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Caedev S'non

The Black Rose Succubus

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Caedev S'non



Name: Caedev S`non

Nicknames: The Black Rose Succubus

Kind of Being: Unknown Origin

Age: Unknown Age (Physical appearance of early to mid Twenties.)

Grade Level: Advanced-Middle-Level

Overall Appearance: 10 (On a scale of 1 to 10.)

Physical Description:

Caedev stands about six foot even and weighs about 165 lbs. (without her equipment). She has a pale, yet fair, tone to her skin and long metallic hair that reaches past her knees. She likes to wear an old cloth wrapped around her breasts like a shirt, a small leather top and unique leather pants that cover not only her legs but stretch down to an attached pair of knee-high high heel boots.


Caedev is a very serious young woman with an extremely twisted sense of humor that conflicts with her serious nature. She can be seductive and deadly or distant and strategic at the drop of a hat. She is motivated by an inner burning malice and admires those who display her favorite sin, Lust. She believe in luck more than any other factor. Her main hobby is traveling.

Satisfaction with life: 54%

Satisfaction with self: 53%

Equipment & Abilities:

Caedev carries on her person a very large and strangely crafted Odachi, a Japanese version of a Great Sword or Long Katana.. (To qualify as an odachi, the sword in question would have a blade length of around 3 shaku (35.79 inches or 90.91 cm) however, as with most terms in Japanese Sword Arts, there is no exact definition of the size of an odachi.)

Demi-Demon Traits:

Birth - 200/Immortal. (Only through the consumption of souls can a Demi-Demon maintain Immortality.)

The ability to use Dark or Holy Magic. The use of Holy Magic does inflict personal damage upon manifestation.

Inhuman Strength and the ability to deny feasting on souls to live like True Demons. Only needs to consume souls to extend their lifespan if desired.

Suceptable to Holy Magic and Holy Water. Weakness to Demon Containment Spells.

Dark Magic, Teleportation, Levitation, Regeneration, and Holy Magic.

Spells Known:

Detect Life: Detects any life-form within 80 feet. The spell only detects the number of life-forms and their exact location.

Ecstasy: This spell intoxicates anyone affected with a feeling of utter ecstasy. The sensation of pleasure is so powerful that the victim's senses are completely clouded. However, the spell's victims are also completely oblivious and immune to any pain or other affliction except those for actually being physically incapacitated. It affects a radius of 30 feet.

Banish Negative Emotions: Temporarily banishes any negative sentiments such as hatred, fear, or anger within 300 feet of the caster.

Create Good Feelings: This creates positive sentiments such as love, pleasure, or friendship in the people designated by the caster. The radius of the spell is 60 feet.

Hypnotic Display: This spell creates spectacles of lights in a specified place that has a fascinating and dumbfounding affect. All the characters that see the display cannot help but continue watching it. It is visible for a radius of half a mile.

Hide Magic: Hides a spell, or the magical properties of an object, from any type of magical detection.

Enrage: Provokes a Rage State in those affected, making them lose control and attack the person closest to them.

Devastate: Causes penalties through an accumulation of pain, suffering, misery, and other negative mystical effects.

Mark of Fear: Forms a display of shadows in a designated spot that terrorizes all who see it. Anyone seeing the Mark of Fear suffers the Terror State. The condition for being affected is merely looking directly at the Mark of Fear.

Minor Change: This spell permits altering the appearance of an object or being by modifying its form. The change is limited to varying the exterior appearance, and never alters its original qualities or nature.

Create Memories: Permits creation of new memories in the target, without necessarily erasing the pre-existing ones. Most of the time, unless very deeply-rooted memories are modified, the person affected will feel slightly confused, but be convinced that his memories are real. The caster determines what information she is trying to introduce, regardless of its complexity or duration.

Increase Weakness: This spell finds a being's weak points, and makes them weaker supernaturally.

Destroy Memories: Affects the memories of an individual, making him forget whatever the caster wishes.

Forbid: The caster vetoes a specific action by the spell's victim, completely prohibiting him from even attempting to do it.

Destroy Will: This spell affects a 30-foot radius area, within which any individual who does not resist automatically loses the ability to make decisions.

Destroy Capabilities: This spell destroys part of the abilities or powers of an individual, stripping him of them forever.

Illusory Smell: This spell creates an illusory smell.

Sweet Talk: This spell enhances the targeted individuals charisma and personal charm.

Mirror Image: This spell creates eight illusory copies of any given target. The caster cannot place these mirror images more than 15 feet apart from one another.

Create Illusory Being: This spell creates a first-level illusory being. The entity is fashioned according to the caster's desires.

Lie: This spell allows the caster to convince her audience to believe anything she says, no matter how ridiculous or absurd. The affected parties will not necessarily obey orders from her, but they will believe what she says to be true.

The Gift of Lying: This spell can force an individual to lie. The illusionist can compel the target to lie in absolutely everything he says, or about a specific subject matter. The affected party is not able to indicate the the deceptive nature of his words or convey any truthful information.

World of Lies: This spell creates an artificial reality that the caster can modify as she pleases. She might create a city out of nowhere and turn it into a fantasy land in the next turn, for example. Imagination is the limit. This spell covers a one mile radius.

Drain Life: This spell allows a caster to absorb the life force of another living creature, severely injuring the target in the process, while healing herself in turn.

Dominate Life: This spell allows a caster to enslave a living being's soul.

Drain Souls: This spell allows the caster to snatch another individual's soul so she may feed on its essence and power. The stronger the absorbed spirit, the greater the energy received.

Contraception Protection: This spell prevents sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. It may affect several individuals simultaneously.

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Caedev S'non's Story

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