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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Klein


We are the opposites of Angels, rather then the creations of God we are the creations of Lucifer.. a mockery of the Divine and his 'Loyal Servants'. We are brought into existence as violent creatures but this doesn't mean we can't change, like how Angels can fall from grace a Demon is fully capable of being more human then actual Humans themselves.

Chandra Elizabeth Sabinus


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Chandra was the name gifted to her by her Human Father, the name means 'Moon' in Sanskrit and is derived from चन्द (chand) which means 'to shine'. It is a transcription of the masculine चन्द and the feminine form of चण्डा. Unlike most Demon with a Humanoid appearance she wasn't brought into this World by the pairing of a Human or Demon nor is she one possessing a Human Host.. rather she was reincarnate from the remains of a Demon abruptly after it had been slain by the Hunter who had made it His Rival, though rather then destroying the newly incarnated Demon Child he would take it under his wing as he found himself unable to harm something innocent and completely unaware, for he would be no better then the very creature he sought after. He gave her a name that meant Moon or to shine because she had been incarnate under a full moon albeit when the creature had met its demise.

I'm quite proud of the name Father gave me, and it wasn't given to me because it was 'pretty' or 'unique' but rather that it fit the situation at hand.. being I was incarnated under the Full Moon, if he had slain my Mother during the day this would of never happened nor would I've come into being.


The Demoness or Shadow Demon is only twenty five years of age, considerably young for a creature or species that's known for immortality or longevity. Unlike her Mother or original incarnation she seems to have a more Humanoid appearance rather then one that looks like a decayed Banshee, she is quite proud of how she is even though she can be a bit cowardice as it honestly shows not all demons can be evil and honestly be raised like another other Human child to be good.

For a Demoness I'm rather young, practically a child in their eyes. But do to being raised by Humans my own kind would more then likely savor in snuffing me out, and I doubt the Church nor its Denizens would take kindly to me seeing I'm still a Demon.

--- :Species: ---

These Shadow Demons are known as the Obscuri, meaning Obscure or Obscurity. Their existence is loosely based off Banshee as their merely the 'Devil|Lucifer's' attempt to mimic them but adding his own personal twist, their one of the many different species of Demon and are known but being the least volatile most of the time, there are some who can be quite the nasty entity but others prefer to live on their own, generally in wooded areas shrouded in darkness.. place where the Suns light cannot reach. They are often a favored familiar of stealthy Conjurers seeing they can use the Obscuri's ability to manipulate shadow to cloak themselves from others line of sight, though they are in no form powerful Demons seeing which they lack in physical strength they make up in stealth, as when a Obscuri has no desire to be found it will be doubtful you will find them.

Like Dullahan they are able to trick others into thinking something is real when it truly is not, albeit in most cases causing their enemies to faint of suffer mental damage rather then physical. The Obscuri are the shadows that lurk around the levels of Limbo and Fraud, often dragging those who are new to hell off into the air and impaling them upon the many twisted trees that reside both on the ground of Limbo and the cliff faces of Fraud.

I'd like to believe there are more Demons like me, ones who had been taken in by Humans at a considerably young age and raised with love and affection. I can't say my Father was very good at raising me, heavens he wasn't certain what to do for quite some time.. he had never raised a girl before nor had he a Demon.



Kind, collected and rather peaceful. She is someone who could never harm another and will often apologize if she believes she's upset or wronged the somehow, so one could deem her quite the apologetic person.. even a bit of ditz. Then again her air headed nature is do to her father having some complications raising her, he wasn't certain how he should go about treating her as he was afraid spoiling her would result in her becoming rotten or evil and at the same time he wasn't certain on how to raise a Girl. Many of things she knows now are things she picked up when supporting her Father in return, such as cleaning.. sadly cooking wasn't one of the things she picked up as she's better at burning everything up then she is at properly cooking it. Another would be her taste in clothing, do to her fathers taste and not understanding what a Girl would like she seems to enjoy more simplistic garb.. then again she hasn't really seen a dress before so it might change if she's introduce to more 'girly' attire'.

The Demoness is also someone who loves reading, seeing there was no electricity out in the cabin she resided in she was forced to do nothing but read in order to pass the time, her Father wouldn't let her hunt for food so she was often cooped up inside doing nothing but.. reading. Of course she isn't the brightest of bulbs do to not getting a proper education and having learned everything from first hand experiences.. the Father did try but in most cases he did fail somewhat horribly which ties to her awkward nature. Her ineptness at interacting with strangers is because of being cut off from the world, Human Society would be the last one willing to accept a creature such as herself as one of its many citizens so he did it in order to protect her.

In short, she's a kind hearted young woman with a love for the more simple of attire and would much rather read a book then speak with a Person. Though this doesn't mean she won't try to, heavens she will but I'm certain will fail at it horribly. She's very clumsy and can often be seen tripping over things, and she will often space out or lack an understanding of whats being said.

Its not my Fathers fault.. really it isn't, he was never really good at raising children and I'm proof of that.. but he still cared for me none the less.



Her Mother was a cruel and manipulative Obscuri, one who took a Moderate Hunters family away from him and forced him to chase her half away across the World. Of course the Hunter would finally slay the creature but insuring the Man was almost broken and that her timely death would be under a Full Moon. This insured her immediate reincarnate or rebirth and a possibly chance and reeving more chaos in her wake. But what she didn't expect was for the Hunter to take the newly reborn Obscuri under his wing, being unable to bring himself to harm the creature seeing it was nothing more then an innocent New Born he felt obligated to take it with him, to try and prevent it from becoming like its Mother or Past incarnation as so it couldn't cause others to suffer. Though if the creature would gradually grow up to be like its Mother he did intend on killing it, but it seems with the way he raised it the creature is the exact opposite of what it once was. Her history isn't anything significant, there is no manner of trials involved.. she was raised almost like any other child except in complete secrecy.

I'm glad my Father had taken the risk at raising me, otherwise I wouldn't exist like I do today. His efforts prove that Demons are capable of changing if not being peaceful like Humans, to be honest I would much prefer not to be labeled as such.

So begins...

Chandra's Story