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The Magician's Assistant

0 · 118 views · located in Hiafa

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Unicorn Luv



"Look into my eyes, and be amazed....- Just kidding! You aren't likely to see anything besides a pupil and blue color in my eyes. At least you shouldn't, not unless I have an eye boogie or something?"-Confucia looks like the sort of daringly whimsical sort of person that could pull off saying something like that while making it sound polite. Her appearance is gentlmanly sharp and her posture impecable. But while she says you could see nothing in her eyes, you can invariably sneak a peek at strange soul. Her gestures are theatric at times and her mannerisms are as though she were a gentleman of the Victorian era, she even dresses in a professional manner all the time. But at the same time she remains feminen strangely enough. Either way, it is always impressively professional. It seems she never turns off her charm, which suggests she is charm itself. She acts the same way in front of customers as she does with the circus members.

Standing at 5' and 7", her height and slender build add to her more posh appearance. Her skin is light mocha and smooth, but her lips are slightly too big for her face so she tries not to draw attention to them. Coni's hands are probably one of her most impressive traits besides her intense expressions. They are slender and soft, and the most nimble things you've ever seen flash before your eyes. Her hair is very curly and won't turn straight no matter what you do with it, so she just leaves it like that, even if she'd preffer something a bit more manigable. Ah well, one may gripe about their looks, but in all honesty everyone should give up even attempting to look beautiful in the presence of the Cirque's Ringmistress. They were simply meant to never even come close.


Generic, ordinary, understandable, they are words simply not meant for Confucia. Some even wonder if her sanity is all there most of the time. She speaks in riddles that make complete sense to her but end up confusing others. And the statements she makes are often run offs from her inner dialog, leaving those present curious butnever satisfied with an answer, as she tends to answer questions with another question. It isn't meant with any harm, or at least she says it isn't, you can never be too sure.

But while this can be true, Confucia does not run off such things without style. She is poetic by nature and free at heart. What comes to mind is what is said, and never a lie. Even if the truth makes one uncomfortable, she'd say it even if she could tell that it was making you uncomfortable. But certainly you can count on her to make it sound like no big deal. While heavily concerned with worldly knowledge and shrewd, she does not flaunt facts and tell you if your perception of something is wrong. Sometimes Confucia gives the impression that she can read any individual like a book, she can home in on feelings you thought you were hiding, but at other times she appears rather clueless to the atmosphere. In this case both traits are correct, it simply depends on her mood. Which is unusually cavalier and cheery by the way. She has yet, in the decades she has been around, to ever become angry or show a sign of displeasure. She handles raw situations with a suave and cool hand. And doesn't really take offense to anything.

To her all important fellow circus members she is eager to please and accomidate, much like the visitors to their compound. But that is the point isn't it? She treats everyone with the same friendly manner. She is close to no one, their is question on if she is even close to her Magician. But no one asks such a thing, who would pay that much attention in the first place? She seems much too free to be tied with close relationships, and her she comes down from cloud nine for no one.


Being a Magician's assistant, Confucia is bound to at least have something up her sleeve, or in her bowler hat. Well she does, but it's always something different, and most of the usefull to the situation. You are never for want of anything around her or the Magician himself. Giving them the reputation of being quite useful, if a little vexing. Though it raises the question, it really just a trick? Or do the Magician and his assistant have a secret hidden in their petticoat's?

So begins...

Confucia's Story