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Classis II Sector Molecay

The Aschen Empire's 2nd Fleet, originating from Molecay.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by barney_fife


The Aschen Empire, a massive collection of semi-sovereign provinces that reigns over a great portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, paranoid, arrogant, and cruel, a once prosperous nation spirals into poverty, and self-destruction.


Command Staff
Flag Officer: Admiral Bryon Clegg

Notable Vessels
Flagship - Imperious Class Command Carrier - The Keeper of Abassid

Fleet Breakdown:
Iconoclast Class: x3
Punisher Class: x2
Atlas Class: x115
Sagittaron II Class: x405
Athena Class: x150
Hastati Class: x200
Hera Class: x380
Gemenon Class: x300
Picon Class: x200
Noncombat Logistical Vessels: x452

Strike Group Alpha:

Command Ship: ICB Punishment And Revenge

Strike Group Beta:

Command Ship: PCB - Peerless

Strike Group Constellation:

Reverence III - Bitter Farewell

Strike Group Delta:

Command Ship: Punisher Class Battleship Highroad Winds

So begins...

Classis II Sector Molecay's Story

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Character Portrait: Rayia Icceni Character Portrait: Bryon Clegg Character Portrait: River Scully Character Portrait: Classis II Sector Molecay
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It didn't take long for someone to hear the message, after-all it was practically broadcast for the universe to hear.

Navigating to the Onyx galaxy was no small chore, but the finely attuned Bifrost drive of the Keeper of Abassid enabled a trek that would have been perilous, to be rather simple.

Half an AU beyond what was once a graveyard, a massive multicolored portal belched open, powerful energies swirling around like an angry vortex, a vortex that belched fourth a small task force of roughly a dozen warships, the markings of the United Aschen Empire prominently displayed on their hulls.

Their mission was simple, investigate the origin of the transmissions, and report back to Fleet Command.

Newly promoted Admiral Clegg stood silently inside the CIC of his Command Carrier, Wide-spectrum sensors tracking the movement of what appeared to be an unidentified fleet, along with ruins, and a large space station.

Clegg silently turned to his communications officer.


The officer shook his head.

Clegg slowly nodded, turning his attention to his Executive officer next.

"Get a squadron of Raptor Talons, and an Assault Condor prepped, with a Marine strike team in five minutes."


As the portal snapped shut, the Keeper of Abassid was accompanied by five Hastati class cruisers, a dozen Picon class frigates, three Athena class missile cruisers, and four Aegis point defense cruisers, along with a single Iconoclast class Battleship.

It was not a fleet designed to make war, or launch any sort of sizeable offensive, rather the accompanying ships were tasked with providing escort for the larger Command Carrier.

Settling into a Phalanx position, the Aschen task group remained silent, and still.

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Sensors blazed and River darted her eyes to them. Aschen. Interesting. Didn't think they'd care enough to come to another galaxy in Neutral Space to care. And a single Ship, carrying a Merc ready to buy and sell goods. Shrugging, she cut off the feed to the Sith Ships and moved to respond to Russian in his ship.

"Welcome, Russian. You are cleared for docking in Hangar-Bay Nine. Maps are posted on the walls in holo-screens to help you find your way around. Enjoy your stay, and remember the rule: Don't fuck with River." was all she said before moving to patch herself in to the Aschen comm-network.

"Welcome, Aschen, to Jarrako Downs, I hope you're here for either scouting or business. I won't tolerate Violence towards my Space Station. I will extend to you the same offer I will extend to everyone else who comes with a fleet: You are individually welcome to stay here, and do what you please, but your fleet must go outside of my Neutral Space. I will not be associated with any creed, Empire, religion, etc." she said to their commander. "Otherwise, enjoy your stay, and remember our one Rule: Don't fuck with River." she said before ending her side of the transmission and waiting for replies.

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Character Portrait: "Russian" Character Portrait: Rayia Icceni Character Portrait: Bryon Clegg Character Portrait: River Scully Character Portrait: Classis II Sector Molecay
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"Very Well my fleet will depart as soon as my shuttle and escort have safely landed...I am sending you the link to my personal comm so you may relay docking information and so we may speak in private" answered Rayia

Rayia then turned to her crew " Ok as soon as I land take the fleet to the nearest unoccupied system keep ready to answer my call should anything come up"

Rayia turned and left the bridge heading towards the hanger where her shuttle and personal guard would be waiting.

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Character Portrait: "Russian" Character Portrait: Rayia Icceni Character Portrait: Bryon Clegg Character Portrait: River Scully Character Portrait: Classis II Sector Molecay
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"Finally...I just hope some people will be willing to buy some stuff." Russian sighed to himself as he disarmed weapons and prepared the docking sequence. Pulling onto the station he opened up the hanger bay door and stood in front with thousands of mechs, each one with a different looking model and weapon load out. In front of him was a red rock he got from his adventure here.

"Hello! Hello! Anyone in need to a top of the line combat mech? Well I, Russian, the universes best mercenary in the universe offers these well made machines. I have thousands of these babies for sale with different styles of combat! I also have for sale some displaces anything directed at it! I have yet to use them because I have yet to come up with a way to use it, I am close though! So come on and buy something!" He advertised his selection before sitting down and waiting.

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On sensors there was an energetic if small disturbance near the Ashen formation. A noisy signal broadcasted through it as the slip drive craft approached, a commercial-grade Ashen IFF though difficult to read through all the static. Just after the disturbance began to exude light the IFF was far more clear of one Sukarma though several copies of signals overlapped. Each with minutely different copies of the timestamps among credential data only one of them concurrent with records. Readouts might see sensor ghosts of several ships approaching at several different angles as each smashed back into that unified endpoint of reality. There was a small if loud burst of broadband EM noise as each of four slip drives quelled from activity and various vacuum arcs curl around the organic exterior and tentacles of the new craft.

The ship had a thin body shaped like many cephalopods with eight arms tightly anchored to a mid-body collar. Four larger ones in the rear appear from under a thin retracting shroud with pale grey metallic tint that otherwise protected the engine arms while engaged. There was a great deal of scarring on one side and a small dropship anchored to the other though the ship on the whole seemed quite intact and space-worthy. Hard brown portions on the seared side flake like sunburn. Flesh much like the healthy cyan on navy-blue watery pattern underneath the brown scars.

Sukarma opened a channel through a new and still very numb transciever running on the ashen comm-network. Sukarma's cheerful voice transmitted to Jarrako downs, "Is the new transceiver on? Oh, yes! Hello? Jarrako downs, this is Sukarma. Requesting permission to dock once I switch out my engines."

Those looking from behind could easily see the four arms in the back emptying of the elongated pole of a harmonics anchor common to the slip drive to her more conventional plasma thrusters. Those from the front pointed toward the station had a view of each of those thruster arms thinning then enlarging again. In short order dorsal and ventral positional thrusters emerge like a ridge of spines with a small blue plumes of self-test plasma from each as they do.

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"Whoever they are, they're bold." The XO commented as the transmission played up on the speakers.

Clegg said nothing, for the moment he was pondering his next course of action. "Gutsy." He grumbled. "I don't respond well to demands, though. Inform the fleet to hold position, and go to condition two." Clegg said, bringing up a large three-dimensional tactical readout of everything within 10 AU of the Carrier Strike Group.

That included the new contact, that, so long as it somewhat kept it's distance, wouldn't raise much in the way of alarms within the Strike Group.

"Squadron is ready for launch." The Tactical officer reported. "Marines are suited up, and on the Condor." He added.

Clegg watched the interface, keying it up and zooming in on the large station. "Get some prowlers ready for launch."


So far the Aschen fleet remained in position, no one moving from their Phalanx position around the larger Command Carrier, nor did they respond to River's hails, of course it wasn't obvious they received them in the first place.

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River gritted her teeth, the Aschen weren't responding to her message. Two outcomes were presently going through her mind based on what she'd heard, read, and even experienced with the Aschen. The first was a simple armed escort and a personal meeting, the more likely one based on the size of the task force, but still all-together unwanted. The Second was they called for reinforcements and forcably annex her Station into their so-called "glorious empire". She gagged at the thought of kneeling to people who would treat her and her patrons like second class garbage. She reached to her console and opened up communications again to the Aschen fleet.

"Your silence is unnerving. Let me reiterate. Your presence is not unwelcome, however, such a strong military presence is unwelcome. You and your men are more than welcome to come here, buy, sell, live, etc. But I will not have the subject of this Station's Neutrality in the affairs of everything questioned by having an Aschen fleet on my door step." She said, before another communication, from a ship of sorts, popped up. Closing the Aschen connection and opening this one she pinched the bridge of her nose. She'd need to hire someone to do this eventually.

"Sukarma we read you loud and clear; state your purpose for docking first and we will let you do so." she said simply, moving on to the Sith.

"Thank you for your cooperation, it will be a pleasure doing business with you. Your shuttle is cleared for Hangar 15, there are maps on the walls to help you find your way around the Station. If you're looking for a home, go to the residential district and look around, find one you like, ring the button below the door-bell, that will contact me again, or will contact the current Landlord of the area you are choosing to set up shop." She closed the comms. She leaned back and fell into the couch again, cracking open another beer she chugged it before tossing it.

Who knew running a lawless hunk of metal in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere Space would be so much hard work.

As Russian set up shop, he would find little luck in the hangar, as too many people were rushing around getting to and from their ships. However, one would place a note somewhere near him that said he'd have better luck in the Central Hub, where the main Market was located.

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With not much luck in the hanger, Russian sighed before noticing a note stuck to his ship. It had stated that the Central Hub would be a better spot to set up shop...But the big and obvious question was how to lug a bunch of mechs across the station without causing a mech stampede. Simple: Miniturization!

Selecting a handful of mechs, and with a tap of a floating icon in his arm device. The massive war machines shrunk in size until they were action figure sized and carfully placed them in a very stable container before packing up his stuff along with the red rocks and following the directions to the Central Hub. And he was not that dumb to forget one important thing. "Computer, lock down the ship. Anyone that tries to break in you kick them out, or break a leg."

With his ship secure, supplies at the ready, and the smell of credits just waiting to fill his pockets. Russian marched forward with a grin. He should sell more things, beats having those old machines gathering dust,

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Sukarma's voice came over perfectly devoid of background noise that something listening to air might pick up, "Buyer trading hard commodities and a few soft ones. Looking for compatible rarer materials and components I can't make for repairs. I don't have any crew to declare. My dropship is still comatose."

As the engines fired up behind the craft a spiral plume of plasma from a self-cleaning cycle pushed her slightly forward. Positional thrusters fired in opposing angles to arrest the motion. The craft hadn't any real weaponry as far as could be seen but the front tool-arms with emerged mounts had the telltale racks of microwave emitters common to heavy plasma lances used for asteroid mining. Heat signatures from the interior spoke that they'd been recently used. That she had a full set of eight loaded told of a prodigious power plant.

Sensors might have a problem penetrating the dense foot-thick impact-resistant organic layer with active presence of mind. It had a habit of resisting transient energy loads like any good broad-spectrum em hardening should. As well the interior metallic and ceramic layers of superstructure armor as hard marbles of orbital projectiles tended to hit with the force of atomic weaponry. It was a craft built to survive long bouts of deep-space isolated and could withstand the aggressive kinetic and energetic punishment the universe had to offer. That she had some combat hardiness seemed more a side-effect of the ruggedized design goal.

If she had any weapons on-board they were likely not something in her size-class but there weren't otherwise permanent hardpoints for them on her exterior. The seared side seemed more to contain a second dropship port.

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Rayia boarded her shuttle which took off from The Shadow of Korriban's hanger followed closely by a troop transport and a squadron of fighters. As soon as the shuttle and escort landed Reaper fleet turned and set off careful to avoid the unknown fleet as they entered hyperspace vanishing from view.

Rayia departed her shuttle followed by her personal guard and a group of her regular troops from the transport. Her guard looked much like her regulars but with red armor and capes. Ten guards and twenty troopers in total.

Rayia turned to the rest of her troops a hundred troopers and a handful of pilots " stay here and hold this hanger I'm going to have a look around"

Rayia recorded the map into her data pad and then headed toward the residential area her troops boots echoing in the Halls.

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Despite the continued hails, the Aschen task force remained eerily quiet, maintaining their phalanx on the fringes of the Jarrako Downs.

Admiral Clegg was considering his options, a small station out in the middle of what was essentially nowhere, there was no strategic gains to be had, considering the cost it would take to secure the area.

However the area was rich in alien technologies, and a station where business was being routinely conducted was ripe for a 'tribute' to be imposed upon.

But Clegg wasn't sure even whatever tribute could be forcibly extracted was worth the effort and political heartache of coming out this far to enforce.

So he pondered, even with the cacophony of sounds from the Command Carrier's CIC all around him, humming consoles, the clattering of keys, he remained in silent thought.

"When the Prowlers return from their scouting run, initiate the Bifrost drive, and set course for home." He ordered.

There was a brisk nod from his XO, and the order was relayed.


It was no more than five minutes, and the XO was finding himself turning back to Commander Clegg. "Sir, Prowers are docked, pilots are secure."

Clegg nodded slightly, and then spoke. "Jump."

In front of the small Aschen task force, a massive multicolored portal opened up, a portal that was easily hundreds of kilometers across. The fleet accelerated into the portal, and it snapped shut behind them. The Aschen had left as quickly as they came.

The setting changes from The Jarrako Downs to New Cobalt Edge


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For every action, there was an equal and opposite reaction...

The small colonial world of Chaya Sar would be avenged, that was the promise that Emperor Prince made to the Imperial Admiralty after receiving the distress call.

"They will be avenged..."

"..We've tracked the hostile vessels to this sector of the Ayenee galaxy that we've identified as Cobalt Edge, a previously Varden territory under the occupation of an Emperor Mor, and Something called a Sith Empire." Lieutenant Ogilvy reported, handing the paperwork to Admiral Leia Nash, the supreme Commander of Operation 'Sword of Retribution.'

"I've compiled reports from preliminary long range scans of the area from Prowler flights in and out of the system, it's heavily fortified, but intelligence reports that our warships outclass theirs by a fairly wide margin." He added, maintaining a rigid posture.

Admiral Clegg stood in silence as he listened to the preliminary planning session, at roughly a thousand light years away, masked by a dense radiation cloud.

Nash kept a stern look, the interior of the Absolution bearing the fresh scars from their fight over Isiria, the outer hull was spared no exception, but fortune smiled on their blind jump, and they had managed to jump somewhere close enough to regain their bearings and jump back to the Empire.

"We'll launch forward reconnaissance elements, tag the positions of their vessels, and initiate with a quantum plasmid and thalaron volley from our missile cruisers, from there, Task forces one and two will jump in here... and here." She said, gesturing to the holographic map.

"They will acquire targeting solutions, and open fire immediately after jumping." Nash explained.

"Formations of Gemenon class cruisers, and Athena missile cruisers will jump here, beyond this dust cloud, they will use telemetry from the Datalink to saturate the enemy formations with high-yield warheads, ensure the Commanders of these ships avoid friendly fire."

"Inform the fleet to synchronize their jump drives, We'll initiate the operation in one millicenton." Nash said confidently. "You're dismissed."

Bryon was the first to depart, leaving the embattled Absolution to board the Keeper of Abbasid.

Everyone conferred with their crews, plans were being drawn up, attack plans disseminated and prepared, a well as jump plots, but one ship in particular, a Reverence S Class jumped into the system itself, carefully positioned behind the moon of a gas giant.

Engaging it's cloak, the singular Aschen ship moved silently, garnering telemetry on both planetary position, and the positions of almost every warship within Cobalt Edge, critical information for the coming strike.


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  1. Auto hit

    by barney_fife

0.00 INK

#, as written by Awinita
Within the Sancturary as Mor spoke Vinh hissed bnehind her helmet. Turning her head she scanned the corriddor behind her. She never responded to More yet she heasrd him say clearly who she had acted brashly. She simply grunted something berfore speaking "Resources were needed, the planet was small, the system did well. what was lost was regained." Vibnh growled. Over the last year or so of training, harsh as it was, it came in handy.

Vinh could return to hunting her favorite targets, Creans. And also make messes that her droids grew from, literally. She growled however, her sanity was in shards since her old Master left her fdor dead, she'd grown to hate the Jedi order because of her master, a Crean, Mundi. She turned her heasd towards Mor, her back to him "We have company" Her voice was deep, almost deadish

Without waiting for his reply she turned, but something stopped her, radio missives came through her helmet. perfect. Vinh turned, she could see out of the corner of her eye that Mor was nodding,. It was time to defend their home. Smiling behind her mask. She grunted again and headed off for her shuttle back to her ship.

In orbit of the gas giant the moon quickly revealed by everything in the system made it such a dangerous place to be as a laser of green speared into the massive ship that hid behind its shadow. In the well of the gas gaintm, the gases from the gas giant itself masked the raidation signature of the moon. Making the rock appear barren and lifeless as the ship arrived. Energy masked by thre gas giant focsed its sensors on the new arrival. Orders were passed. A pale beam fo green eerngy slammed into the tail end of the ship as the moon revealed itself to be a fully armed battlestation. with single reactor iginition the shot was aiming to disable rather than destroy ouright as information was sought as droid fighters swarmed the area from the 'moon'.

Something had entered its range of protection and was wanting to know what had entered so armed and ready to fight, and why it was there.

A patrol of Droid Starfighters were moving as normal as energy flares were spotted of escape pods from ther destroyed vessel. the droid briefly stared at it befoire crowing out to his fellows "Hey guys look! A buffet!" the droid shrieked something then ni binary and dozens of Buzz Droids broken into view chowing down on the escape pods, destroying the systems within a few of them, some of the droids went ham on the pods. omnce the escape pods were devoid of life the droid patrol dutifully sent the debris to a world devestator somewhere within the system

The massive super star dreadnought floated in space. Its droid crew using active scanning to deep scan everything as droids reported destruction of a ship in shadow of the battle station. Vinh smiled behind her mask as she watched ont he holo of the system a shiop dying out. Ah the deaths brought no pity from the shattered woman. unless they were Creans in which it brought sheer joy to her heart.

She tuirned to the droid next to her "Commander. Bring me a Crean prisoner, I want them to see this battle, if they do not enjoy it, I will kill it... here... on my bridge."

"Yes sir" the normal B1 series droids regarded their organic commander as a he. mostly because of how modulated her voice sounded, that and her mind was so damn broken whatever shreds of sanity she had left were interwoven with wiresd and metal keeping her alive.

"Inform Emperor Mor; We have incoming fun. We will await his command to fire, in the mean while, defenses yo maximum. I want that ship's crew!" Vinh commanded. A chorus of "yes sir" was heard over the many screens as the wporld deveators got to work pumping out more Droid fighters, and in some cases full on star destroyers ready for battle with full crews and amaraments


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#, as written by Marcus
As soon as Choi left the Sith Emperor concentrated upon every force adept under his sway within Cobalt Edge. Those silver masked coteries aboard every vessel and stationed on every planet within this nexus of the Force began to divide and conquer as the vessels and planetary defenses of every nation within the sector began to act cutting off entry and exit through the now not so strange technology that the previous inhabitants left for them.

The Infinite Empire seemed to fully come alive as ships from every quadrant came to life both those manned by droids and organic soldiers alike. Every ship that was not fully automated by a compliment of a droid crew felt invigorated and pushed by zeal alone as Mor and all his coterie he connected with amplified his battle meditation.

Meanwhile Atom 7k awoke to several disturbances within his grid and began to examine the stars and planets helping speed the information along as Mars Corp. and the Crimson Legion began to implement the information and direct fighters and activate planetary defenses upon their own accord.

The Icy planet bellow began to erect a planet wide shield whilst several silver masked force adepts kneeled before their Emperor and offered their own essence to amplify what Mor already had. Soon he would look upon his space he controlled not through the use of a control panel or a communications screen but simply through the Force. All life and all things would be clear to him as he expanded upon the principle of battle meditation only to amplify it more.

(Posting Order. Princess, Marcus, and then Fife. Sorry for the small post guys.)


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0.00 INK

It didn't take long for the singular Reverence S to acquire the signature of the battle station, though it's shields were active the moment it jumped in, they did everything they could to defend the lone Aschen ship from the weapon's impact.

The green beam slammed into the milky white shields of the Aschen ship, which flared brilliantly as the energies were dissipated across the entirety of the bubble, but even Aschen shields could not repel firepower of that magnitude.

A small tendril of green pierced the veil of light, and impaled the Reverence S, gouging a hole several meters wide into it's Kanvium hull, exposing decks, and venting debris and a few people that weren't vaporized into space.

The entire ship shuddered, and the CIC was pandemonium.

"Shields are down! We have hull breaches in all decks, aft section! Engines one and two are down! FTL is down!"

"Damage control to Aft Sections! Put those fires out!"

"All hands defensive positions!"

Finally the Commander managed to regain order, with an axial spin, and several key systems offline, he made a snap decision. "Take us out of phase! Now!"

"Phase Shift generators are still active! Transitioning now!"

As the Droid star-fighters closed in, the crippled Aschen ship managed to completely disappear, vanishing from even the most sensitive scanners.

In this mode, the Aschen ship was outside realspace, and could not interact with anything outside of it's phase shift bubble, likewise further attacks would pass right through the Aschen ship as if it wasn't there, as it technically wasn't.

However, though they were out of phase, the engines and FTL were down, which meant the lone ship was dead in the water for now.


The main fleet had finally arrived, utilizing the telemetry, they jumped in just beyond the Ice Planet's star's Heliopause, the debris from the Oort cloud obscured the true number of Aschen vessels, and both the Keeper of Abassid, and the Absolution were the first to take position, as a dozen or so Aegis cruisers took up formation around the two command ships.

Bouncing energy back and fourth among their position, a massive canopy shield was erected around the two Command ships and their escorts, a canopy shield that could withstand even a fully powered super-laser shot, or even a sustained turbolaser bombardment.

Thousands of Aschen ships took up position, from Reverence Is to Hastati class cruisers, settling into combat formation, hundreds of Galaxy and Hera class robotics cruisers, along with Satyr and Gemino class Drone Carriers took up formation among the fleet.

The Electronic warfare would be the first to begin.

Broadcasting on a powerful wireless frequency, the Droids aboard the Sith vessels, and the Starfighters would likely begin to experience glitches, perhaps a delay in executive functions, as the Aschen began to broadcast powerful jamming fields, Planck fields around their formation to prevent any unexpected surprises, and ECM Jamming fields, which meant the Sith vessels, including the Death star would find it oddly difficult to target the Aschen ships, and at these distances, hitting anything below a Reverence II in size would be next to impossible.

Millions of Signatures appeared all throughout the system, false signatures broadcast from the Robotics cruisers. Both droids in ships, and those in space would likely find it increasingly difficult to function, as the hacking became relentless.

Missiles would be unable to find their targets should the Sith choose to launch them, diverting wildly off course once exposed to the Aschen jamming fields.

Hundreds of thousands of Drone Starfighters poured fourth from the Drone carriers, with massive AI Banks controlling entire squadrons at a time with a computation rate that was beyond even the human mind.

Each Furie class Combat Drone was armed with twin 30mm A6 Mass Accelerator Cannons, mounted under the wings, and inside the wings themselves were enclosed missile bays that contained five 150 kiloton nuclear warheads mounted on a rotating rack.

Hundreds of Thousands of Furie class drones surged fourth towards anything they could find, and the enemy would find that ray shielding was useless, as the solid mass slugs tore through shields unhindered, and shredded armor alike. Even the most resilient starfighter would likely be torn asunder by the sheer number of unmanned drones being deployed.

They never seemed to end...

With each Fury drone killed, ten took it's place as they seemed to keep pouring from the Drone Carriers, manufactured in real time via Light-Mass fabrication.

They merely served as a distraction...

Moving fourth, executing tactical jumps the Aschen encroached on the defending ships, some of them jumping within scant dozens of meters of an enemy ship.

One Star destroyer was unlucky enough, that a Hastati Cruiser jumped within three meters, hull to hull, the resulting spatial displacement would ripple across the Star Destroyer, before the Hastati Class cruiser brought it's ventral Turbodisruptor banks to life, unleashing a withering salvo against it's Shields, which likely wouldn't last mere moments before the unstable energies from the Aschen weapons fire overloaded the generator.

The Keeper of Abassid executed it's own jump, as Admiral Clegg opted to jump directly into the din of battle.

The 16km Command Carrier winked in amidst a formation of Star Destroyers, it's gargantuan shields easily shrugging off even the most concentrated turbo-laser fire.

Swiveling it's Frag Cannons, the Keeper of Abassid unleashed a torrent of slugs in all directions, with each slug easily capable of putting a hole clean through even the mightiest Capital ship. The Backbreaking release of kinetic energies likely making short work of the Sith vessels, as the Frag Cannon was almost unstoppable, and shields were a useless defense against them.

The World Devastators were not spared either, as a dozen Iconoclast, and Punisher class battleships jumped into a wide delta formation, concentrating their punishing SuperMAC Batteries on the World Devastators, each Ferric-Tungsten slug moving at 36,000 Kilometers per second, which was a staggering twelve percent of light speed, and was highly likely the World Devastators would be unable to withstand such withering firepower.

That left the Death Star...

Hundreds of Thunderbolt missiles from Athena cruisers Light years away would make quick work of the heavily armed and armored battlestation, as they jumped in within a scant 100 Kilometers, they released hundreds of individual Independent warheads, each containing a 25,000 Teracochrane Tricobalt warhead, these warheads were self guided, and immune to outside influence. Among those hundreds of warheads were decoys, which meant that any point defense systems would have to contend with both live warheads, and decoys.

Each detonation on the hull of the Battlestation would tear a hole into subspace, the resulting rift in the very fabric of space and time would be almost impossible to defend against, the resultant yawning chasm into subspace threatening to tear the Battlestation in two, and this tear only got worse with each Tricobalt detonation.

The withering salvo of Tricobalt munitions on the fabric of space and time in this system was akin to someone taking a machete to a carpet, hacking, slashing, and rending asunder the very reality of space.

The Battlestation would likely stand little chance, as the mightiest of shields and the thickest of armors were all but useless to these types of weaponry.

The Battle was now underway, the full might of the Aschen Empire coming to bear, seeking retribution for their loss.


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Character Portrait: Choi Character Portrait: Victor Bespalov Character Portrait: Darth Mor Character Portrait: Mars Corp. Character Portrait: The Crimson Legion Character Portrait: Atom 7K Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Bryon Clegg Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: Classis II Sector Molecay Character Portrait: Ruchalintaytaefolialagatnablilphueavrealt
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#, as written by claw
Whilst the emptiness of the void was suddenly filling with metal and energy and plasma and death born upon firey wings, something dark and distant and unnatural was birthing itself. The region was saturated with the filth of hyperdrives and slipstreams of interstellar travel, the fabric of reality was sundered into infinitesimal fragments as the veil between the void and the emptiness was split over and over and over as craft by the hundred slipped through the passage of worlds.

And as they tore across the galaxy in their vain quest to wreck a great plague upon each other, they in their folly and their haste caused something very dark to strike not just their location but their very reality itself. Where the thin veil was already weakened, a probing tendril was able to locate this thinning and with the force of an inexorable god sundered it.

Light and time and matter and nothingness converged in on itself as bolts of green energy and light shattered in an open space just within sight of the growing battle of foolhardy ships. And as the bolts grew in size they grew too in frequency until they warped and crackled together and in their combined might they tore the heart out of creation itself as an impossible tear elongated and warped as though it were a bubble born from the crust of a planet.

This bubble of light and energy which seared at anything that dared venture too close elongated and stretched until it was just over a kilometer long and near half as wide, a double curve like some form of extraterrestrial egg and as sudden as it had formed itself the egg cracked and shattered, revealing a vast and utterly alien ship.

The ship hung there, silent and unmoving until a shock of purple light seemed to sliver up the sharp edges of its armour, hard points fluttered with an energy that blinked out of existence should one dare to look at it for too long. Energy began to spike to a point beyond counting as it escalated to a point that hardly seemed even possible by any standards. The ship had awoken, with shields that barely registered in the visual spectrum and a great incandescent glow that seemed to glitter at its edge. Though what it's purpose was remained unclear for now.

Yet at the prow of the vessel, metal plating retracted over view ports and screens to reveal the bridge to the outside world, hiding from whatever maddening realm they had passed through in order to reach here. The bridge was small, only room for seven officers as well as the ships commander. It was from here that they could observe all that stretched before them and what they saw did not please them.

"Ship-Master... We have arrived." These aliens, all clad head to toe in armour which made detailing their physical form impossible, spoke not with their voices but with their minds, through the very ship they piloted they were connected to each other and could communicate at the speed of information itself.
"Where is here exactly helm? Have we found something new?"
"Impossible to tell right now sir, readings are recalibrating but... It seems we have been successful, we breached the dimensional barrier. We may be the first beings to enter the third dimension." The thoughts of joy and wonder were so rapidly shattered that it seemed they had hardly taken a chance to blink.
"Sir, I'm afraid that's not entirely correct, this region seems to be populated... And not too friendly either. I'm reading multiple hostiles with more incoming."
"Understood, power up all systems, prepare the Constructs for combat, it would appear that we have not yet left the threat behind. We are the last hope for our people, we cannot allow it to end here."

Whilst the battle began before the, the lone ship waited and watched for any that would be daring or foolish enough to move against them first.


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#, as written by Marcus

Atom 7K would have simply scoffed at the idea of a foreign body invading his matrixes and initiation cyber warfare without even considering his background count. The Noise was ever present but the Council A.I. simply pressed the advantage by searching out the red herrings and sending viral code out towards the enemy ships. The artificial intelligence released his agents to work with a multitude of programs that ranged in the thousands as attack ICE began to search and counter the intense Aschen invasion as fragmented code began to derail the attempt at slowing down the Sith war efforts.

"I was baptized in Data, I'm Atom 7K....." The A.I. began to enjoy this little game of cat and mouse as those millions of signatures began to find themselves dwindling to just a few thousand. Within seconds the broadcasted signals then shrank to hundreds if not less. Even the droids aboard Vihn's ship would seem to work with more tenacity as they interfaced with the agents and their artificial master. So long as Atom remained operational those glitches and delays would be dealt with and dealt back tenfold as his patrol ICE would begin to slow and brick primary Aschen systems aboard their invading ships.

Meanwhile what ships that continued to fight with tenacity not seen before as Emperor Mor and his coteries continued to amplify the Sith Emperors battle meditation. The Droid fighters may have been under the influence of the A.I. but the biological troopers and ships with living crews continued to fight on. For every ship lost however two more would take its place as Cobalt Edge housed several Star Forges that seemed to continuously produce more and more droids and ships to wage this war.


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#, as written by Awinita
Word filtered back to Vinh as she watched the fight from her flagship. Moving controls on a holotable before her she watched the fight unfold. A ring of five Death Star Battlestations formed and fired on a centeral point in space as a sixth death star fired on the beam of the other five, directing the shot at the main carrier moving things it seemed.

The delta formation of fighters and ships met a stiff wall of defense as countless droid starfighters swarmed the area and moved closer to the core of the delta formation to destroy it. The system was packed with ships as it was, how could they get in ? It didnt matter. Vinh was going to see victory for once her own way.

Behind her mask she watched everything carefully. Perfect. The battle was unfolding how she wanted. Exactly how she wanted. She smirked at the loss of a stardestroyer when another ship warped into the system too damn close. Directing her attention on the ship she used the Force, causing the reactor to shut down and then go critical. She felt the tinest hints of intrusion into her own mental systems of her rebuilt braincase but smirked darkley behind hermask as Lord Mor's Ai countered it easily.

The star destroyer that was destroyed wasnt a big loss, but when a few more were lost it didnt really matter, Vinh could make dozens more to fill their place. Sure Vinh was unhappy she lost ships, but she didnt lose her flagship, that would suck greatly

Her goal was to be met. She was in hope of forcing the attackers into a deadly trap she had the battlestations once more open fire as Super Star Destroyers rained hell on the enemy ships. An hour passed, maybe more as the the Sith observed the fleet of her own being bolstered by the numerous star forges churning out ships.

Vinh smirked in victory. The battle would be hers ? Hopefully so as they outnumbered the enemy fleet it appeared, even with the destruction on both sides Her happiness amplified through a radio hail from Victor that her stolen vessel had been recovered successful with no damage to the ship.

Vinh began building then what she knew was possibly thel argest ever vessel in the fleet, but it wasnt going to be enough. She knew that to begin building the vessel as fast as possible was one thing, but to have it have air to breathe was entirely another. So building the massive cruiser would take time. And hopefully it could end up the way she hoped

On one of the planets, Celos IV infact, just outside the battle zone, tempers flaired and a battle began on the planet,. Sadly Vinh couldnt be called upon to quell the sudden rebellion. As she herself had gone to face an old friend....

The setting changes from New Cobalt Edge to Wing City


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Terra's High Orbit.

It wasn't long after the Aschen announcement, that the first waves of their strike began against Imperium targets all around Terra's orbit.

There was silence in the velvety blackness of space, but that silence was quickly broken by about a dozen contacts, dozens that quickly turned to hundreds of contacts, hundreds of contacts that in an instant turned into millions of contacts, millions of individual weapons signatures from the multiple-independently targeted warheads of hundreds of Thunderbolt Missile systems flickered into the space above the planet.

Each individual warhead, not counting the decoys carried a mixture of several different kinds of strategic weapons, they were predominately naquadah enhanced nuclear fusion warheads, each with a yield in excess of 10.5 Teratons of TNT, easily capable of cracking a planet's crust, overwhelming void shields with multiple impacts; and vaporizing even the most robust Imperium warship.

Missile impacts from these warheads culminated into blinding flashes of light in Wing City's sky, thousands of them, each as intense as the last, overwhelming sensor systems, and even likely overwhelming people's eyes.

The second variety were tricobalt weapons, each high-yield tricobalt warhead packed a spatial rending tear that threatened to consume nearby ships, tearing them in two, and drawing them into subspace, the warp, or alternate dimensions as the spatial tears generated by tricobalt detonations grew like a gaping maw, only to snap shut.

The third variety were thalaron warheads, of which shields, and starship hulls did nothing to protect against, entire swathes spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers in breadth would be sterilized in a bath of green light, and in what could be described as an instant, those inside their ships would likely be unlucky enough to suffer a quick, and painful death as their organic flesh was attacked at the subatomic level.

The initial salvo lasted roughly fifteen minutes, and encompassed the entire area facing the origin of the attack, ships, space stations, fighter formations, all wouldn't be spared the sudden onslaught that came from FTL, and what happened next would give the remnants cause to either step back in awe, or run in fear.


Command Carrier Pax Infernal

"All hands, jump complete!" The XO Called out amid the cacophony of the CIC, while Admiral Nagala clasped the railing of the Command Carrier's console firmly, teeth grit in anticipation in the coming battle.

"All frag cannons target the remains of their defense stations, I want aegis fields mark two nine seven carom one one nine!" She called out, as the massive ship shuddered from the spatial flux of it's FTL jump.

The Pax Infernal was one of thousands of Aschen warships that began jumping in roughly 200,000 kilometers from Imperial positions, and those that survived the strategic missile bombardment would likely find themselves facing a determined foe.

Brilliant Aegis barriers shimmered to life, as Aegis, Gemino, and Hera class cruisers moved into position, throwing up ecm, chaff, and thick energy barriers to protect the jumping fleet.

Four Command Carriers, and seven Reverence IIs jumped into the fray, taking in a wide arc formation amidst the thousands of Aschen vessels that began to move into combat formation.

"All ships, this is Admiral Clegg, follow Admiral Nagala's lead and keep up the tempo... Reverences will provide long range support and target the stragglers, stay clear of the thunderbolts!"

"Second salvo inbound! All combat vessels prepare to break!"

Five minutes after the Aschen fleet jumped in, another several hundred more contacts flickered in, similar to the last ones, the thunderbolt missiles acquired their targets, and began their burn towards that likely remained of the Imperial fleet.



As violence erupted in orbit, Tech Con was working quickly, taking advantage of their relative anonymity in regards to Imperium activities, fortifying their position and using the flashes of the Aschen missile attack as cover to scramble Apollo fighters, Condor VTOLs, and heavy attack craft to meet the Imperium on the ground.

Mercenaries prepared their weapons, and climbed into their vehicles while security chief Henderson surveyed a large projection of the city before her.

"This ought to be interesting..." She muttered.


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Gabriel Ereb, aboard a private jet, skimmed through several files on his tablet. There were numerous schematics depicting everything from weapons to spaceship parts.