Daena C'orul

Daena has a deep desire to follow behind her father's footsteps, to the point where she tries to imitate his every action--although she chose the life path in desperation to revive her dragonfly, she is yet to discover the true meaning that is life.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Delve


Age: 50 (Appears 15)
Gender: Female
Race: An-Shin

Although the C'orul offspring take on the image of their parents, Daena was the only child born with distinct lavender hair; cut bangs an inch away from her brows, as the rest of her hair reach below her jaw line. The single feature she takes on from her mother, are clear violet eyes, and from her father, his unusual height and youthful appearance--in which she stands 6'0". As an An-Shin her skin is typically a warm brown, her child like body is developing towards the brink of adulthood; her muscles are more apparent, as well as a majority of strong adult female features which makes her appear radiant. A commonly worn attire is a halter top, made from a strange white cloth, tied around her neck and covered the front--her shoulders and back completely bare. On her waist, a firmly tied golden sash that held the halter-top and her knee high loose pants together; on her feet are laced up gold sandals that wrap around her ankles and below her knees. All these materials were made of real gold, including the large rings around her neck which sound off gently whenever she walks, similar rings are on her bicep and wrists--all varying in size.

Skills, powers and abilities:

Mechanical Engineer: Involves the application of principles of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. A solid understanding of key concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics and energy. These principles are used in the design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating & cooling systems, buildings and bridges, industrial equipment and machinery. Daena has several years of knowledge behind mechanics with the assistance of her mother Jala.

Hacking: A programmer who hacks or reaches a goal by employing a series of modifications to exploit or extend existing code or resources. The ability to program interfaces well enough to program rapidly and expertly. The type of hacker is well-respected and is capable of developing programs without adequate planning or where pre-planning is difficult or impossible to achieve. A skill she attained on her own accord in order to access data.

Paragon: Daena is yet to improve her control over the Life within her that is inflicted upon other things. In a subconscious level, she able to tap into her bio-energy through prayer for Wrryl. She accessed her own life energy to revive her pet dragonfly at will, establishing a link between both. The young An-Shin is yet to discover the effects of biochemical affairs of other organisms directly, in order to cause mutations or deteriorations at will.

Life Path: Blows that would normally kill a flesh being only slow her down as her body quickly rebuilds itself in an instant. Daena is not experienced with critical injuries and is yet to discover this power within herself.

Adaptation: The young An-shin is able to see in the dark, in addition to adjusting her eyes to certain conditions. For example, the sand from a sandstorm would not injure her eyes as layer of tissue forms over them, nor would water cloud her vision due to her advanced humanoid structure which allows her to adapt to certain environments. Other attributes allow her to withstand certain temperatures that would otherwise effect the surface of the flesh, such as intense rays from the sun or heavy snow.

Acrobatics: Consisting of perfect balance, agility and coordination in the realm of physics, she can accurately balance objects and herself on anything that exceeds the ground.

Multiple range combat : Daena is expert in all ranges of combat with her spears since she was trained at a fairly young age. Although her spears are equivalent to her overall height, she only uses them for long and medium range--Odium is used for close range combat.


Daena is a strong girl with a lot of energy and compassion for the things she's interested in. She is very genial, not to mention friendly, even playful and cute. Her loyalty to her friends and determination to accomplish what she sets out to do makes her a valuable ally to anyone! What motivates her most is her father's success in the Life Path, she is yet to discover how to do the same. Often keeps a positive attitude to any situation may experience. The only time she expresses negative emotions upon others when they believe themselves to be greater than Wrryl. She may subconciously react violently and lose short-term memory after returning to conscious state.


Odium: A lab created dragonfly created by Jala, the insect has enhanced intelligence and comprehension, but it is usually depicted as a regular insect that follows Daena. It has the ability to transform into any type of solid, liquid, gas. It can adjust its shape and size, or copy an object completely--although it cannot copy the object's functions to full capacity. Other traits include:

* Resurrection - For as long as Daena remains alive, Odium can be resurrected back to life through bio-energy.
* Chart of Elements- It is able to absorb atoms and compound certain atoms to break down a chemical--or prevent a chemical reaction. Among these traits, it can store elements that it has absorbed over time, which are kept in sacs within its body that would allow it to modify the properties of a chemical.
* Safety Protocol- Distributing its own bio-energy, it can detect if Daena's life is threatened, it can instantly teleport to her location.
* Genetic Fusion- The ability to fuse with a certain substances such as a liquid, solid, or gas-- by upgrading its DNA structure momentarily, after announcing the secret code to unlock certain atoms it has stored to make up the necessary molecules. Among them are atoms pertaining to Kyqqiz.

Odium's Scanner: A high-tech scanning device that can translate the data of material structure of any object or living thing into a code which serves as an adaptor for Odium--which downloads codes in correspondence of categorizing certain atoms that it has absorbed within its sacs. With the extra coding, the dragonfly can cause disruptions of a material structure. Odium's scanner can be plugged in to transfer scanned data into XR-103. It looks like a small gold toy gun, with a long cord that is diguised a key-chain, the key ring at the end of the cord can be inserted into a special slot in XR-103; and dangles on Daena's sash.

Double-bladed Spears (x2): Gold coated spears that are approximately 6 feet long with extremely long tangs which are longer than the sharpened portion of the blade. The tang is protruded into a hollow portion of the handle which results in a very stiff shaft and made it nearly impossible for the blade to fall or break off. It is made of Kyggiz ore one of the strongest materials in existence among the An-Shin, possessing a yield tensile strength on the same order of magnitude as the relative strength of the strong interaction, and an absolute hardness measured in trillions of yottapascals. The spears are crossed in an 'x' formation and strapped on Daena's back by cloth-like cords that wrap around her lithe form.

XR-103: A small wireless hand held computer with several purposes, it was created by Jala so that Daena can easily archive information. Accommodated with a simple touch screen computer the size of a notebook, and efficiently solar powered like a calculator. It is collapsible, and can be folded into six, the screen is made of flexible advanced particles that weld together when the computer is folded out. XR-103 is protected by intense firewalls created by Daena, she also uses it to hack into other computers that has low-level technology without detection. It is kept in its folded form, and tucked in the back pockets of her loose pants.


The youngest offspring from Tyvus C'orul and Jala Sa'en, she remained unnoticed by her family for thirty years. As a child, Daena was enthralled by the stories of the almighty Wrryl, and spent everyday studying to attain more knowledge on Wrryl and the An-Shin's history in order to follow the decreed. She secretly lusted death over life and spent her life time reading An-Shin archives and folklore to substitute her internal obsession with Wrryl. Desperately wishing to please Wrryl in the world of the living--she was uncertain of her path, in which she has interest in all of them, but has not discovered her one true path; because of this, she patiently waited for the gates of destiny to open--she hoped to find her path by following behind her father. Jala gifted her daughter with a dragonfly in hopes that Daena would find her path sooner. After studying the insect and learning its abilities--the young An-shin still couldn't decide.

In her dilemma Daena was taken from her home world, where she woke up from her sleep in Ptolomea. After a series of events, Odium died after absorbing large quantities of nuclear atoms, and Daena desperately pleaded for Wrryl to bring her companion back to life. In her prayer, she consciously chose the life path in hopes of restoring life--which she accomplished with a simple transfer of her own bio-energy and establishing a permanent link between her and the dragonfly. The rest of her story is yet to be recorded.

So begins...

Daena C'orul's Story