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Cleo of Attica

The secretive Champion & High Priestess of Hekate; AKA Cleo Wright, Founder & Executive President of Attican Productivities

0 · 349 views · located in Windcrest Market Square

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ColeFerg


Your standard megacorporation/sovereign state, but behind the scenes there be magic.
Registered citizens of the State of Attica


”It was a fun time to be alive. I served Athens as High Priestess of the Cult of Hekate. Being a daughter of Oceanus wasn’t easy, but I fought through it, learning how to control my abilities, and earning the pride of my father as a member of a family of beings that are in some ways better than other pantheons because of their sheer strength, but worse in that they’re… let me put it this way: If you’ve met a certain storm-maker, you would immediately see how they’re worse than other Gods. I was visited by the Goddess, who wanted to meet the very rare half-human child of a primordial. Touched by her hand, my sorcery and knowledge of all things important to the Cult blossomed, and I would become legendary in my own right as the female hero who would save the nymphs, rescue a minor Goddess, and some other minor feats. Since then, times have certainly changed. Swords changed to guns as the main weapon of war, and guns changed to weapons that fire bolts of lightning… they’re called directed energy weapon, but saying they shoot lightning is so much more fun. There are some who still use the weapons of old, but I don’t recall there being as many servants of Hekate, now. That’s why I’m recruiting more into my coven, and not being too choosy about which deity they serve. I don’t brag about my past. Barely anyone alive knows who I really am, now. I’m simply Cleo Wright, Executive President of Attican Productivities, a company of such size that it has developed into a nation. If people knew I was a witch of colossal power, the Champion of Hekate, Sister of Angels, Conduit of the World Soul, they would hunt me. I’m so over witch hunts. I’m powerful, really, I am, but the universe is so big now. I could tangle with archangels, and maybe even defeat them, but right now I’m too busy. I still practice, I still worship, but as Cleo Wright I have yet to show my true colors. Some know I’m a witch, but they don’t know the depths of history I’ve been in. My religion is public knowledge, but how could they possibly know what I am with that little spell I cast? Thousands of years, serving alongside Hekate, watching the universe from Olympus. I was so honored to be there. I might return one day, and dine with Hekate once more, but the mortal realm is my home for now.”

Child of Oceanus Abilities:

As the child of the eldest and one of the strongest Primordial Titans, Cleo has inherited more powerful abilities in a larger number than your usual Demi-God. Not on par with Oceanus himself, these abilities are mere shadows of the glory of such an entity. Cleo has all but mastered these abilities, and is constantly seeking ways to improve them. She can do this through the might of Hekate as her Champion and High Priestess, or through the ingenuity of science. It is possible that Cleo may develop more abilities given enough time. It took a while for Cleo to gain full control over her abilities, and with the power to generate water and coral as hard as titanium, or to isolate the atmosphere in a building and make it snow, she is a foe that won’t be soon forgotten after encountering her in combat. Related directly to the Potamoi and the Oceanids, Cleo wishes to become a true deity, and to acquire as much power as, or more power than they have.

  • Underwater Breathing
  • Heat Resistance
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Coralikinesis
  • Atmokinesis
  • Ink Manipulation
  • Ability to wield divine or unholy objects that a mortal normally wouldn’t be able to wield
  • Able to withstand the true form of most deities
  • Ability to communicate with most creatures and monsters (especially sea creatures, or the space-faring creatures that share some similarities), and to occasionally rally these creatures to her side, as they have a liking for her

Champion/High Priestess of Hekate Abilities:

The Champion of Hekate, and the High Priestess of one of her most important cults is not a witch you should consider a pushover. Wielding the most curious spells devised by Hekate, and channeling her power, Cleo is an already phenomenal witch given another boost. A stelwart in both of her duties, Cleo takes her worship to Hekate very seriously, and will fulfill the Goddess’s wishes as soon as possible. Trusted so much that she can call the Goddess’s power to grant blessings, or even to summon Hekate herself, Cleo has served Hekate valiantly as her right hand for centuries, and doesn’t wish to step down anytime soon. Hopeful that her attempts to bring the cult she was given charge of back to its former glory will be successful, Cleo will not rest until her duty is done.

  • Enhancement of existing biological & magical abilities
  • Conduit of Hekate
  • Prayers & Smiting
  • Spell Recognition
  • Lunar Photo-Augmentation
  • Ability to sense when it is night, and when it is day; ability to sense exactly where she is going, and to know the direction she needs to go to get somewhere [onboard navigation in her brain, essentially, but don’t be confused, because it doesn’t tell her the location of people, and it probably won’t tell her the location of your secret place unless she knows the planet it is on, in which case she will know roughly the general area it is in]
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of trivial information, magic, witchcraft, herbs, plants, the supernatural (including but certainly not limited to the undead, ghosts, spirits, supernatural creatures, and supernatural phenomena) (delivered as needed, which can be nearly any time, as Hekate defines ‘needed’ as Cleo even just wanting to tell someone something interesting); in the future, Hekate may grant Cleo other encyclopedic knowledge of things that fall under her domains and/or under the power given to her by her lineage over heaven, earth, and sea, but even Cleo hasn’t earned that, yet
  • Ability to communicate with ghosts, spirits, and most supernatural creatures
  • Power to create and access gateways

Other Abilities:

  • Latent draconic abilities (secretly, her mother was a legendary Great Drake of an odd breed [Aurora (Space + Solar) + Night (Lunar + Death)] in human form, who has been strong enough to prevent Cleo from discovering her true origins for centuries, as she has manipulated things on a cellular scale to appear as she wants)
  • Sorcery
  • Artificial telepathy & empathy
  • Artificially enhanced physical attributes (from strength, to enhanced lung capacity)
  • Artificial poison immunity
  • Artificial radiation resistance
  • Artificial Material Necrokinesis (an implant that allows her to cause necrosis in all matter, and not just organic matter)
  • Cybernetic implant suite + Brain-to-computer interface

Some Weaknesses:

  • Hekate’s Blessing - Hekate’s Blessing to her Champion and High Priestess is great, and the power that comes with when it combines with Cleo’s natural affinity for witchcraft and magic, and her divine ancestry is unimaginable to many lesser witches, but this comes at a cost. The service and duties taken on for this power have required many lifetimes of devotion, and Cleo is charged with an entire cult, and to fulfill Hekate’s will as her Champion. Cleo may have to fight in a battle against another deity’s champion in melee, and that means she has to constantly train herself in the martial arts as part of her regimen. Time is short for Cleo. Time for herself isn’t the only thing that Cleo has had to give up, however. Divine Champions are given more leeway than Paladins and Clerics (which don’t need to have a set moral alignment, as Hekate is given deities of all types), but they are still required to devote their lives, and doing otherwise or angering their patron deity past a certain point may result in the loss of their power.
  • Lunar Enhancements - Cleo’s Lunar Photo-Augmentation is strongest at night as she has access to a steady stream of Lunar energy. Though able to store energy in her cells until it is needed, trapping her can cut off her source, and there are cells that would be capable of draining the lunar energy, and preventing her from using that particular ability.
  • Stronger magic - I think this one is self explanatory. A stronger spell, or a stronger magic-user could defeat Cleo.
  • Elemental Weaknesses - Cleo’s ability to manipulate a few elements comes along with its own weaknesses, and each of the elements do as well.
  • The Price of Magic - All magic has a price. Some magic only requires mana or some reagents, but there are spells that may require much more sacrifice. Additionally, many spells (especially elemental ones) have their own weaknesses.
  • Calcium Requirements - Generating & manipulating coral requires a strong source of calcium, and too much use of Cleo’s ability of Corailkinesis could lead to osteoporosis, and a serious calcium deficiency. Luckily, the Trident of the Sea’s daughter, Hekate’s blessing, and Cleo’s calcium generating nanites help soften the blow to Cleo’s powers.


  • Attican Type 14-C ‘Skin’ Exoskeleton (it can be retracted from underneath the skin, and deployed as it replaces the clothing that it creates) - upgraded for military service
  • Standard Issue Attican Temporal/Spatial/Graviton Triple Type Pistol w/Multiple firing modes & smart technology
  • Standard Issue Attican Phase Dagger

Some Other Equipment:

  • The Coral Symbiote of the Aegean Sea - A crimson symbiote given to Cleo as a gift from her father for the day she surpassed his expectations, the Coral Symbiote of Aegea is able to rival the weapons of the Gods. As strong as Poseidon’s trident and Zeus’ lightning bolt, it allows Cleo to manipulate the seas and all within them, and replaces the function of nanites within others empowered by Attican technology. Once, Cleo even used it to stop an earthquake, but Cleo can’t actually cause earthquakes with it, as Poseidon has power over that domain. Strongest in coral, it expands Cleo’s admirable power with the coral to sand and salt, improving her hydrokinesis when wielded. Water elementals, storms, the conjuration and manipulation of water, creating energy shields and bolts, the conjuration and manipulation ice and cold, teleportation by using water as a medium, and calling powerful lightning that carries along with it a shockwave are abilities well within the reach of the Symbiote. Unlike the Trident of Poseidon, this has has incredible power over coral, ink, and similar things, and definitely on a much larger scale as this is its specialty, able to generate them, and manipulate them in ways that Cleo can’t by herself. Because it is able to transform into any shape that Cleo wishes, she may use it as a trident, an enchanted blade just as capable of harming Gods with its edges, make it a bracelet, wear it as an anklet, or adorn her ears with it as a set of earrings. Though merged with her body, she can also keep it in the form of a fountain pen with a gold nib that has a body of mammoth horn and red coral, filled with mystical squid ink, which is similar to the trident’s design scheme. The weapons created by it are enhanced to return to Cleo by flight in whatever form it is if lost, and is strong enough to travel through the hull of a starship. Lastly, among other abilities, the Coral Symbiote has intertwined with Cleo’s exoskeleton system, and enhances its power. A beautiful, sentient thing, it speaks to her, and she to it.
  • Ring of Nemesis - The Ring of Nemesis gives insight into others, letting Cleo ‘see’ the deeds they’ve committed, good and bad, as well as empathy and a view of fate. The most powerful ability of the Ring of Nemesis is that it grants Nemesis’ (and, yes, other Gods’) ability to punish without a spell that costs something as all magic does, in a manner on par with that of the major divinities, which far exceeds Cleo’s normal power level. The ability of Punishment isn’t as picky as Nemesis herself, and actually lets Cleo of Attica punish whoever she wishes as long as she has a reason in her mind. Cleo has mostly used it against her enemies and former coven members.
  • Amulet of Tyche - The Amulet of Tyche is incredibly difficult to learn how to use, its complex powers escaping 80% of those who had inherited it in the past. Through incredible training, however, and years of having it adorn her neck, Cleo can wield probabilities and anomalies against enemies or themselves to influence the outcome of something, like increasing the likelihood of a spell working, causing someone’s luck to drop so far that they lose everything from their job to their family, raising the chance of finding a rare item, or preventing your company from being affected by a stock market crash that you caused using the amulet beforehand. Though not as powerful as Tyche’s abilities, and more difficult to control, it is an advantage that Cleo believes has kept her from the depths of despair and poverty. The amulet has no conceivable limit to the range at which it can affect something, but it is limited to the size of a thing it can affect. Affecting anything larger than a city requires incredible work (and the result of affecting a city itself would probably be more broad, such as causing bad traffic for days because of water pipes bursting), and the amulet is rarely known for causing things directly, more often influencing other things so that the wanted effect can be achieved. The Amulet of Tyche is a difficult sea to learn to navigate, and one should always be careful so that it doesn’t backfire, as playing with fate is dangerous.
  • The Book of Hekate - A book granting control over a large volume magical paper, and acting as the place where Cleo creates some of her ink constructs. The magical book seemingly holds an infinite number of pages, filled with an innumerable number of spells that Cleo is still in the beginning stages of learning due to the size.

Note to Self: Cleo cast a spell that makes it difficult to investigate her background, and creates information as needed.
Note to Self 2: As the daughter of Oceanus, Cleo has several powers, such as atmokinesis, control over special coral, mystical squid ink-related abilities where she can control the ink or use it for runes, enhanced sorcery, and a few other powers.
Note to Self 3: As an ancient witch, Cleo has access to many different artifacts. Most of these are in her vaults or galleries, so don’t forget about them, as Cleo will have to go and get them. For others, please remember that getting something during the middle of a scene is incredibly stupid and not very fun for myself or others, unless the point of that part of the scene is to go and get the item.

So begins...

Cleo of Attica's Story

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Hovering above Windcrest in a dimensional crossover using spatial stealth technology to phase itself into a dimension that was “vibing” with the origin dimension, allowing it to go undetected while still being able to examine the world around it, was the Gopher. The Gopher was a small assault transport launched by one of the Attican vessels orbiting Terra. They didn’t have to send down the Gopher to deliver Cleo, as they could have used their teleportation gadget onboard any of the vessels, but Cleo had wanted assistance close. Onboard the 45 meter long Gopher were 12 soldiers, 8 automated units, and 4 Paladins that served Hekate and were commanded by Cleo as part of Hekate’s Cult of Attica. The silent vessel stayed in one place, possessing no clear presence to most forms of detection should the area it is in be scanned.

Cleo herself was the only one to be transported to the service, as landing the Gopher wasn’t in their best interest, and simply teleporting Cleo down with the others onboard awaiting her orders was what they wanted. Once they were done here, Cleo would be teleported back to the vessel, and the assault transport would return back to its mothership. The white snow melted upon contact with Cleo’s skin, transforming back into miniscule quasi-droplets of water. She was lucky that her phased vessel could teleport her while remaining phased, as detection would not be her favorite thing. Knowing that the locals who knew about teleportation technology would think that she had been teleported by a vessel in orbit, or one of the starbases, she need not worry too much.

A vision from the Gods, or perhaps from her own abilities as a seer developing into a passive power, had been sent to her. She knew what a message from those mighty beings that first walked on Terra before any creature had felt like. It wasn't like a normal dream, if it came to the receiver in their sleep at all. In the vision, Cleo felt a rift from another universe, not another dimension or even another world, being ripped open; she also detected the magical potential of someone within Windcrest she was told may become the apprentice she was seeking. The huge amount of power to send someone to another universe worried Cleo, especially if the Gods felt like sending her a vision, so now she was here, investigating both.

A formal white and indigo outfit was what Cleo had got dressed into using her exoskeleton’s fashion application. The white shirt she wore was largely covered up to be an accenting factor by a thick, indigo buttoned coat that reached down to just below her knees that had small, fluffy white threads dotted throughout its texture, but they blended very well, and weren't polka dots, but rather just a part of the fabric; it reached down to her wrists where her tanzanite cuffs and their white casing found their place, though it was currently pulled up to being just before her elbows. The long topcoat had a nice, thick collar, and centered between them, hidden beneath the white shirt, and around her neck, was an amulet. The Ring of Nemesis was placed her right ring finger, and a gorgeous watch was on her left wrist. The black pants with white and indigo accents she wore were tighter, but still professional-like, and they were stuffed into a pair of fine brown boots. She felt confident in her appearance, happy to finally use all of these items from the application in tandem.

Cleo stepped forward after entering the market square by teleportation, looking around at the same time her sensory abilities prodded the air for evidence. Then it hit her. A wave of mana so powerful that Cleo was sure it would have destroyed this market if it were weaponized. It was hidden somewhat, but someone of Cleo’s caliber in the sensing of the mystical, especially with the blessings given to her by Hekate, wasn't going to be deceived, and that's why she felt the traveling aura. Cleo continued stepping forward, entering the graceful, confident stride of not a businesswoman, but a warrior, hands in her coat’s pockets, finally coming upon the other woman that people saw suddenly appear.

Cleo examined the girl on the ground coolly.

”Welcome to Terra.” She said.

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As quickly as the rift came, it passed. Sensations of the warm light and images beyond human comprehension were replaced with the burning cold that tore through her jacket and stockings.

It had been only a mild fall day in Chicago. She could still feel the adrenaline rush of CPD bearing down on her, having just evaded an arrest that would have put her away for a ten-to-twenty. The nail in the coffin, she thought, on her life of crime. If it weren't for...

What the hell was that? There was her accomplice, closing his eyes and chanting nonsense under his breath. There was the bright light, the police sirens fading, the images that came too fast to comprehend; like a complex dream that one forgets after they wake up. How much time had passed? Was her accomplice still there, on the rooftop of that Wells Fargo, whispering that gibberish as if his life depended on it?

Where was this place? Hell, most likely, she thought. Maybe she had fallen to her death, or one of the police snipers had put her out of her misery. This is what you get, for living the life that you have. It wasn't the worst thing. Hell had more dignity than prison.

Quinn raised herself to a sitting position, bits of glistening snow and ice sliding off her back, to get lost among the others. Still wearing her black bandana, she slid it off of her face to reveal the features of a young woman. Her gaze came to the woman standing above her.

As she watched the other woman, Quinn spoke the first words that came to her mind.

"Fuck me, it's cold!"

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The white snow of Windcrest fell gently upon Cleo, some of it sprinkling her hair until it was evaporated by her body heat, just like the rest of the snow. Inside of her coat pockets, her fingers tapped against each other’s fingertips, index upon thumb, middle upon thumb, ring upon thumb, and then pinky upon thumb, but it wasn’t very noticeable. The cold, coat-penetrating wind didn’t bother Cleo, but someone who wasn’t as wrapped up as the young woman before her definitely would feel the freeze. She kept her smile as she thought about Maximillian, her son, wondering if he was feeling cold right now out on Ruula, the world of Pokemon. Cleo continued to examine the girl, before looking up at the gray skies, and reaching out her right hand for the girl to follow.

”It is, isn’t it? There is a fire going over here made to keep people warm, I suppose. Conveniently, there is also a clothing merchant nearby. I’ll do you a favor, and buy you a set. This place is rustic, and simple, but they have everything you’ll need.” Cleo said, speaking only as many words as she needed to.

”I know you’re not from around here, but you don’t need to worry. I won’t be telling anyone.” Cleo’s hand went to her side instead of hanging in her coat pocket, her left still in its respective pocket. Cleo didn’t wait for the woman to follow, certain she would come along in such a hostile environment, especially to a warm place, and certainly when clothing was offered to replace such inadequate wear. The head of state sighed as she placed her hands up near the fire, enjoying the heat even though her symbiote was keeping her warm.

At the moment, Cleo was thinking about how she should have brought her handmaidens. They frequently accompanied her, but were back on a ship in orbit. Next time, she would make sure they got to enjoy a place as beautiful as Windcrest.

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Quinn followed behind, pulling off her black gloves, stuffing them in her pockets, to let warmth of the fire reach her skin. She brought her hands almost close enough to the fire to burn, taking comfort in the heat. She rotated her arms, like a roast cooking on a spit, absorbing the heat in every pore.

Quinn looked up at the other woman, analyzing her features. I must look like a fool, Quinn thought. Thin windbreaker in the icy winter. A skirt and stockings, not thick enough to keep the cold out. Combat boots like some kind of punk reject. A bandana around her neck, a hood over her face - all black, of course. Like a felon. The thought made her laugh.

She pulled off her backpack and unzipped the top to take inventory. Everything was still there - she had been homeless, and the backpack contained everything she required for life. Most of it was stolen, some of it gifted, or traded. Almost none of it bought. Her eyes glanced past her baseball bat, an item so large the handle stuck out of the top, trying to weigh whether or not she'd need to use it.

Her hands found her way to a Snickers bar. To make sure it was real life, she told herself. Her hands, no longer shaking, tore the wrapper apart. She took a bite, savoring the flavor in her mouth - it could be her last, she told herself. Maybe candy didn't exist on Terra.

There it was again. Worrying about the stupidest things. Snickers bars are the least of your problems, a voice in her head said.

"Who are you, and what is this place?" Quinn spoke. Her voice was soft.

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The fire crackled, the wood inside of it singing a little song as it was licked and devoured by the roaring fire that kept this small area so warm that much of the snow melted before it hit the ground. She admired the stone being caressed by the flame it contained, looking around at the rest of the people in market. Some were dressed in plate armor, others in leather armor, but many of the citizens weren’t armored at all. A boy was getting some kind of winter rose for his sick mother, she overheard, hearing that it was just a cold, something being treated, but that sweet child was still worried. She gave a wave to the observant boy, who had noticed her looking at him; she saw a dagger at his hip, and her grinned, giving a wave.

”Hello, bold, little hunter.” Her thought beamed to him, and he just gave another wave as a goodbye before scurrying off.

”This place? This place is interesting. It is named Windcrest, I believe. It’s a city-state of a sort. I’m not sure, entirely, but I know it is run by a Jarl.” Cleo said, confident enough to admit she didn’t know something. She noticed the other eyeing her baseball bat, and she gave a soft scoff.

”You won’t need that. Not here, anyways. There are tons of guards in this marketplace… and if you’re scared of them, they won’t bother you. They don’t know you, remember? Relax.” Cleo reached into her pocket, and held out her Attican I.D.

”Ignore the part that says Empress. They insisted that go on there, but I want to have it removed. I run Attican Productivities, and, as you can see, my name is Cleo Wright. Clearly, it isn’t your usual corporation. We care about our people. We even have citizens.” Cleo wasn’t worried about revealing that to the woman because she deserved all the comfort of knowledge she could get. New universes had to be terrifying.

The I.D. card was repocketed; she didn’t use it normally, and it didn’t hold any importance, but it was useful for telling other people who she was since they didn’t have the Attican database, or the extensive scanners that allowed them to identify themselves. Cleo pulled out some gold coins, and looked around, seeing someone trying on a fur coat in one of the stalls.

”Over there. The clothing is built for this weather, but still rather nice. Follow me over there, please? Would you mind telling me your name? You’ll need work here.” Cleo said, this time waiting for the girl to follow.

”When we get over there, pick out whatever you need. We’ll get some other gear for you after. You’ll need something stronger than a bat to survive here.” The witch waited patiently, thumbing at the edges of a golden coin.

”You’ll also need a guide, won’t you? Join me. It’ll be fun.” She continued to thumb the gold coin.

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Quinn swallowed the first bite of her candy bar slowly, cautiously eyeing the woman. Her other hand slipped inside the bag once again, this time retrieving a couple small pieces of green paper. "Federal Reserve Note" was printed at the top of them.

"Quinn. You can call me Quinn," Her words were slow and unsure. "I, uh... Thanks, but I can pay for the coat." She held the green papers up, pulling them taut between her hands for a second, so they were clearly visible to the other woman. She slipped her backpack back on, feeling its heft on her back.

Her eyes looked around at the townsfolk, clad in armor and dingy fabric like something out of medieval times. She wondered, for a second, if this world was one in the past, before her present time - she wondered if perhaps the rift had sent her back in time. Or perhaps this was some kind of dystopian future, one where mankind had been reduced to primitivism. But what of this woman, using technology far beyond the limits of Quinn's time?

It was then, she felt it, as if a veil had been removed, letting her perceive the way the Multiverse intended her to. This wasn't a tangible past, present, or future. The universe she now existed in was all times and all things colliding. It existed on no plane of reality that she had known; it was a world its own, or many worlds perhaps, collectively giving way to a grand reality.

Her hands, still clutching at her fiat currency, now reached behind her and returned the paper to a pocket on her bag, as she felt its futility become apparent. "Then again, I'm not sure if my money is valid here," Her tone was almost sarcastic, treating the illogicality of her actions as if it were a joke.

"Sure, I'll come with you. I think I need quite a few more things explained."

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The green currency that Quinn had brought a chuckle out of Cleo. She knew that they only accepted gold here in Windcrest. Places like these, they still ran on ancient trade currencies. Gold was always a good thing to have, though, and because copper and silver wasn’t as valuable, it was one of the best. Cleo usually paid for things much less expensive than gold with a few of her coins, but she had more than enough of it in her pockets; she could have probably stored it with a spell, but… well, maybe Cleo should start doing that if she didn’t want to waste money.

”Well, Quinn, you’re right. Your currency isn’t valid here. They run exclusively on metallics. Thankfully you picked out some of the nicer clothes, so I don’t have to waste my gold.” Cleo was still looking out at the rest of the market, not facing the tender. She turned, and gave a smile to the store owner, and flipped them a gold coin.

”You won’t get bored with me. I’m not your usual businesswoman. I’m usually more secretive about who I am,” Cleo said, leaving out that she was holding back much, much more than she was telling, ”but I felt fine with giving you that info. Let us go get you a weapon over here. Something magical. I’ve heard they have excellent enchantments.” Cleo moved forward to an actual building this time, opening the door, and looking to Quinn before she stepped in, head quirked to the right.

”Maybe some light armor, too.” She said, stepping into the shop.

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Quinn'a eyes darted around the shop, feeling the stare of many townsfolk. "Outsider" may as well have been written on her forehead.

"The fuck you lookin' at?" She was unsure if they understood her words, but her tone was enough to get the meaning across.

She apprehensively explored the shop, her gaze moving from item to item. A familiar feeling came over her. Every blind spot and hole in security became apparent as she strolled around. Secretly she knew how easy it would be to conceal something when the clerk turned their back, walking out with a new piece of equipment while they were none the wiser. But this looked like small business, she thought. She would save such an endeavor for more affluent places in the Multiverse.

Quinn spoke to Cleo, her eyes still not leaving the merchandise. "So what do we need weapons for? Are we slaying dragons or something?" Her words carried a deadpan sarcasm.

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As Quinn finishes her sentence, the rift comes again, bringing her to another location in a burst of white light.