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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mr. Crow

So begins...

Cutter's Story


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-In the middle of nowhere-

A heavy sigh blew out of Hatchet's lips, as a teapot might blow steam. He slouched in the chair, and leaned his elbow on the arm rest. He looked to Proxy who appeared to stand guard by the door to watch through the small viewing window. "Get me a towel out of there," Hatchet pleaded in a whiny tone.

The masked man turned his head. "Cutter's cleaning her, at the moment."

Hatchet waved a hand forward. "Go get it quickly, then."

He typed in the code of the door to unlock it. It had been air tight with the only oxygen provided by a conditioning vent on the inside. He slipped in, averting his gaze from the woman, and retrieving a neatly folded towel.

"The procedure is almost complete." The android naturally gave an update on his work.

"Good to hear, Cutter." Hatchet called from across the room, as he stared back at Proxy with scrutinous eyes.

He returned with the towel almost reluctantly, as he was secretly interested in this woman. However, he refrained from a further thought on the matter. Hatchet snatched the towel from Proxy's hand, and began to smear the blood off his face. Although, his white skin remained stained a slight pink from the excess.

Cutter removed a syringe from his tool table, and planted the needle in her arm. As the liquid pumped into her veins, she would be fully sedated. He placed a finger on her pulse to verify the slow of her pulse. "She is asleep." A conclusive statement.

"Excellent! Now, Cutter," His eyes darted over to the robot. The droid stepped out, sealing the door behind him. "Send out a message to the others. Eden is the targetted location. We've just kidnapped a woman, and we want her to stay that way. Tell the troll to stay in Wing City, and to continue keeping tabs on all incidents. I expect a report every week by coded message. Coded message, make sure to tell him. That doesn't mean bad spelling. And you, my Proxy," He snapped his fingers and pointed an astute finger at the man. "You will stay with us, for now. Expect to travel back and forth. I hope you won't suffer too much jet-lag!" His brows flicked up.

"What about Myles?" Proxy asked, though with amount of concern. "If he's left behind..."

"Yes, I know what he'd do. The little beast. Cutter, send an associate to give him a Spaceport ticket to Eden City."

The android stood still for a few moments to process the data of composed messages, and sent it to each of the associates.

"Now, Cutter, take us off to the great blue yander!" Hatchet shouted, before walking over to look inside the window of the Casey's room.

Cutter plopped down in the control room. "Camoflauge base on, shuttle signal cloaking engaged," The shuttle began to hover from the ground, slightly wobbling in mid-air, but continued on its flight pattern high into the sky of Terra. It headed for Eden, and would arrive there in seven hours.

By the time they land, and settle into a new residential location, Casey would awaken in whole other country.

The setting changes from the-wastelands to The Sovereign Country of Eden

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-Eden: Deep in the mountains-

When she finally awoke, she was stiff, groggy, and sore. Her torso ached especially, making it difficult for her to take in deep breaths. She was lying on her back, flat on what might have been an operating table, and the lights had been dimmed to allow her some period of rest. When she turned her head to the side, though, she saw the cabinets, the drawers, the countertops that were organized with what may have been medical equipment and surgical instruments. With a shiver, she lifted an arm, observing the skin. All appeared to be normal.

She was covered in what might have been a hospital gown, one that her arms had been laced through, with a bow neatly holding it all together behind her neck. She had an IV in the crook of her arm, one that ran plan fluid, and the other looked like it might have been connected to a blood transfusion.

Was she in the hospital? Had she been rescued?

She hissed in a breath as she pushed herself to a seated position, her abdomen screaming with discomfort as she moved her legs to hang over the side of the table. When she lowered herself, allowing her toes to touch the floor, her knees gave out on her, and in her attempt to stop her fall, she upset an instrument tray that clattered to the floor noisily, sending sharp surgical utensils flying everywhere.

Casey threw her arms over her head, cowering into the base of the table as the metal pieces rained down around her.

"Jesus," she breathed, her voice hoarse and dry.

The door would immediately open. The masked man stood over her, peering down through his goggles. Instead of a suit, he was clad in more versatile clothing; grey cargo pants tucked into black high-top boots, a long-sleeved, black underarmour shirt, and of course, his mask. He reached out both hands, which were gloved, to pick her up by her underarms, and set her back on the table. "Stay still, or you will be restrained." He added bluntly. There was no remorse harbored in his voice. This man was here, because he was ordered to be here.

"I didn't know my legs didn't work." Casey muttered irritably, immediately falling silent afterward.

The shuttle had landed behind a mountain crevest near the coast of the city of Eden. There was a rocky path down, though hardly traversible. Hatchet went ahead to make the proper arrangements. The android stayed inside the shuttle, simply waiting for further orders, and keeping tabs on all activity through the utilization of the satelites of Terra.

"Do you recall where to take her?" Cutter voiced. His voice was produced by an autotomic emitter, of course. Although, it was characterized by a droll, polite tone.

"Yes," He sounded off, harboring some subtle irritation. He looked back at the girl, again. There were some awkward seconds of silence between them, until he turned around to retrieve more suitable clothing. He brought back the clothes they had found her in at the apartment. "Put these on." He dropped them on the table. "If you don't wear them, then you won't be wearing much of anything." The door was shut, but he kept his eyes on her through the window. There was no room for gentlemanly standards.

She stared towards the door, biting on her lower lip before reaching for the ties that held the gown to the back of her neck. Allowing the cotton fabric to fall into her lap, she began to slowly dress herself, mindful of the painful bandaging and stitches that made her skin tight and uncomfortable. Once her head broke free of her blouse, she pulled it down around her hips, before bringing her legs up and gently easing them into the legs of her jeans. It took a bit of methodical effort, but eventually she was able to get herself well dressed, and she looked towards the eyes that watched her and waved him back inside.

"I might need a little help." she told him once he came in. "My legs suck."

The door slid open, and Proxy stepped in. But, he turned around, again, with his back facing her. "Get on." There was a nap-sack of sorts strapped over his shoulder. It held all the equipment of his briefcase. Before she could make a move he turned his head to watch. Trust was still at bay in his mind. Caution was the prime factor of survival, and safety. "I'll break your legs, if you don't cooperate." He stood waiting, and ready to do just that.

"Yeah, yeah." Casey muttered, easing forward and putting her arms around his neck. Hoisting herself up, she held on tight, gritting her teeth as the stitches in her back strained uncomfortably. Rather than speaking, she merely tucked her forehead against his shoulder and buckled down for the walk ahead.

You'll probably end up breaking them anyway...

He latched his arms underneath her thighs to act as a harness for support of her weight. Then, he marched forth out of the ship. His boots thumped on the metal with every step, until they stomped on the rocky earth of the mountain. "It's five miles away from here. I'll be carrying you the whole way."

His body jolted with every foot gained of those miles. It was going to be a long walk. A very long walk. She would feel no sweat from his neck, or grumble from underneath his mask. His arms would bear her weight, until the very end. This being was a sentinel. He would protect the girl with his life, until ordered to take her life himself.

High behind them the mountain loomed, and sinked farther away bit by bit as he walked. Every now, and then, the Proxy would resecure Casey's weight by throwing her body forward against his back, while leaning into the strides. If she didn't talk to him, then he wouldn't talk to her.

She didn't speak. Not for a long time. The only sound that came from her was the gentle groan that accompanied his repositioning of her weight. She was busy thinking about a lot of different things, a remarkable feat considering how distracting the pain in her back and abdomen was.

"He's going to kill me, isn't he?" she finally said, her voice soft, but close to his ear.

"I don't know." He answered quite simply. "Ask him yourself if you feel so curious. In your situation, you can expect anything to happen, except for the good thing."

"Encouraging." she murmured, her eyes half-lidded with exhaustion. Well, if anything, she could anticipate that the situation was only going to get worse for her.

The scenery began to change, somewhat, after the first mile. A wooded area came into view about a mile ahead. The coast of the city was visible, as well.

He stopped, and leaned forward to keep her on his back, while he unzipped the pack with one hand and reached in to pull out a bottle of water. He handed back to her, before continuing on. "Drink it. You need to stay hydrated. We've still got a while, before we get there." Perhaps, he thought this moment of living was something she should cherish. She was not being beaten, or tortured, at the moment. So, why not take in the tweeting birds, the croaking frogs, and the wild dogs? Fresh sea breezes blew by, and seagulls honked their beaks over head.

Proxy had been on the course for an hour, now. Another two miles were gained.

As far as Casey was concerned, Proxy could take his birds and frogs and shove them firmly up his ass. When the water was offered, she drank, handing the bottle back to him and readjusting her grip around his shoulders.

In the end, it really didnt' matter how this happened. If she died, she died. If she didn't, well, as soon as Randin found out about this, it would all be over with.

It pulled her into a deep, dark area of her heart, one filled with a certain bitterness and despair. Miserable, lonely, and admittedly frightened, she didn't know what to expect, and she could honestly say she wasn't looking forward to any of the possible outcomes.


They arrived at a spring with a set of cozy homes built on the edge of the water. Made from the exotic wood of Eden's local trees. They were structured on stilts, and each one had a stairway, which spiraled around leading to a balcony. The balcony overlooked the spring, and the parting of trees presented a view of every passing sunset. When one opened the front door, that sun was the first thing they saw.

Proxy carried the woman up the stairs. Each knee pumping up the steps quite easily . It was at least apparent his body had been conditioned to trek long distances, and keep going. Along the last two miles, the man did not speak to the woman. He thought the endeavor useless, anyway, since her end was imminent. However, he did spare her some words.

"We're here." He said, as he stepped up the last step, and allowed for a brief glance of the balcony's inspiring view.

Though, to interrupt any chance os positive thought the surreal location might have provided, he turned away, and walked closer to the door. He leaned forward. "Knock for me. Just one will do." He added. She was surely strong enough to do that.

Shifting her grip on Proxy's neck, the woman reached and knocked on the door, her chin resting tiredly against his shoulder. It had been a long walk, and she knew that whatever lay beyond that door wasn't going to be any easier to endure.

With a shiver, she realized this was probably going to be the last place she saw.

Unbeknownst to them, that door had just been shut. But, with a welcoming creak, it opened. Proxy immediately looked down at the boy standing before him. "How did you get here, so quick?" The man asked, though not very suspicious.

Myles, completely confused and well baffled at why he was in this building, became even more so when laying eyes on Proxy and the girl on his back. "Uh, I literally just walked in. Like, a minute ago. I didn't want to go to the spaceport, so Oli helped me get here. Ya'know... with his hat-tricks and all?" He glanced over at the girl, who appeared very exhausted. "She looks like shit. Did you do that, or is she one of us?"

Proxy stomped forward without an answer, and shoved pass the boy. There was a dusty living room with a couch sat on the edge of a carpet next to a fire-place. The couch was layered with teal colored, warm, bristley linen, and the frame was a stained oak. There was a blanket over-lapping one of the arms. Proxy turned his back to the couch, and squatted to let Casey down. Winter did not falter in Eden, so he made due to offer her the blanket, as well.

Myles watched the man curiously, though agitated by the silence. "Hey, who is that?" He gestured his hand, before scratching the back of his head. He was a bit anxious.

Casey looked pale and sick. No amount of biofoam could replace the energy and the blood she'd lost during her ordeal. She gingerly leaned back against the couch, idly draping the blanket over her knees and turning her face away so she could close her eyes.

"You can call me Casey, if you want." she murmured,eying the couch contemplatively. Man. She just wanted to lie down and rest.

Myles cocked a brow. "Man, she looks like shit, dude. Are you sure she's alright?"

"She'll be fine." He proceeded to drape the blanket half-way over her figure. "She just needs some rest." He turned to Myles. "Don't go outside." He ordered, before going into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Myles shook his head, as such meager commands were often made. His youth was the factor in these scenarios. He began to eye Casey, and looked to the kitchen. He waited for sound of the water-spout to start pouring. He crept closer to the couch, while being very wary of Proxy's return. He looked over the woman, as she lied down. "I'm Myles. I'll actually talk, so... Uh.." He realized her eyes shutting. "Right."

Suddenly, Proxy returned. He stopped in teh door way of the kitchen, and peered at the boy. If one could see his face, they would note a slight glare. "You know better." He pointed a finger to a flight of stairs inside, which led up to the second floor of the house. However, in contrast, he lowered it back down, and walked over to hand Myles the glass of water. "Stay here, and let her drink if she wants. Yell if she tries to escape." He had changed his mind of sending the boy away.

Myles nodded, taking the glass in both hands. "Fine." He smoothed his thumb over the bottom of the glass. "Whne can I see him?" His eyes commended a slight desperation.

"Soon. He's out of the building in a meeting, at the moment. He'll be back later tonight." He looked to the fire-place. "I'll be outside. We need wood."

Myles sighed in response, and looked back to Casey.