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Chrysalis Dwellers

Code testing and future things

0 · 349 views · located in Lessard Estate Woods

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Chrysalis


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[center][font=luminari]"And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth."
-Rev. 11:3[/center][/font]
[left][img][/img][/left][justify][font=times new roman]elcome, friends, to the end of the world. This is no hoax, of that you may rest assured. We approach the end of days, and no doubt within seven years, everything that you see around you will be gone, destroyed in a purge the like of which the world has never seen. The Horsemen will ride, the Antichrist will rise, and everything else will go straight to Hell. And I do mean that literally.

Or, well, so it’s supposed to go. Alas, the best laid plans…

Well, if you think about it, Revelation was kind of a promissory note, some kind of cosmic I.O.U. between God and the rest of the world, but you know how things can get. If you let the demons in on your plans, chances are good something gets fucked up somewhere along the way. Murphy’s Law, am I right? So, well, there he was, Witness Number One to the whole ‘Apocalypse’ thing, minding his own business, getting ready to prophesy or whatever, and then the next thing we know, boom! Someone offed him. Dead as a doornail, stick a fork in that guy, he’s done. Seven years too soon.

Needless to say, all bets are off.

The end times have become a pretty crazy free-for-all. So far, it’s mostly just background stuff. Most of the humans haven’t even noticed what’s happening yet, and if I have my way, they never will. Because all this disorder has gotten some people thinking. If Armageddon isn’t happening on schedule, why does it have to happen at all? Maybe we kill the other Witness, and the whole thing never gets off the ground. No lakes of fire, no seven thunders, no Horsemen, none of it. The world just keeps on going past its expiration date, like the immortal Twinkie.

Kinda seems like a raw deal for that Witness, though.

And then, of course, there are the traditionalists. Frightfully boring lot, but there you go. These guys want everything to go off as planned, as much as possible. They figure, if they can get ahold of the Witness and force her to do the prophesy workload of [i]two[/i] divine agents, it’ll be basically as good, and things’ll go down as usual. Problem is, that kills her even deader than the first plan, because it would definitely destroy her soul.

Turns out God’s kind of unreachable, and not really weighing in on this whole thing, so nobody’s really sure who’s right or wrong, and everything’s going a little bit bananas. But then, that tends to happen any time you get enough angels and demons and supernatural spirits together in one place, especially one as tiny and insignificant as the mortal plane.  So here we are, at the beginning of the end, and honestly, no one has any idea what the [i]fuck[/i] is gonna happen next.

No matter what happens, it’ll be one Hell of a time.


Hi there!

If you’re still reading this, I take it that the introduction hasn’t put you off yet, so let’s see if you can make it through the rest of this. I’m looking for one person to write this story with me, or possibly at most two. I want to keep the cast small, because the plot will be pretty damn big, and we’re gonna be juggling a lot of NPCs.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I am taking some inspiration here from T.V. programs like Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow, but that’s all it is—inspiration. I’m not interested in writing a fanfiction for those shows; if I was, I’d be on some other website. What I want to do is take some of the themes from modern supernatural material like that and see what spins and twists we can put on it. I’d classify the primary genres of this production as action, adventure, supernatural, and fantasy. Secondary genres include a fairly liberal dose of romance and drama, so sorry if that’s where you stop the ride and get off. I like all this stuff, and I think throwing it together in one big melting pot and making something cohesive and delicious out of it sounds like a barrel of fun.

[b]I am looking for a person or people to play the following characters[/b]:
[list][*][i]The Angel[/i] (F): One of the Heavenly Host, the Angel is the commander, soon to be [i]former[/i] commander, of a small specialized vanguard platoon already descended to the mortal plane in preparation for the apocalypse. She is initially in charge of capturing and controlling the Witness, but has a change of heart at some point and ends up joining the side of the other main characters. She is likely to initially play as an antagonist, albeit one whose heart is generally in the right place.
[*][i]The Witness[/i] (F): Second of two, and as of yet blissfully unaware of her status, though she is about to be quite harshly informed that she’s currently the most wanted person on the planet, and not in a good way, really. Ordinary human being, albeit one with the most extraordinary of destinies.
[*][i]The Warlock[/i] (M): A magician of prodigal capability, one of the few remaining casters on earth. More conscious than most of the impending End Times, and actively working to prevent them.[/list]

[b]I, on the other hand, will be playing[/b]:
[list][*][i]The Horseman[/i] (F): Death, specifically, the Pale Rider. Unlike the other three, Death is actually a relatively reluctant rider, and not terribly enthused about the idea of eliminating fully a quarter of the world’s population. Go figure. Still, she might take some convincing before she goes in for the whole “switching sides” thing, being a bit of a fatalist and all.
[*][i]The Antichrist[/i] (M): It’s about as awkward as you’re thinking. Thing is, nobody ever asked him if he wanted the job. He wants it about as much as he wants a hole in the head, but he’s been unable to ignore certain physiological changes that have been taking place. They don’t call it the mark of the [i]beast[/i] for nothing, as it turns out.
[*][i]The Demon Lord[/i] (M): What could one of the Princes of Hell have against the apocalypse, one might ask? Well, Asmodeus will just say that he likes the mortal plane a heck of a lot more than most places, and he doesn’t want to lose the amusement that ordinary human being provide him. Whether that’s the truth or he has some other, more sinister, agenda, well… good luck figuring him out. It’s something no one’s managed yet, after all.[/list]

Details are, of course, totally negotiable. If there’s a gender you don’t feel comfortable playing, we can certainly switch some things up. I will say that I stick to heterosexual romance because it’s what I personally prefer to write. But personalities, motivations, all the important stuff—that, we can totally talk about and change up as needed.

[b]What I want in a partner/s[/b]:
[list][*][i]Commitment[/i]—I have a life, and you probably do, too. Maybe we can only post once a week each. Maybe we can manage three times. Whatever. The time frame doesn’t concern me. What matters is, no matter what frame we decide on, you’re willing to stick the story out to a satisfying end. That’s all I’m asking for.
[*][i]Basic Fluency[/i]—Your English doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine’s certainly not. But I do ask that you have a basic sense for sentences and how to string them together. Post length can and probably will vary, but I do ask that you give me a bit more than the bare minimum here, yeah?
[*][i]A Partner[/i]—I’d like it if you can contribute as much to the plot as I do. We can plan as much or as little as you like, as long as we’re able to effectively communicate about what we want to do and where we want to take things. Whether we get straight into things or spend a week in serious planning before we write the first word, we should be doing this stuff as a team, you feel me?
[*][i]Content[/i]— Publicly posted content will of course have to remain within RPG’s rules. That said… if we conduct this thing over PM, I am of the firm belief that graphic violence, profanity, and erotica all have a place in storytelling. As long as there’s a point behind them and a meaning to them, then I have basically no content limits personally. Note that if you’re interested in writing any of that more extreme stuff, I’d really appreciate it if you would be honestly over the age of 18 (though of course I have no way of knowing). I’d prefer not to accidentally break any laws or feel weird, please.[/list]

[b]Other Notes[/b]:
[list][*]I have a slight preference for anime face-claims, but it’s not such a major thing that I can’t do anything else. Please let me know if you have preferences about this.
[*]Aside from the content note above, I have no preference as to whether this is an RP tab thing or a PM thing. Whatever floats your boat on that one.
[*]As the introduction may have hinted at, I’m totally in favor of a certain degree of humor in my RPs. With a story like this, that humor is gonna be dark, but I would prefer it to be present. That said, I don’t want anything [i]too[/i] light or slapstick or focused on comedy. This is before any of that a serious plot, after all.[/list]

[b]To apply or express interest, please either post here or send me a PM with the following information[/b]:
[list][*]What you prefer I call you
[*]Why you’re interested in this story (so I know what kinds of things would make this more fun for you)
[*]Type of FC you prefer, or your lack of a preference
[*]How often you estimate you’ll be able to post
[*]An idea of your average post length, just so I can gauge
[*]Any modifications you’d like to make to the characters you’ll be playing
[*]Your content limits, if any/stance on violence/gore/language/adult content
[*]Tab or PM?
[*]Any pet peeves you have/anything you hate in a partner
[*]Anything else you want me to know about you or your RP style[/list][/font][/justify]


So begins...

Chrysalis Dwellers's Story