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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mike53210


An ancient family who eventually faded into mystery, now awoken with the desire to reestablish the influence they once had.



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Although very similar to Vampires in appearance and characteristics, Chiropterans are a species of their own. In fact, they were created as the natural enemies of vampires. They were created several thousand years ago through a deal made with a hunter and a witch, who promised to equip the hunter with better tools for disposing of the undead menace. Little did he know, he would be transformed into something more terrifying than anything he had seen before. Although the first generation had access to three, modern Chiropterans have two forms—a humanoid form, and an animal form. The werebat's bite in animal or hybrid form infects a humanoid target with therianthropy, triggering a radical change in the subject's DNA.

Chiropterans display inhuman physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and agility. These traits seem to apply to Chiropterans even when in human form. They can enter a state of hibernation and survive without food or water for centuries and they possess enhanced senses of smell, taste, and hearing that are superior even to those of bats, not just humans, and are also able to sense Vampires in close proximity to themselves. When in their Werebat forms they are much stronger than when in human form, and most Vampires. They can also use their claws and strength to scale sheer surfaces, having been seen to crawl along walls at great speed in pursuit of prey. One of the most telltale signs of a werebat is blindness—about half of natural werebats are born with poor vision and need strong spectacles, and some are even completely blind. They make up for this deficiency with other heightened senses, however, and possess sharp hearing as well as strong senses of taste and smell.

Werebats also possess superb physical resilience and remarkable regenerative abilities, though this is hampered by silver much like their Werewolf counterparts; albeit not to the degree of werewolves. It isn't fatal to them, though it does do harm. So far, the only way shown to successfully kill a Chiropteran is to remove the head or heart; other attempts will merely send the creatures into a state of hibernation until they restore themselves. They can go out during the daylight but they seem to be stronger during the night, especially during a full moon. Chirons are also able to mask their scent from vampires.

A Chiropteran's bite(and scratch) is extremely poisonous to Vampires. Whenever a vampire is bitten, the poison will be passed from the werebat's mouth into the vampire's bloodstream. Once the blood is contaminated by the toxic fluids, the vampire's heart will pump the venom throughout their cardiovascular system which will cause the venom to infect every cell it passes. This effect only occurs when a vampire is bitten however, it is unknown how it would affect a werewolf or another supernatural species. In any form, the werebat can communicate and empathize with bats and dire bats. They are also immune to the hypnotic abilities of Vampires.

In order to create Chiropterans, the Chiron simply needs to bite the victim. This will infect them with the therianthropic virus, triggering a gradual change in the person's DNA.

Habitat & Society

Werebats possess a pack mentality akin to their bestial kin’s, and are able to fly in large, coordinated packs and execute complex maneuvers easily and agilely. This instinctual group dynamic manifests itself in both therianthropic and humanoid form, the surrounding society reflecting this pack mentality in legal as well as civil configuration. Entire packs of werebats often live in close proximity to one another, and sometimes even entire towns fall to the power of the winged therianthropes.

Almost always serving a higher master and subscribing to an unspoken understanding of “one for all,” werebats place great importance on meetings and gatherings, holding such events at barren locations such as caves and abandoned castles where the horde will be undisturbed. These gatherings are largely ornamental in purpose and merely provide the afflicted individuals with some sense of unity rather than being a means to any constructive end. Nevertheless, it is a great taboo in werebat culture to show any disrespect toward collaborative efforts or to each other during assemblies, and any infighting is met with harsh punishment.

Werebats are instinctively inclined to participate in a group mentality, taking flight with other therianthropic beings in pursuit of a singular goal set forth by a werebat master. Werebat masters are often simply the strongest of the werebats in the region, though in werebat culture—where physical strength is the key determiner of social standing—this means a great deal.

When a rogue werebat steps out of line to challenge a werebat master, a short period of chaos is sure to follow, with loyal followers of the reigning master eagerly seeking to show their dedication by swiftly removing the renegade and any allies he may possess.

Of course, a werebat master, having so many eyes and ears at his/her disposal, is never caught by surprise when a rebellious individual seeks her out, and often welcomes the challenge should the dissenter live long enough to make it to her doorstep. A werebat challenger who has defeated loyalist assassins has already proven himself as a worthy adversary, and long-standing werebat masters revel in the thrill of a deadly battle, so mundane has their life of leisure often become.

Sometimes non-afflicted humanoids seek to challenge a werebat master. Whether these self-proclaimed heroes are hunters of fortune, power, or freedom, they are greeted with far less respect than a rebelling werebat, and werebat masters do what they can to immediately rid themselves of the nuisances. Far more vicious and eager in their pursuit of these un-turned individuals, werebat assassins waste little time in exterminating them, so such “heroes” are few and far between.


Chirons live according to the laws established by the Krouse family. However, individual colony leaders can declare edicts, and create new laws. However for all Chirons, the following activities are illegal, and punishable:
Killing another Chiropteran(Unless of course, it went rogue.)
Becoming intimate with any vampire
Going rogue
Pack masters are responsible for the actions of their subordinates.


In addition to their natural ones, the Chirons employ various weapons in order to combat their enemies. These include energy rifles, handguns, and the standard assault rifles and pistols. The ammunition used includes plasma rounds, Silver Nitrate Bullets, UV Grenades and ammunition, Silver Nitrate Bombs, Thasarine, and several either serums and weapons to combat other supernaturals.

So begins...

Chiropterans's Story

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Silently did the winged mammals move through the night, sticking to the shadows as they glided from building to building. Soon they came to a stop, latching onto the nearest object, perfectly blended into the scenery around them. Much like their werewolf kin, the pack of Chiropterans operated under a single leader--an alpha if you will. Savage in nature yet still possessing the cunning and wit of a man, these creatures brought a knew meaning to the word deadly.

The feral beasts unhinged their jaws to emit a series of chirps at different frequencies, the returning echos allowing them to produce a detailed image of their surroundings, and any potential prey in it. Once the calls were returned, the Chirons took flight; using their massive winged forearms to lift them off the ground and toward their destination: Verinotte Square..

The setting changes from Verinotte Hollow to Verinotte Square

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Into Verinotte Square did the Chirons descend, a little over a dozen of the winged beasts flying in close proximity to one another. The scent of fresh vampire led them to the center of town, which seemed to be quite busy at the moment. They locked on to the over-sized bloodsuckers with their menacing eyes before quickly taking after them into a mad dash.

Unfortunately, the werebats were intercepted by the guards as they quickly moved to subdue the roided-up vampires that failed to enter the building. One of the underlings was the first to pounce, releasing a vicious snarl as it dove forward with fangs and claws bared. The other members of the pack followed suit, attempting to sink whatever weapons they had into the nearest occupant of the square. No one was spared from the beasts' onslaught.

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#, as written by Teo
Formalities, it seemed, were for another time. A barrage of bright dancing flames poured from Achaeos' lantern as he nimbly slipped inside the building, rushing in blasts of white towards the berserking vampires. So hot was the fire that it could turn a man to ashes in but a few moments, and the flames swarmed the large beings' forms like insects, aimed to cling and bite at their flesh to swiftly cover them and reduce them to nothingness. Burned away.

Achaeos himself slipped through the room towards where the werewolf had directed him, eyeing the bomb cautiously, as well as the two people working on it and the woman observing. "Cease," the kitsune commanded, waving a hand in the direction of the man and woman. His powers worked on their minds, attempting to wrest control of them from the woman seated nearby. He disdained taking the wits of a mortal from them, but at times such as this, it was necessary. "Leave this place," he attempted to instruct them, "Find safety and shelter."

The kitsune then turned on Dorotea herself, "For your crimes here, you will face justice. There is no redemption for your actions in this realm. I hope you can find it in the next."

At his words, once more flame seared from his lantern towards her, a large gout fully capable of engulfing the seat and reducing it - and her - to ash.

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The ground began to tremble and the air began to thicken with the distinct smell of something being off. This continued for several long moments before the skies above Verinotte Square began to bend and warp, a flash of white light skimming across the skies followed by a deafening crack, and then a rush of air before the looming form of a distinctly colored Reverence I PAC. Unlike the foreboding violet colored military vessels, this one was a white, trimmed with blue, and it bore the seal of the President of the Aschen Confederation.

The nameplate read 'Aschen One' And it seemed to bristle with the latest in Aschen military technology.

The ship remained in the skies for several long moments, it's engines reverberating in a low deafening rumble, causing windows and alike to rattle. After these moments passed, a brilliant column of violet light seared down into the square itself, besides the statue.

This column of light remained. Perhaps something will come of it.

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#, as written by Script
Murphy's law seemed well at work here. It manifested in all manner of ways, from the inconvenient to the catastrophic. Maria and the vampire-hulk's impact with the table in the room turned the furniture into an impromptu catapult with a grizzly payload. The head of a dead child was launched into the air, spinning across the room straight towards where Biohazard was standing.

In the meantime, Maria herself would find her misfortune coming in the form of the table's silverware. A silver steak knife spun in the air for a few moments, before plunging downwards - point first - straight into the woman's hand.

A number of the mutated vampires suffered somewhat more dramatically, as their bodies began to reject the transformations they had undergone, their genetic make-up seemingly by chance being incompatible with the alterations they had undergone. They would find themselves either shrinking back down to their ordinary selves, or keeling over altogether.

As it seemed the fight was dying down, or at least that the hulking vampire beasts were losing focus for the moment, Rune took the opportunity to run away.

Of course, outside there seemed to be little in the way of respite. There were great winged bat things attacking the town even as the mutated vampires lost their drive to fight. How wonderful. Rune decided, based on the academic merits of his various options, to go the other way. He ran off out of the square and disappeared into the hollow.

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It seemed the conflict had ended just as quickly as it started. A few of the guards positioned inside the square scrambled after the hulking vampires that attempted to wander from the scene. As for the Chirons, they continued to do what they did best: chomping down on anything in biting range. They too eventually got the signal to leave, prompting them to take flight.

Those wounded by the winged therianthropes were left to die as the toxin crept through their veins, resulting in a very slow, painful death. This caused the veins to bulge and turn a sickly blue color much like varicose. This and the excruciating pain continued until it reached the victim's heart, thus killing them. Twas but the first attack on the inhabitants of Verinotte Hollow, and many more would follow in the near future.

The setting changes from Verinotte Square to Forbidden Thick


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"We should be there any minute." spoke Augustin as he took to the front of the group, using his enhanced sense of smell to track down what they were looking for. His olfactory organs weren't any better than the others, but he was one of the only ones that knew the scent of the creatures for which they searched.

"What does a Fairy even look like?" asked one of betas of the pack.

"Let's see.. two inches tall, little green dress, dust trails." chimed another with a snicker.

"Quite the opposite." replied Augustin. He stopped in front of a sudden opening in the thicket of trees, taking a second to sniff the air. Sure that this was the right spot, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small, pear shaped vile. It was filled with what looked like sand. He emptied some of the powder into his hand and waved his hand horizontally in front of him.

As the light-brown particles trickled downward, the space in front of him underwent a ripple-like distortion. Augustin turned his head to look at his fellow pack members, mainly his sister Emlyn. "We go in fast, and clear the place out. We don't kill them, and we do not drink from them." We're only knocking them out, and taking them back to the mansion." He gave a quick nod, and performed an about-face before hurrying into the portal. The fellow Chirons moved forward quickly, their speed allowing them to maneuver at a blur.

It was a short skirmish, the Fairies gathered inside stood no chance against the dozen or so therianthropes that stormed their bar. "I remember them being much better at fighting." A look of disappointment rested on Emlyn's face as she rolled one of theFa unconscious supernaturals over with her foot. She leaned down and grabbed two of them by the collar, then sped out of the portal. Soon the other Chiropterans followed suit with a fairy in hand. Once they were all outside, Augustin quickly conjured a spell that transported them to the mansion that served as their temporary abode. The fledglings were tasked with locking the Fairies in one of the lower levels of the building while Augustin and Emlyn were left to talk.

"What do you think our brother has in store for these creatures?" Emlyn asked.

"No idea, but whatever it is, it's going to be good.

The setting changes from Forbidden Thick to Tower Alba


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The body dragged into the tower by the Vankoryth soldiers was indeed a vampire eater, though not any type of zombie. Twas a Chiropteran, one which had been 'killed' in an earlier conflict in Verinotte Square, its companion unsuccessful in retrieving its body. Was this creature really dead? How could they be so certain? After all, they had never had encountered such a beast. It remained deathly still as the scientists wheeled it away to be examined..