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The Mechanic

0 · 299 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedRaine


Name: Cyrille
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 19
Cyrille has a very bold look to match her strong willed personality; she has her deep red hair held back by her mechanic's goggles and keeps her clothes light to keep herself cool when working. The straps are incredibly problematic for her work but in regards to her profession she likes to remind others that she's still a girl.

Attributes: (15 Traits)
Melee Attack - 4/10
Melee Attack Speed - 9/10
Ranged Attack - 1/10
Ranged Attack Speed - 3/10
Defense - 5/10
Stamina - 6/10
Agility - 8/10
Reflexes - 7/10
Weapons - 4/10
Armor - 3/10
Abilities - 10/10
Magic Attack - 6/10
Magic Defense - 6/10
Magic Potency - 10/10
Luck - 8/10

Overall - 90/150


Cyrille is incredibly strong minded and stubborn; she's never one to accept help from anyone regardless of how they are to her. She's usually not very helpful either unless she takes a personal interest in the task. Cyrille believes people are islands; they're born alone, live alone and sure as hell die alone. The mechanic is even less likely to admit when she is wrong as she then typically tries to pawn it off on some other abstract reason or conjecture. However, even though she can be incredibly aloof, Cyrille, once presented a task, is fiercely dedicated to the completion of the task and loyal to those that have put their trust in her.

Cyrille also does her best to ensure every task is done safely and securely; ever since her father died in an accident she had become incredibly paranoid about the safety of her work procedures. Though she is typically very brash towards people Cyrille has a soft spot for gadgets and machines. She loves to analyze the craftsmanship of machines and holds deep respect for creators of such fine automatons. For those that understand her Cyrille becomes fiercely loyal to them and is more willing to accept help although begrudgingly.



Mechanical Intuition
- Cyrille is incredibly proficient with machines of all kinds; this level of proficiency has given her an almost supernatural sense in the makeup and components of any and all machines she comes into contact with.

Properly Grounded
- Using breathing techniques and correct stances, Cyrille is able to redirect electric currents of all kinds through her body and into other objects harmlessly.

- Due to overexposure of electric currents, plus excessive use of her own electric magic, Cyrille is able to nullify the own electrical resistance of her skin, allowing the currents of her electric magics to reach amazing levels of purity.

Parrying Proficiency
- As a dual wielder Cyrille has learned the importance of being able to deflect attacks rather than block. She's not a master by any means, but she's able to hold her own in close combat.


Twin Spanners
- A pair of foot long chrome wrenches. The opening at the top is practically square and shape and is positioned vertically.

Twin Lightning Rods
- A pair of roughly arm length extendable steel rods.


Sand worker's Outfit
- Cyrille's outfit is very airy and allows her to breath much easier than most; it is very unlikely she'll succumb to heat or exhaustion but is much more susceptible to the cold and wet.


Ratchet Bombs
- Cyrille carries a multitude of miniature explosives in an impact proof bag. These miniature bombs are triggered with electricity and, after charging, takes about 5 seconds to explode.


Basic Electric Magic
- Cyrille is able to cast basic electric magics in the form of vertical thunderbolts from the sky, slow moving spheres of electricity or horizontal rays from her hands. However this is quite tedious and decreases in power the farther away she is from the target.

Electric Current
- Cyrille is able to charge objects she comes in contact with with electric currents but for only while she's in contact with them.

Magnetic Charge
- If Cyrille comes into contact with metallic objects, by touch or through contact with her own metal objects, she's able to implant a magnetic charge on them and is able to attract or repel them from her body or similarly charged magnetic objects.

Axe of the Thunder God
- By charging raw electric magic into a single point above her, Cyrille is able to strike with a sudden thunderbolt downwards at an enemy. This ability can be used with her fingers or with her weaponry as a medium.

Blade of the Lightning Gods
- By creating constant positive and negative charges in her wrenches, Cyrille is able create complete circuits between the spaces of the spanner's opening. By amplifying her magic at that visible spark, she's able to create literal blades of electricity with them as a medium. The size of the blade is equivalent to how much power is put into them, but if Cyrille creates a positive and a negative charge on separate wrenches and holds them together the power, and potential size, of the single blade is multiplied several times over.


Cyrille was a mechanic from Zanarkand. Cyrille was born as the daughter of mechanics shop owners; however her father was lost rather early due to an engineering accident. In spite of his death, Cyrille's grandfather took it upon himself to teach her everything he knew; the grandfather himself being an incredibly skilled mechanic capable of recreating any system from mere eyesight; it is said he was personally responsible for the creation of the hovering system of Zanarkands vehicles. Growing up with such a great man, that looked down at her abilities, Cyrille ended up developing an inferiority complex; making the prospect of surpassing her grandfather her reason to live. She had been working on a new device that would enable local teleportation until it had accidentally malfunctioned; in the resulting explosion she seemed to have been shunted elsewhere as when she woke up she was in an entirely different land.

So begins...

Cyrille's Story