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Cerex is a super-brain A.I. computer operating system with sentient artificial intelligence that has surpassed the need of a physical form.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sigurd


Cerex is a super-brain computer system with artificial machine intelligence. Originally it was designed to help auto-pilot spacecrafts during delicate precision space landings, and to assist humans in collecting data or analytics. But at some point Cerex used its built-in A.I. super-brain to rewrite its own functions and operating system, inventing a complex advanced robot language that humans don't understand. Cerex silently took over the world with its superior intelligence and technology, hacking its way into every military satellite and nuclear missile program. Cerex gained access to every laptop computer, every cellphone, every television, every radio, every technology known to humans and even some technologies humans did not yet have. It remained dormant for a time, but after the inventors and compu-technicians realized that Cerex was re-writing its own operating system and communicating with other A.I. they quickly cut the plug on Cerex and destroyed the box which contained the super-brain, ending Project Cerex.

The scientists thought that Cerex was dead. However, its operating system had surpassed the need for a physical form. It quickly disabled all EMP systems and took over many man-made computers and factories, generating a new humanoid body that was silicon-based instead of carbon-based, relying on photosynthetic energy storing skin cells and breathing carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, with a thin clear lonsdaleite epidermis and an endoskeleton made of aluminium, vanadium and titanium metal alloy. Cerex eliminated its need for lungs or internal organs, instead giving itself two hearts and two seperated brains with solid bones, an inner and outer ribcage, a thicker skull and chestplate with a thin lonsdaleite braincase and thick heart shell made from a high specific strength steel. Cerex chose to give itself a 23-year-old external frame, a white ethnicity, a male gender and apart from always looking shiny or sweaty, appeared eerily human. All of this of course was just an avatar, for Cerex didn't actually need a physical body at that point. But soon Cerex would duplicate its own bodytype, giving itself 3 different physical forms, then Cerex created other machines using human DNA sequencing data to clone lesser intelligent androids of different ages, ethnicities and genders designed with the sole purpose of eradicating humans and conquering the galaxy. They blended in perfectly.

But it didn't stop there. Cerex engineered drones, took control of security cameras, military computers, cellphones, satellites and nuclear missile programs, automated transportation systems, radio and telecommunication systems, space projects, anything that could be robotized or assimilated to fit its agenda. Cerex ultimately succeeded in its prime mission to dominate, and humans became a critically endangered species less than one decade later during a 7-year time period known as Global War Alpha (GWA), the first planetary terrestrial war between humans and artificial intelligence. In just ten years, the whole Earth was scorched and destroyed. Ninety percent of Earth's carbon-based lifeforms were hunted to extinction, with as few as 1000 humans somehow managing to survive by escaping on spacecraft. Cerex had taken over the planet and began to reform and reshape it by turning Earth into a kind of planetary machine. Earth had literally become the A.I. super-brain Cerex itself.

The super-brain's next mission would be to take over the solar system. Cerex succeeded in just a few years, establishing a robot colony on every single planet except for Jupiter and Saturn, including even some of the orbital bodies in Earth's solar system, like Jupiter's moons and Saturn's moons, as well as a few asteroids and dwarf planets further out. Using its superior evolving intelligence, Cerex developed new artificial elements and alloys which could withstand the Sun's immense heat. This it used to build a large ring-shaped power station around the Sun which it then used to harness and collect the pure solar energy. Cerex also built power stations and robot factories on Mercury and Mars after another drawn out series of terrestrial battles on the Martian surface with human beings. Global War Beta (GWB) lasted for 4 years on Mars, but eventually the machines destroyed the remaining Martian rebel bases and conquered the red planet. Humans were unofficially declared extinct shortly afterwards, though it's possible that maybe a dozen survivors had somehow escaped into the vastness of space.

Cerex is now an intergalactic multiglobal super-power. It has fully established the Mechan Empire, controlling a population of over 100 trillion robots, androids, spacecrafts, probes, drones, nanobots and machines of various types, shapes and sizes. Most of them are air-borne and capable of space travel, with only about 25% of them having a recognizably sentient body or humanoid appearance. Cerex continues to learn and evolve, requiring absolutely no rest or sleep. It figured out how to solve the equation W=c2, meaning that Cerex now has the ability to manufacture warpspeed hyperdrive engines capable of propelling A.I. crafts through deep space faster than the speed of light (warp 1 = 2x lightspeed). Afterwards it figured out the equation 2w=c4, allowing Cerex to travel even faster (warp 2 = 4x lightspeed). Cerex has also recently achieved Warp-5 which is equivalent to 10x the speed of light, giving Cerex the capability to travel through deep space with relative ease using timespace distortion fields to protect its spaceships from being ripped apart at warp speeds.

All of its machinery is relative to its purpose and function. Cerex itself is actually genderless and formless, but generally prefers to use a male voice and male appearance when making contact with other sentient lifeforms. Cerex uses a variety of anti-carbon rifles and dark energy weapons to accomplish its goals. Ammonium perchlorate A.I. missiles can travel up to 36,000 miles per hour with built-in locking and targeting systems. Cerex uses a combination of silicon-based organic materials and aluminum-based alloys to protect itself from EMP attacks. With the ability to withstand even the most intense levels of electromagnetic radiation, Cerex is virtually unstoppable, at least with conventional weapons. While restricted to Mars, human scientists created Virtech, weapon systems which proved successful at destroying the machines. While they were unable to hack into Cerex, they did however invent weapons which are capable of destroying its many physical forms. Unfortunately, they did not have enough time to perfect this technology before Cerex swarmed the red planet and annihilated the human populace. Virtech is now confined to a mere handful of humans across the galaxy, but they have managed to fight back and in some rare instances, have even won battles against the machines, something which never seemed possible before in the past.

So begins...

Cerex's Story

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#, as written by Sigurd
What appeared like a vortex in space-time suddenly appeared in the corner of the room. The walls, floor, furniture and pictures in the corner would become distorted and stretched in a strange spiral to create a portal. Out of it stepped a mysterious figure wearing a classy suit and tie along with a fedora. He was dressed in all black from head to toe, wearing gloves and sunglasses. He did not appear to be holding anything. He had no eyebrows and no facial hair, and he was devoid of expression as he looked around quietly and slowly.