And so, the great trickster exercised his ability to fuck shit up. *in progress!*

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Tæfarós


Name(s): Coyote; Bassa; O-let'-te; The Creator; Radiant Child; King Samo; The Tricky One
True Age: Not worth asking—not worth knowing. To put it bluntly, he’s old.
Apparent Age: Late twenties to early thirties.
Job: Con artist. Nothing says class like rigged games and curses strewn from the tables. He takes great pride in dabbling as a jack of all trades, dealing cards one night, seeking Artifacts the next. The prized vessels, guised as timeworn sculptures, he collects as part of an underground gallery, which are always up for auction to the highest—and most worthy—bidder.

Coyote, with all his cunning, has modernized his facade to observe and to cajole the mortal population, much to the dismay of his spiritual comrades. He looks rather lithe and Bohemian, either wearing his wild roots on his sleeve or taking suit to an eccentric fashion sense. His eyes are light brown, standing out against his ebony skin, and his hair grows vertically in natty curls. If shoes aren't required, he'll probably do without them. A feral being resides within him that lives up to his namesake, and this form may be summoned at will, but provoking the trickster can result in the following: His eyes may slant and glow an eerie yellow; a tail has been known to sprout from his body, or a pair of ears from his head. As a coyote, he is large compared to the average size of the animal, slightly smaller than an adult male wolf, and hints of blue are prevalent in his coat.

ImageOrigins: A being of countless depictions of myths and portrayals across pagan, Neopagan, and Native American cultures, there is no straight history for The Tricky One. He is credited with the creation of the world, the bringing of fire, and even the concept of death, but for the sake of being less vague, let's go with this abridged version:

The Great Spirit called forth all the peoples of the earth. He was to name each beast of the Animal World at the break of dawn, and whomever appeared first at the lodge of the Spirit Chief had the right to choose his or her name. Coyote, a curious, despised imitator, pried his eyes open with twigs to ensure that he would stay awake throughout the night. However, to his dismay, he became the last to speak with the Great Spirit. He would not be called Grizzly Bear, or Salmon, or Eagle--he would forever be known as the trick-person, with the power to change himself into anything in the face of danger. He was tasked with destroying the man-eating monsters that roamed the land, for the tribes could not flourish in their presence. And so, he defeated these monsters, using the remains of the final enemy to create strong groups of Man.

So begins...

Coyote's Story