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Daemonic Justice

Terror in a trenchcoat.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by CaptainGrue



Name: Calls himself "Justice". Hasn't really thought of a proper name.
Ethnic Group/Race/Species: A being constructed out of alien thought long ago. Easier to refer to him as a Daemon.
Gender: Male
Age: Older than 400. Doesn't keep track of his age.
Date of Birth: N/A
Height: 6'5'', or 2 meters
Weight: 180 pounds or 81.5 kg
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Skin tone/color: Dark red/Dark grey
Appearance quirks/other: Has the visual characteristics of a demon. Wears a dark trenchcoat and a wide brim hat to conceal himself and his two large wings. The coat the wings to protrude from.
Quirks: Believes in his own 'balanced' order of justice. Chaotic injustice must be dealt with order, and ordered injustice must be dealt with chaos.
Likes/Hobbies: Takes pleasure in seeing wrongdoers take responsibility for their actions, and also enjoys enforcing that responsibility via violence. Likes to talk, but also likes to keep his thoughts quiet as he is a modest lil demon. Has a passion for complex, meticulously created art whether that be songs/movies/books whatevs.
Dislikes/Nopes: Anyone who stops him from doing his job. Working in daylight. Showing any sign of friendliness.
Significant Other: Nope.
Family: Nada.
Place of Residence: Though he was created on an alien world, Justice has no home he goes to.
Education: Justice was brought into the world with his specific set of morals regarding crime and is fairly knowledgeable about society structures. He learns most of what he does by reading people's intentions.


Justice is a skilled combatant in hand to hand combat and two handed weaponry. His fighting style is normally slow, brawling with his fists or hurling hammer strikes.
He is also a skilled interrogator, choosing to strike an immense amount of fear into his enemies.
Has a great level of mental fortitude and willpower.

- Steel warhammer with a large symmetrical head with two large flat heads. Can be called into and out of existence via will, but cannot if it is knocked out of his hands/elsewhere physically. A longer handle than the picture, and much darker.
- Flight with wings
- Does not need to sustain himself with food/drink
- Can exist in a zero gravity environment
- Doesn't breathe
- Composed of thought, and is incredibly resilient to physical attack. Think in between Superman and Wolverine.
Psychic related~
- Telepathy
- Empath, in that he can sense a person's guilt.
- Illusionist, he can warp people's perception to extraordinary lengths as long as he is standing still and making direct contact with the subject.

Life Goal: Idealises a world in which all wrongdoers are given sufficient punishment.
Crippling weaknesses/Fears: Other psychic attack and mental interference will nullify his own psychic abilities. Could also potentially kill him. He can be subdued, knocked out and beaten in combat. Dreads the idea that he might be wrong in his judgement, and hides a deep fear that he thinks he might be. He also fears that ultimately he'll never be able to get the job done.

A shadow in the night sky, obscured by grey clouds.
Wings that beat and the feeling that something is watching you. Like there's some kind of unidentifiable presence.
And then whispers in the mind that might not be yours.
Psychological terror in a trenchcoat.

So begins...

Daemonic Justice's Story


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A winged apparition watched atop a roof, down onto the alley as the incursion took place. He sensed something very familiar within the creature, though could not detect it's intention. But the Daemon was not pleased. This wasn't right. This wasn't justice.
He boomed a deep and visceral voice as he shouted.

"Your judgement has been decided!"

The daemon leaped from the roof and swung down as his wings unfurled. He intended to tackle the mugger away from his victim and press him against the wall. From there he would show his mind all sorts of nightmarish imagery with the subliminal message to turn himself in.

Whether or not this shadowy fiend would intervene was unknown, but it certainly didn't appear to be aiding the criminal.