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Cain the Cannibal

The Infamous Space Pirate.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by OldManPsycho


A relatively large nation within the Aurora, Isiria spans several star systems. Isiria is an Aschen member-state.
The Aschen Empire, a massive collection of semi-sovereign provinces that reigns over a great portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, paranoid, arrogant, and cruel, a once prosperous nation spirals into poverty, and self-destruction.



The tall pale Isirian sat silently as he listened to his first mate plea for forgiveness. Cain waited for the man to shut up before standing, his height was exaggerated by his thin build. Still, The Cannibal was a good length taller than most people in a room, standing at just shy of six and a half feet tall. Cain put his hand in his pockets before speaking. "You hurt me Alex. Your betrayal cuts deep into my heart."

He pulled his hand out from him pocket and placed it over his chest, reviling a knife wrapped around his boney fingers. Cain always had a flare for the dramatic; one could even call the Isirian flamboyant. Alex, the former first mate panicked as saw the weapon, but before he could react with more than his eyes widening, The Cannibal was already right in front of him. The knife was in his chest.

Alex struggled to breathe as Cain slowly pull the sharp metal out with a grin on his face. The pale pirate brought the knife to his lips and dragged his tongue across the blood-stained weapon before spitting to the side. "Your treachery taste bitter my old friend." Cain grabbed the dying man by the hair with his free hand and pulled it back and his other hand quickly went to work carving a smiley face on Alex's forehead as they both screamed, one in pain and the other in joy.

Once the artwork was completed, Cain pressed their foreheads together as he repeatedly stabbed the man. When he finally withdrew, there was a bloody face smeared between Cains brows and a smile on his lips. It wasn't till he finished did the Pirate realize that he wasn't alone. He glanced over at his crew, who were all forced to watch, before stepping back and letting the lifeless body fall. "Clean this mess up." He commanded, "And Find me a new first mate!"

ImageCain was born the spawn of hell, his mother was an Aschen prostitute
who was forced to immigrate to Isiria when she got pregnant, his father
was never reviled. He was sixteen When he left the comfort of Illumene
after his mothers mysterious death. Cain pretty much diapered form all
records until he was twenty four, when he was the main suspect of a
gruesome triple homicide. Before any justice could be done,the Isirian
pirate was rescued by his crew.

Since then, Cain has been wanted by several governments, galactic and
local, for countless murders, disappearances, and terrorist attacks. His
unique Features, which include his different color eyes due to a cybernetic
enhancement, combined with his flamboyant nature, usually means Cain is
the center of attention. His evil is fearless and often honest and direct. He
once communicated with a wealthy family that he planed on kidnapping their
youngest for ransom days before successfully pulling it off. Even with the
press and police authorities fully aware of the threat. Cain ended up getting
the ransom and killing the kid anyways. The boy urinated all over Cain's
oriental rug; that rug really tied the room together.

Eventually, Cain became known as The Cannibal due to a few accurate rumors,
And with his Ship being called The Bloody Mary, finding people to join his
crew was becoming increasingly difficult. This forced Cain to lay low for a while.
He still made the occasional slave trade in Cryo to keep his crew well stocked
with cash. But soon the urge to reek havoc became undeniable once more.
Now at the age of thirty six, the Isirian is ready to raise hell again!

So begins...

Cain the Cannibal's Story


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Inside The Bloody Mary, Cain was picking his teeth with a knife as his different colored eyes followed the white lines on the blue screen in front of him. The Cannibal was studying the schematics of his next victim, the Illumene Museum of History. The heist was to take place soon and it would announce his return from retirement. Everything had to be perfect for the space pirate. Cain recently discovered that his former first mate and lover was stealing money from his vault. Before he got dismembered, Alex had taken over five hundred thousand Aschen Cubits.

This betrayal made The Cannibal realize how soft he had become over the years and it threw I'm into violent depression in which only a flood of chaos and blood could bring him happiness. Cain flinch back as the blade cut across his gums. He still held the knife as he tongued the bleeding wound, tasting the salty red with a tinge of iron. The pirate began to laugh as the blood ran down the corner of his mouth.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew of The Bloody Mary nervously continued preparing for the heist as the sound of their captain laughing echoed through the ship.


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