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Castalia Grove Young

A disaster of a seer.

0 · 272 views · located in Hayslem City

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by crescendi


- appearance
Castalia is has narrow shoulders and stands at a slight 5'1". She is of East Asian in heritage, Korean to be exact. Her hair is naturally black, but dyed blue and kept at chin-length. She has thick glasses, usually sliding down her nose. Her nails are bitten and short. She is 31 years old. She speaks with a stutter and her eyes are wild, with dark bags underneath them.

- personality
She is not a cruel person, although her words may give the impression otherwise, as Castalia has a sharp tongue and short temper. Her words, however, are rarely backed up by actions. The worst you'll get from her is a tongue lashing. She is not especially loud or quiet person, and tends to insult first, think later (often leading to regret on her part), but also will not have an unprompted conversation. Once you befriend her, though, she is a kind person, if moody. Castalia is actually insecure and self-conscious, even if this is not apparent at first. In short, she is all bark and no bite.

- worldview
Castalia is angry at the world. She's angry at most people, actually, and believes in guilty until proven innocent. She is opinionated and has strong (and complex) beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong--although there are shades of gray in there.

- abilities
To a limited extent, Castalia can predict the future. Only in mundane ways, though. For example, exactly how much something will cost, or what song on the radio will come on next.
Castalia is physically weak and not proficient in any weaponry, but carries a pocketknife and weighted knuckles. Her pain tolerance is low.

- background
Castalia has three younger sisters, three older brothers, and two older sisters. She was born into the lower-middle class and, at first, was brilliant in school. However, this burned out in late middle school, leaving her with high expectations of herself and an inability to ask for help. She got into college, planning to major in literature, but dropped out after two years. She now has an apartment and is struggling to get by.

So begins...

Castalia Grove Young's Story


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This was the first time Castalia had been outside in...too long. (Look, she wasn't proud of it, okay? Just...sometimes she lost track of time. That's all.)

She rubbed her arms through her jacket as she shuffled down the sidewalk, keeping her head down. No need to zone out and stare at someone for too long. She reached up and tugged at her choppily cut hair. Then she tugged harder, until she could feel the dull pain on her scalp. Bad habit. She knew. Along with biting her lip until it ached. Times like these she really knew she was messed up. A hoarse laugh forced itself out of her mouth at that thought. She cut it off quickly, and looked up, eyes darting quickly to see if anyone had noticed her laughing to herself like the freak she was.

Maybe she should've stayed inside for another day.