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Corvin de la Chateau

Corvin de la Chataeu de L'Order D'Ankou is a French American nobleman and assassin for the Order of Ankou; a secret society sworn not only to protect chivalry, honor and nobility, but also to enforce it by way of the assassin's blade.

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Corvin can be described as tall, dark and handsome, with black curly hair and brown eyes. He has a thin mustache and small goatee, which he keeps clean cut and shaven to perfection. His hair waves down just past his shoulders, but most of the time he keeps it tied back in a ponytail, allowing just his bangs to hang down over his face. Corvin only speaks English, but he has a slight French accent and talks with a sense of nobility, being somewhat stern yet humble. He only wears black, white or red, and appears to be somewhat of a Gothic prince. He normally fashions a hooded cloak which is white on one side and black on the other. He sometimes wears this with a black and red cape, flaunting the crest of the golden eagle, over an all black tunic. He wears polished black leather boots and a polished belt, with gloves and a sheath to match. His armor is very light, consisting of metal arm bands and shin guards, with close ringed thin woven chainmail and a leather padded vest. In times of true war, he will wear a metal chestplate and full assassin's silver armour. During peace time he will normally wear a leather vest jacket or French regalia made of silk. ... 7-ezio.png


Corvin was once a flamboyant, highly energetic child. As a noble man, he now seems quiet and secluded. He does not talk much, and usually travels during rainy weather. He is strange and mysterious, always having his head down or covering his face. He does not expose his skin much, and tends to stay in places where it's dark, quiet or shadowy. Besides being shy, he is also very kind and respectful towards most people. He can be very helpful and giving sometimes, but other times he seems to back away from people. He is smart and talented, but not very trusting. He can be very loyal and courageous, never hesitating to fight when it is necessary. Chivalry, honor and respect are most important to him, as is honesty and discipline. He doesn't like to be asked questions about his past, and his explanation for being so wealthy is that his father was a bishop. Corvin is extremely sensitive, but very sly and tricky. He has catlike reflexes, foxlike wits, and a snakey personality. Besides all this, he is very calm and collective.


Corvin always carries the raven's sword, given to him by his father. The raven's sword was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, and is basically a long two sided broadsword which can be weilded with either one or both hands. Corvin's father personally trained him in all the ways of the assassin, from swordsmanship to horseback riding. Corvin knows how to use a crossbow and a pistol, and just about every bladed weapon imaginable; knives, daggers, swords, spears, axes, hatchets, clubs, maces, whips and chains. He often wears a money purse, food purse, and medicine pouch on his tool belt. He also sometimes carries a bullet pouch, and wears several different weapons on a tool sash across his chest. He always sheathes his sword and dagger at the left side of his belt, and he always brooches the red and black cape of the golden eagle to his left shoulder plate, allowing it to hang down over the left side of his body over the black and white cloak of the hooded crow. He learned about botany and chemistry from da Vinci, and has all the skills needed for every tool and item in the assassin arts. Corvin never carries too much, however, as he is also a freerunner and an expert brawler. He is very innovative, fast and clever. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with years of training and inginuity. ... 2-Ezio.png


Corvin de la Chateau was originally born in Toulon, France (as "Corvin de Toulon"), but after his mother and sister died, Corvin's father left France and raised him in North America, on a humble ranch in South Carolina. His dad taught him everything that he knew, from hunting to farming, and even herding. Corvin learned how to read and write in English, how to ride a horse, and even how to make and use innovative weapons. But by the age of fifteen, Corvin became curious as to how his mother and sister really died. His father told him that they had been murdered by assassins who wished to kill them because of his father's misdeeds. Corvin's father was an assassin for L'Order D'Ankou, a secret society whose main purpose was to destroy the evil Grand Orient of France, and to defend chivalry. After hearing this, Corvin wanted to know more. His father told him that he was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived, and that he had killed many of the Orient's wicked conspirators. But the French Pope found out and had Corvin's whole family assassinated. Corvin's father protected him by leaving Toulon, and raising him on a small secluded ranch in the middle of the woods. One day, Corvin's father gave him a necklace bearing the golden eagle medallion. On top of that, he gave Corvin the black and white cloak of the hooded crow, and the raven's sword, all of which were special items bestowed only upon members of L'Order D'Ankou. The rest of the honorable secret society had been assassinated also, so it was up to Corvin's father to take revenge. Corvin knew it was his duty to guard the ranch while his father was gone, but he believed in his heart that it was his destiny to follow in his father's footsteps. Two years passed, and Corvin's father returned sick. He had regained his family's honor by assassinating everyone who was involved in the conspiracy, but had fell victim to malaria from a mosquito bite which ultimately took his life. Corvin was seventeen years old when his dad died. Not wanting to be completely secluded afterwards, he hired a few farmers to work on the ranch while he returned to France on a Spanish trade ship, wearing the necklace that his father had given to him. An artist named Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci wore a similar medallion, and recognized the emblem on Corvin's sword; da Vinci himself said that he designed it. Corvin was impressed, especially after hearing that da Vinci was an engineer and an inventor, and that he used to make weapons for Corvin's father. Leonardo da Vinci told Corvin that his father was an extraordinary man who believed that one day, good would triumph over evil; da Vinci then gave him a serum which made Corvin immune to all sicknesses and poisons. He stayed with da Vinci for a while, learning all that he could about science and anatomy. Leonardo engineered a giant castle for him in Toulon where he became known as Corvin de la Chataeu, or "Corvin of the Castle". He has but one desire, to make his name live on after he dies. He established a huge headquarters for L'Order D'Ankou in Marseille, and by the age of twenty three he assumed a more shadowy role as the occultic and mysterious Count of Toulon.

Long long ago, in a country to the south.
Rose a knight by the name of Corvin de la Chataeu.

Though new to this city, he quickly gained fame.
Every commoner and officer in town knew his name.

He started as a nobleman, a wealthy young bloke.
With a gold hilted sword, and a common white cloak.

He seemed somewhat primitive, and lived by a code.
Bringing justice and honore from a time very olde.

But little did he know, he had brought a lost cause.
To an age of technology and strict martial laws.

There were forces like none he had seen where he lived.
But the knight was determined to start a new myth.

If he could not bring peace, then he must go to war.
An assassin's new creed, immortalized in folklore.

His name had been whispered by the leaves in the wind.
To the Fae, the Chinese, and the mightiest Aschen.

But of all these he stayed, Corvin de la Chataeu.
And an army he had raised called L'Order D'Ankou.

He fought with the heart of a thousand brave souls.
Facing guns and an army that shook the earth cold.

Though he may not return, Corvin's name still lives on.
Inspiring to others that the weak may be strong.

Thus is the legend we tell our young now...

Long live Sir Corvin...

De la Chataeu...

So begins...

Corvin de la Chateau's Story


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Corvin de la Chateau enters Gambit's Bar and takes a seat at the counter, looking at the touch-screen menus. The whole place had changed since he had last been to Gambit's, everything was remodelled. He sat there quietly, listening to all the goings-on around him. He wondered if any of his old crew was still around, but didn't notice any Wanted posters on the walls.