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Captain Grue

Something the universe resents, something the universe adores, and something the universe hasn't seen yet.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by CaptainGrue


~Overhauled 26/04/2020. Nothing has been removed, just updated with way more information to match how I sheet my characters now~

Name: Samuel "Grue"
Ethnic Group/Race/Species: Caucasian human.
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 20th of November
Height: 5"9/1.79
Weight: 170lbs/77kg
Hair color: Golden blonde.
Eye color: Steel blue.
Skin tone/color: Weathered but light.
Appearance quirks/other: Wears a range of wonderful or putrid outfits, and almost never dresses casually. Uses makeup to hide any weathering/blemishes/sunburns/scars etc.
Personality: Surreal and beaming with energy. Charismatic. Deceptive. Prefers the stylish and flamboyant over practicality. His light facade masks a much darker side to his personality. Can stomach extreme violence, but prefers not to go there.
Quirks: Refusing to talk about Cuga, Captain Grue doesn't know he's in an alternate universe. He moves like a robot performing ballet. That's literally the best I can describe it. Delicately and floaty yet still very directional.
Likes/Hobbies: Colour. Art. Music. Interesting new combat gear as well as strange attire. Anything that could be perceived as odd or anti-establishment. Enjoys being in charge. Also a fan of pirate motifs.
Dislikes/Nopes: Boredom. He views it as a kind of acting force in the universe and makes it his mission statement to "destroy" it. Also doesn't like having to take things seriously, or when other people do. Doesn't like being told what to do.
Significant Other: None.
Family: Grue's parents while in another universe, are alive and well.
Friends: The crew of the Filet Mignon are all good mates. Although they are all perhaps a little too agreeable for Grue to really to get to know about them. (I am open to retconning this if someone wants to create a character who is one of these crewmates).
Place of Residence: The Filet Mignon, Grue's ship.
Education: Samuel Grue studied for 22 years within the education system of his homeworld, Cuga. There he would have studied all sorts of basic/advanced sciences, linguistic skills and mathematics. Also received a military education in his later years of schooling. His school had a particular focus on interstellar flight as most of the citizens would be granted their own ship in life. By and large, Grue was an average/below average student because of his lack of interest. For subjects related to space flight, though, Samuel found great success.

Captain: Samuel Grue is a capable leader, especially in the eyes of his crew. He is very quick take charge of whatever situation he finds himself in and his creative mind allows him to quickly formulate plans that others may find unorthodox. He does have a rooted understanding of tactics too given his schooling. It's likely he will butt heads with other leaders, not a fan of taking orders.

Dashing: Grue has an aura of charisma around him. His heroic presence and confidence helps him tell lies indistinguishable to how he tells the truth. This makes it hard to get to know him, but is a great skill in getting into and out of dicey situations.

Soldier: Grue's military education resulted in extensive combat training. He has excellent marksman/gunslinger skills, willing to go for trick shots even under pressure. His hand to hand combat isn't bad, but leaves something to be desired in the face of an elite combatant. Would like to train in one handed weapons like swords/rapiers.

Abilities/Gadgets: Given access to his ship and enough time, Grue will repair/restock with the following.
Blaster: Flash Gordon aesthetic. Handheld heavy laser pistol. Strong enough to burn through most armour, and can deal lethal hits. Prone to malfunction.

Rainbow Rifle: Appears to be a WW2 M1 Garand. Fires rainbow laser beams. Weak enough that most armour will deflect shots, and won't pierce flesh. It does burn a hell of a lot, though. Can start fires. Extremely bright, blinding if shot in the eye.

Taser Baton: Equivalent to what a modern taser baton is capable. This one is very resilient and hits hard like a police baton so it makes for a pretty versatile if non-lethal melee weapon.

Five Disco Bombs: Small, spherical hand grenades that are designed to look like disco balls. Armed with a button on the top. Has a five second timer. After two seconds, will play loud funk music and sparkle brightly (reflecting light) for three seconds at which point it will detonate. The explosion combines the effects of a fragmentation grenade and a flashbang. Each shard of the ball is incredibly sharp and very deadly as they fly out. The loudness/brightness of the explosion will also stun those caught in the blast, considering the fragmentation does not kill him. The most effective weapon in the Captain's arsenal, as each bomb proves to be incredibly versatile and effective.

The Groove Patch: An inbuilt cybernetic enhancement that allows him to torrent music and play it to himself or through his body, as well as lights that change colour in his palms.

Life Goal: Fun! Destroy boredom!
Crippling weaknesses/Fears: His greed for strange memorabilia (or money to buy it with) is Grue's greatest weakness. He will put himself at risk to satisfy his sweet tooth, and can be manipulated by either promising/threatening him with more/less stuff. Doesn't have the strongest moral compass, and might intentionally hurt himself/his friends for greed.
Is also terrified of a dark voice he sometimes hears inside his head. He does not know what it is and finds it deeply unsettling.

Samuel Grue was brought up in a non-parellel dimension to the one that contains such places as Terra and Niihama. Sure, there were loads of parellel dimensions, ones that were never meant to meet, but this one did. It crossed over for one second, twice. As a child, Samuel was brought up by foster parents on an extremely advanced planet known as Cuga. Unlike most others on his planet, Samuel yearned for excitement and dazzlement. His society had shifted into one of organisation and schedule. So, on a day unlike any other, Samuel's 28th birthday, he was granted his own small spacecraft (his true nature unbeknownst to those around him). Immediately he took off, putting hundreds of simulations to the test. When it was requested that he make his return, Samuel blocked communications and headed outwards. Outwards, into the vast unkn-
-own of... Space?
Something had occured, a distortion in the blackness had torn through Samuel's ship, throwing him into a completely different reality. Samuel did not know this, and assumed a small malfunction with the ship had occured. Hats. Samuel thought, I need a really fancy hat. And my word, I am dying for a lime right now. It's not as if Samuel was unknown to the conventions of space, but certainly not this space. Quickly he got himself in an intervention with a space pirate crew. However, his behaviour on the ship caused a mutiny and after throwing the previous captain off board Samuel was put at the head. He then decided to take the name Grue, due to an affiliation with a frightening looking plush toy as a child. With this new, improved ship Captain Grue docked his old one in the cargo bay and began causing hijinx around this world.

The Filet Mignon

Captain Grue's spaceship. A stolen pirate vessel, previously known as the "Flaming Young" and renamed by Grue as a tasteful pun. Unbeknownst to Grue, the previous pirate owner had also stolen the ship. Originally it served as a small time towing ship. It was employed to tow ships caught in the space above Terra, and cleaned up any particularly disruptive debris. The original pirate who stole the ship managed to supercharge the tractor beam giving it offensive capability and repainted the whole thing. While Samuel has considered repainting the ship once more, he appreciates what little artistic vision they had and chooses to keep it the way it is. The Filet Mignon has a crew of five NPCs, each manage an different compartment

Rose: Co-Pilot

Dan: Scanners

Ryo: Tractor beam

Oliver: Medic

Jewl: Engineer

Bridge: Tightly packed with three seats. One for the pilot, one for the co-pilot and the other for the scanner.

Rumpus Room: The gathering space on the ship. Has Grue's phonograph setup.

Barracks: Bunk beds for the crew to sleep in as well as storage space for their equipment.

Med Bay: Very basic. Essentially a hospital bed and what would be found in a first aid kit.

Bathroom: Yup. Waste is frozen and jettisoned out via a pretty standard system.

Cargo Bay: Used to store cargo and provides a work space. Contains Samuel's personal ship.

Engine Room: Especially cramped. The engine room is a small walkway accessible via the cargo bay that provides direct access to all the ship's critical systems.

The Flames Make it go Faster: The Filet Mignon is incredibly fast and manoeuvrable, reflective of its small ergonomic design. Even moreso with Grue at the helm.

Basic Shield, Basic Hull: The ship is not very resilient. Beyond a modest amount of shielding and some improvised improvements to the hull, the Filet Mignon is only slightly stronger than your average freighter of its size. This was not a ship designed to withstand a huge amount of bombardment.

Tractor Cannon: A supercharged tractor beam. This thing can rip layers of hull off ships, and fire them back as an offensive solution. Can also pull nearby asteroids and do the same. In atmosphere it can be particularly devastating, ripping up large chunks of earth or infrastructure. To date, Grue has not used it to do so, though. It can also be used merely to push ships/debris back that would come into collision, or for its intended use as a spacefaring tugboat.

Rip Drive: The Filet Mignon's improvised warp drive. Violently tears into warp space in an instant. No charging necessary. This does a number on the engines/hull and having the chance to spit the ship back out in a completely different sector of space than intended.

The Gruemobile: Samuel Grue's personal ship gifted to him on his homeworld for completing his studies. A small, spherical two seat exploration vessel with no offensive capable that fits comfortably in the Filet Mignon's cargo bay. Extremely sturdy, and extremely manoeuvrable. Relatively fast for its size. While also incredibly fuel efficient, does not have access to warp and thus is intended as a scouting/landing vessel that can return to the ship.

So begins...

Captain Grue's Story

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A light seemingly from nowhere explodes into the wide expanse of Intergalactic Space. A sleek spaceship with an exciting design. Inside, a very apprehensive man stood at the bridge.

"See? It's absolutely nothing. Incredibly boring. I'd rather play snakes and ladders with a ophidiophobic. Actually, that would be quite entertaining in its own right."

A member of the crew looked up, amazed and confused while trying to figure out who he was talking to. Captain Grue flicked his stance around.

"Of course, dangerous as well. I wonder if snake people could be ophidiophobic. I wonder if there are snake people. Great gearing gofers, I haven't seen a snake in yonks!" He turned around to fact the rear of the ship, and let out a yell. "ALRIGHT, PEOPLE! We're gonna find a snake!" Captain Grue returned to his position as pilot, attempting to put on an invisible hat before he realized he had jettisoned it as a means of deflecting missiles. Instead, Grue wore a lime green trench coat that was also scented lime. It even felt like lime...
He couldn't remember where he had gotten it, so he returned his focus forward and forced a lever forward into warp drive.

The setting changes from Intergalactic Space to The Andromeda Galaxy

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Character Portrait: Captain Grue
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A guitar riff spun out of tune as a ship warped into apparition.
"Holy cran-poodle pie! This is horrible!"
Captain Grue quickly ejected the vinyl record and handed it to the nearest crew member.
"Put it with the rest..."
No doubt Grue was tempted to jettison it out of boredom, but he felt it must have been an intergalactic crime to destroy vinyl records. He'd gone through quite the amount of strife to retrieve them and the device to play them. Finally he came to observe where they were. Navigations said "Andromeda". This didn't make sense, was there no button to lock on to snakes? As familiar as he was with it, what kind of ship was this?
"We're takin' a break, crew. Gonna jam it in the rumpus room. Fly around if you want, yell if anything happens."
Grue jumped out of his seat and made his way to the rumpus room, a room presumably built for interrogation due to its sound-proof walls but retro-fitted to suit Captain Grue's... Needs. Once there, he scoured through the vinyl record for one that he had enjoyed quite a lot. A satisfying "Ah." was released when he retrieved it. New Wave Rock was apparently its genre, and the one and only Captain Samuel Grue began to sit back and relax in a recliner, shutting his eyes...


Grue quickly shot out of his seat and holstered his handgun, before calming when he realized the source of the noise.

Consume. Devour. Rampage.
"You know you're really good at putting off a good mood."
Waste of time. Return to darkness.
"Thanks, but I'd rather not. You know, thank God you've never caught me in the toilet. I'd be cleaning for a whole week! I don't like cleaning! And I especially don't like creepy oh-so omnipresent voices in my head. Shut your transcendental mouth."
And so it did. Although it remained silent Samuel Grue remained on edge, unable to align his movements to the music. Instead his heart beat and he stared at the wall, trying to figure out how long break time should last in a place where time is non-existent.

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Somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy...

ITN Hokaze
Minekaze Class Frigate
204th Patrol Group

The Minekaze class Frigate is a staple in the Imperial Taiyou Navy, fast, and capable, she is routenely used for patrols and support for larger vessels.

.. "Another empty sector of space..." The Lieutenant reported as he turned back to face the Commander of the Hokaze, a young and ambitious Taiyou commander.

"We'll scan one more sector of space before we head back to the fleet." Commander Toshio replied, boredly playing with a folded crane, before he set the paper construct aside.

The Hokaze kicked on it's engines and prepared to move to the next sector, but not before an unidentified alien vessel seemed to jump in on it's scanners.

The Lieutenant's eyes widened before he turned back to shout towards the Commander.

"Unidentified contact! Bearing Two One Mark Nine Seven One!" He called out, while the Commander turned. "What? There shouldn't be anything out here for lightyears! All hands to battle stations! Signal the fleet!"

"All hands to battle stations! This is not a drill!" The Ship's PA System called out, while Commander Toshio turned to his communications officer.

"Lieutenant Sayaka, open hailing frequencies!" He commanded, and Sayaka swiftly replied, while the Commander grabbed the radio.

"Chūi eirian no fune! Sugu ni jibun jishin o shikibetsu shimasu!" The commander ordered, while the Hokaze came to bear on the unidentified ship.

As the Hokaze came to bear, two turrets each with three 45cm Anti-Ship deck guns armed with a high-yield nuclear warhead and tungsten penetrator. The standard in the Imperial Taiyou Navy. These two sets guns found themselves tracking towards Captain Grue's ship, while the Hokaze tracked it's bow mounted Wave-Force cannon to bear.

"Commander!" Lieutenant Noboyuki reported. "I've got a response from the fleet! They will send assistance in twenty minutes!"

Toshio nodded.

"Send another hail, try Common and Anquietas... I don't think it's an Aschen ship but I want to be sure..."

The Lieutenant nodded, and transmitted the same audio message, in two more languages.

"Operam aliena ratem? Cognosce te ipsum statim!"

Attention alien ship! Identify yourself immediately!

The Message repeated in three languages, Common, Anquietas, and Taiyou. Until a response was given.

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A flurry of footsteps rushed close and forced the door to the rumpus room open, and Grue perked up as a dog would twitch its ears in response to a strange noise.

"Captain! Some military bummers are yellin' at us! What do?"

Captain Grue jumped up and out of his seat, energized with excitement.

"Oh my jolly Jixens! Really? Well damn! Let's have a chat, then!"

He left the record playing and ran down a corridor, reaching the cockpit-bridge. He jammed himself into his natural piloting seat before paying any attention to the barking coming out of the speakers. It spoke two lines of what Grue classed as gibberish, then spoke:

"Attention alien ship! Identify yourself immediately!"

How stunning, Captain Grue thought. Wasn't often this kind of thing happened. He had to cherish the moment. He gently moved his hand down to the switch to transmit audio, and when Grue spoke it was in a stereotypical pasta-Italian accent.

"Aaah, yes~a! I've got~a two pizzaronis for deliver! My name is~..." He quickly thought up a name. "Mario Spaghetti~!" Immediately he shut off the transmission and fell back in his chair, laughing out loud. The two people behind him snickered. "MARIO... SPAGHETTI?!" Grue bellowed in laughter. "My God, we deserve to be shot! Ex dee my friends, ex dee indeed. Now quiet, let's see what they say, and in the case things get heated I want someone on the tractor cannon immediately!" Captain Grue moved to the edge of his seat, awaiting whatever response would befall him. The crew members behind him did the same.
One thing that compounded their hilarity was that the ship wasn't even inconspicuous. It had huge flames painted on the outside, certainly not the trademark of an interstellar pizza joint.

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0.00 INK

There was silence aboard the Hokaze as the response came through on the speakers. Commander Toshio scowled as the strange alien seemed to mock the discipline and the protocols of ship communications.

"They lack discipline." Toshio said, scowling as he turned to Sayaka. "Status on the fleet?" He inquired, while Sayaka turned.

"They will arrive soon." She reported, and the Commander nodded, thumbing his chin. "Get a firing solution on their engines." He ordered, while the Tactical officer began running simulations, but there were far too many variables at this point to consider anything.

"Mario... Spaghetti... whatever you are... surrender your ship and prepare to be boarded. Any resistance will be met with overwhelming force!" The Commander replied, his thickly accented voice carrying on comm channels.

Toshio then turned back to Sayaka. "Get soldiers to their Sudden Transports! Board that ship and seize it! We will see who is laughing when I have them gutted for their dishonorable actions!" The Commander shouted.

The Lieutenants quickly carried out the orders, and several heavily armed Taiyou soldiers made their way through the halls of the Minekaze class frigate towards the launch deck, where a trio of Sudden Transports were being fueled and prepped for launch.

A Taiyou Sudden Transport is a short range landing craft that is designed to carry up to a dozen soldiers. It's equipped to attach to the hulls of enemy ships to facilitate boarding, and a short range FTL drive to cross distances quickly. While the sudden Transports were being prepared, heavy machinery transferred the massive 45cm Shells into position to be loaded into their respected recievers.

The 15 inch Naval shell pictured is only slightly smaller than the Taiyou 45cm Anti Ship shell, however, the Taiyou counterpart is double the length to accommodate a 17 Megaton nuclear warhead and tungsten penetrator.

As each shell was loaded into it's machinery, the Gunner crews signaled that the ship was ready to fire, each shell was loaded manually, and checked, and double checked before the receiver was sealed shut so the weapon could fire.

As heavy Anti-ship cannons were being prepared, the Torpedo crews were preparing all six of the Minekaze class's Torpedo launchers, each torpedo containing a guided torpedo that carried a 45 Megaton nuclear warhead. (Tsar Bomba was 58 Megatons). These torpedoes were, as their Shell counterparts checked and double checked before they were loaded into their tubes. This was done as the Hokaze came about, to bring it's prow to bear on the flamboyant vessel.

Though it was likely unbeknownst to the crew of the alien ship, the single Taiyou patrol frigate had significant hardware pointed towards it.

Toshio waited in silence as his men worked into position, green lights signalling that his ship was battle ready. He would not tip his hand though as to the type of Armor the Hokaze boasted, or ECM or other countermeasures. He was confident that he would prevail even alone, and this strange ship didn't seem hardly the threat, especially if the fleet showed up.

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Disappointed and almost forlorn with their response, Captain Grue prepared more proper explanation. However, one of his own crew called out from behind a monitor.

"Uuh... They got guns, Cap'! Lots of freakin' guns!'

"What sort of firepower?" Grue asked.

"Uhhhmm... Dunno. Lots of them, though."

The ship Grue flew wasn't completely adept in software. What they were using was more or less a telescope. Grue sighed.

"Well... Better do this right, then." He set the ship's mic back into transmission, then took two seconds to think.

"My real name is Captain Samuel Grue, yo. Sorry about before, heh, I guess we can't all have a sense of humor." He spent half of another second fabricating a lie. "Now please, you cannot board this ship. I repeat: Please, you cannot board this ship. We don't know what it is, but we are storing an item will which explode with the force of a supernova if any extensive stress is placed on my ship! Now look, I'm free to answer any questions but for the safety of both of us I recommend we just calm down and think about this."
Captain Grue ended transmission once again, paying close attention to the speaker before being distracted by a tune from the rumpus room. "Yo, someone go shut that off! As depressing as it is this might get serious..."

Each individual crew member buckled down in unison. Two on monitors. One below on the tractor beam. One in the corridor and the last removing the vinyl record from its gramophone(phonograph). Tension.

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Commander Toshio have his crew a sidelong glance, while the Electronics officer began running scans on the alien ship. Scans that were deeply penetrating before the Officer turned, and shook his head to the Commander.

They were trying to search for whatever Grue mentioned would explode with that much force. The Taiyou Crew were starting to think weapons smuggler, or something else.

"I'm not detecting anything that can detonate with that force, no quantum flux, no radiological... nothing. But I haven't finished my scans" He commented, while Commander Toshio nodded.

"Proceed with boarding activities, I'm going to take a chance on this." He said

"Tracking is still green, we're got this guy dead to rights..." The Lieutenant reported, as a trio of Sudden Transports started to leave the hangar deck of the Frigate, making a quick beeline towards the what was now being deemed the smuggling ship.

"If you indeed have explosives of this magnitude, by decree of the Emperor, on the throne most high.. I am detaining you on authority of the Empire for suspicion of weapons smuggling." The Commander said, leaning forward and playing along with the little lie

"I would suggest surrender, if you fear a fight will detonate whatever you have stashed on board... because we do not fear dying with honor in service to our Emperor."

It seemed Grue's efforts were not deterring the Taiyou ship from moving forward with boarding.

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0.00 INK

"Gargh!" Grue flung himself back deep into his seat. His skin began to ripple. "Uncultured farts! I swear to purple!" His voice became cracked and vicious, as he plummeted his face into his hands. A voice from behind him spoke, unidentifiable.

"But they fall for it, right?"

"... Who cares if he did? He bloody went on and continued, the spoil-sport. All I wanted was to see a damned snake."

"Well we can't fight them."

"No s**t, detective. What are they doing?" Another voice responded.

"Ahh... Three ships, mini-ships. Fast."

Grue cleared up, sitting back up straight with his hands resting on the console.

"Well we ain't gettin' arrested. No point in that. No point, no fun, no style and certainly no snakes. Alright, guys, let's blow this joint. Is warp drive active?"


"Sweet. Just gonna buh-bye to my best bud here. Actually, I've got a better idea."

Grue quickly unbuttoned his lime trenchcoat and threw it to the crew member standing in the corridor, they both nodded and he went off.

Voice transmission active.

"Aight, man. We'll sit tight. But you know what? Despite our differences, I like you. You remind my of the dad I never had. Well, left behind. But no time for that. I got a little something for ya. Might find it interesting or somethin', I dunno. Welp, see-"

And in a flash of light the ship disappeared as if it had never came. However, in the wake of the three Sudden Transports would be a trenchcoat literally made from lime floating in space. Although the flamboyant Captain Grue was upset of losing that gem, he did realize he'd be in need of a new coat. At any cost, he could probably even get it back one day.
Now THAT would be fun.

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0.00 INK

During the lag in time between The Commander's last ultimatum, and Grue's decision to engage the Warp Drives, the Commander was considering his options, while a Lieutenant piped up.

"Commander, they're engaging their FTL." Sayaka said, gesturing to power spikes on the readout of the alien ship.

"Should I engage the warp inhibitors?"

The Commander shook his head. "Their intention is clear... let them go..." He said, leaning forward. "Assign a Bounty and Kill Order with the Navy... this Galaxy will no longer be safe for them.. Perhaps they should have surrendered... and allowed us to inspect their ship..." He said, nodding.

The radio transmission came through, and the ship entered warp as if they didn't know the Minekaze had been tracking their power up, and their position to enter warp.

Once they were gone, the Commander nodded. "Resume normal patrols and prepare for Hyperspace... I'll brief Fleet Command at the end of our patrol run."

The setting changes from The Andromeda Galaxy to Wing City Plaza


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0.00 INK

A strange, average built man appeared seemingly out of nowhere to sit down next to Destiny. Ignorant of her presence, he began to speak.

"You know where any of the good clothes are around here? Could totally go for a coat made out of a xylophone, that'd be great! Bloody hell though, every time I go into store it's the same old pants and shirt."

At last he realized she had a book.

"Watcha readin'? Last thing I read must of been "Mister Monkey and the Circular Rectangle", absolutely brilliant!"

He seemed to wait for a response, as he looked straight forward and pulled out a burrito for him to eat. What he was wearing was a black shirt that shifted purple in some areas depending on where you looked at it, and blue denim jeans.

The setting changes from Wing City Plaza to Canti's Diner


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0.00 INK

Nine O'Clock, pm. Perfect time for a pie and some chips.
No snakes yet... There 'ought to be some kind of zoo on this place.

Grue sat by himself in a corner, utilising the comfy chairs to their maximum capability. It wasn't that he was lonely, he had a crew of five people he could converse with. It was that sometimes if he hadn't eaten, Grue would start behaving strangely. Or at least that's what seemed to be the case. He tried his best to put it off his mind.
I'll be back at the ship by midnight.
Captain Grue took a sip of his coca cola. I like this place.


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Arneth entered the diner and without thinking about it took a seat across from Grue without looking up. He flipped through pages of an old book with no title on the cover. He raised his hand to motion for the waitress before lowering it to continue searching through the book.

He looked up to Grue finally and said, "Hey Samuel!" Arneth spoke as if they were old friends.


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0.00 INK

Grue immediately choked on the coke he had just tried to drink and once he coughed it up he started laughing as if he was just pranked.

"Holy handballs, dude, hahahah."
Despite the strange circumstance the impeccably dashing Captain Grue maintained his natural, delightful persona with ease.
"So who the heck are you? Hah. Ain't gonna kill me, are ya? That'd suck what with the lack of snake and all."

From that, Grue lost all interest in who this person was but leaned in over the table and whispered.
"Now that I think of it, you haven't seen any snakes have you? That'd be super cool. Wicked cool! Seriously though, check out my bucket list!"

Samuel Grue pulled out a pen and scribbled down "1. Find a snakey snake" on a crumpled piece of paper, then added a smiley face and slid it across to Arneth.

Grue sat back in his chair, proud of his mission.


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Arneth pulled a handful of snakes from his side coat pocket and placed them in the table. The ball of writhing serpents slowly flattened out as each snake hurried for safety. Arneth wrested his hands on the table, grabbing and releasing the snakes as if be were running his fingers through a river. The snakes bore vicious fangs that failed to tear into his skin.

"You've got snakes now, last time you weren't this determined for snakes. If I were here to kill you, I would have done it before sitting down. It's good to see a familiar face. What are you up to these days? Still got that ship and your crew?"


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Grue paused for a moment as he watched the snakes move about. Strangely enough, he did not care one single bit about the creatures themselves. Snakes were boring, they're basically just bigger worms.

Seriously. Gulp. The hell was that?

Slowly putting his drink down, the Captain became a little more interested in this conversation partner of his.

"Uhh..." Tossing up between the snake-magic and the one-sided familiarity Grue picked both. "Ahighty, ok... So. Who the blazing beach balls are you and what's the dealio with the juju magic? I don't mind the random friendly chat, but when my buddy starts pullin' snakes outta nothin'... THAT'S the final straw. How do you know me?"
Realizing the unnerving feeling in his stomach, (summed up to be pie and 'weird' extract) he prepared for any sort of violent outbreak.


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"oh, how foolish of me I forgot...snakes!" Arneth realized and let the snakes disperse into the restaurant.

"Forgive me Samuel, my name is Arneth. I forgot this is our first time meeting in this universe." Arneth said as he projected memories into Grue's mind of being close friends.

"For over several thousand universe lifetimes I've found you in every one and we end up teaming together until your inevitable end, but that's not for a while. So tell me, what are you up to these days?"


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Grue opened his eyes and- wait, were his eyes closed? That was one strange magic trick, most certainly. Samuel Grue was always impressed by magic tricks. Especially the magic ones. One thing he felt was an enormous amount of trust in this man. Weird extract, indeed.

"Arneth... Heh, gotta say I like your style! Super cool! So you'd have me believe all those things are true. Well so far you know my name and the fact that I have a ship. That magic thing with the snakes is kinda leanin' me towards the 'memory VWAP-ing' thing. So if we're such neat friends I want you to tell me exactly whom you're sitting across from."

Grue smiled, and took a large enough swig from his coke to empty the rest of the bottle.
His right arm danced as he pulled out a laser pistol against Arneth. Smiling still.

"Or I'll blow those magic noodles outta yo' head."


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Arneth smiled as he spoke, "you can shoot if you want, it's not the first time. In fact I think I killed you once. Anyway, you stole your ship on your 28th birthday. You grew up with foster parents and didn't I don't know if you've figured out that you are in another universe or not."

Then Arneth proceeded to tell Grue about things he had told Arneth in past lifetimes. Arneth told him events from Grue's childhood. Arneth vaguely told him secrets Grue shared with him, but stayed silent on what all Grue's past self had told him.

"You've always been an interesting friend and bumping into you has always happened. I've never gone through a universe lifetime and not met you."


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Grue span his handgun back into his belt and pulled his shirt over it. Impressive.

"I didn't steal it... It was a birthday gift. I mean I, guess, if you're talking about the one with the wicked decal then yeah I totally stole that. Previous owner was a doofus."
Still, Grue thought, He didn't give me the answer I was looking for. Guess some secrets just remain that way.

"Awrighty then, my mate of multiversity. Can't believe I'm doin' this but I'm gonna believe ya. I'm callin' snake squat on that dimension thing though bud. Preeetttty sure I would know if I were in another flippin' universe."
How the hell did he know about that other stuff though?! What's his game? Mind reader? No, if he were he would've given me a different answer... eff em el, urgh.
"But come to think of it yo, it's gettin' pretty late. Gonna grab some food for the gang and head back to the ship."
Grue stood up, and began moving towards the counter. A large amount of unease was felt about this Arneth.
"Come with if ya like, you can carry some of the load."


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Arneth stood up and went towards the door as well. He knew Grue would likely be uneasy. He considered Grue's offer before speaking.

"Sure, I'll go with you for a while, at the most I'll stay until your dead, but I can't guarantee I'll extend your lifetime. I've tried they before..."