Chris Mason

No miracles. No mercy. No redemption. No Heaven. No Hell. No higher power. Just life. Just... us.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by PenMage


Name: Chris Mason

Moniker: Nightmare

Age: 20


Personality: Chris Mason doesn't forgive. If you get on his bad side you're there for life. Those on his good side will find he's a very nice guy, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Chris has never had a family so he often tries to fill that void with other people around him. Chris never backs down from a fight. He'll always do what he feels is right, but right and wrong isn't always clear cut to him. When it comes to protecting Gotham city he has a notable disregard for his own life, bordering on suicidal.

Chris was put for adoption when he was a baby. He was never adopted, he grew up in an Gotham City's orphanage. When he turned 16 he was transferred to the homeless shelter. Both of these places were funded by donations from the Wayne Foundation so Bruce Wayne had always been one of Chris's biggest idols. When Batman died his shelter was forced to shut down and he became homeless. He lived on street fighting for scraps and stealing from convenience stores to get by. He had a couple of scrapes with the Maroni crime family who protected business in his area (for a fee).

His life took a turn when he saved a woman (Alice Moore) being attacked in his alleyway by three men. The fight was long, and he took a bad beating, but when they were trough with him they were too tired to bother with her. Alice was a receptionist working in the upper reaches of an office building just next to the Wayne Memorial Clock Tower. She knew how dangerous living on the street was, and she felt she owed him something for saving her, so she told him about the abandoned apartments in the Clock Tower, and how to get in them.

Contents of duffle bag:
Chain, padlock, tattered blanket, Enough stolen snacks to last a day or two.

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Chris Mason's Story