline a person is taught that precise and measured movements with the body inevitably leads to equally precise movements of a blade. The Blade Singer is taught not only how to effectively use a sword…but how to use it as a separate entity outside of herself.

*All of the Skills and Disciplines listed above are a general overview of Bujingai’s capabilities. They should not be taken as a straight description for exactly what he can do; many of the disciplines styles have been mixed together for amplified effects over the years and his swordsmanship isn’t just limited to the methods of the Blade Singer as the other disciplines regard weapons in various ways as well.

So begins...

Bujingai's Story


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Character Portrait: Bujingai Bujingai says,
 “ |As the flash from the energy relinquished itself, what was evident was that by Ajax's eyes, he was getting attacked by and countering an attack he believed to be real. During what would indeed be a shock to Ajax as his perfectly-timed plan did not come to fruition, the end in which he had planned for his opponent was being brought forth. The dragon still continued on its trajected course however, the grenade passing directly through it and hitting the other side of the dojo. Opening its mouth widely, it moved at unmatchable and uncomprehendable speeds. It moved to swallow Ajax whole, while Bujingai's now reinstated position directly behind his opponent who flew through the air, aimed a karate chop to Ajax's back. This would act as to send him flying with a concussive force directly into the mouth of the dragon, where he would be consumed by the energies, just enough to render him unconscious and on borderline death.| -end- ”