A rare breed of Shape Shifter

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Name: Has no formal or legal name, but has lately taken on the persona of “Damarcus”

Alias: Damarcus has thousands of stock personas, each with their own name. His favorite currently is Damarcus, but he has gone though many other mundane names over the years. Of course, at desperate times Damarcus can go through twenty or so persona in a week. As of late, Damarcus has kept this particular persona for almost a year with little variation.

Gender: Damarcus is actually genderless, taking on the gender of who ever he is impersonating. He personally considers himself “male” by society’s standards, but has no reservations on taking on a female persona.

Age: Approximately fifty years old, this of course holds no bearing over his persona’s appearance, and is fairly young for his race.

Race: Damarcus is a particularly rare breed of shape shifter.

Appearance: Damarcus is average to the point of being completely boring. He looks around 19 and is none too attractive for his age. His hair is a mousy, dull, and brown with a permanent cowlick in the front. So, regardless of the way he parts his hair that one section will always either be hanging in his face and eyes, or sticking out at an odd angle. The rest of his hair tends to stay matted and flat and always seems a tad out of proportion with the rest of his face. (Either slightly too much so it appears something is attacking his head and attempting to consume it or too short and spread rather thin across his skull like a badly fitting wig). This, combined with a mask of dark freckles that spreads nearly ear to ear across his face and a pug-nose, give him a perpetual boyish look, despite his obvious adult proportions. This in general stops anyone from taking him too seriously. But, behind the mask of freckles and locks of hair are two deepest beady eyes with absolutely nothing youthful about them. For this reason, Damarcus will go to great lengths to avoid eye contact with anyone, for fear his eyes will reveal his true nature.

Beyond his facial features, Damarcus is none to tall, only just reaching 5”5, with large clumsy hands and little extra fat here and there on his body mixed in occasionally with some muscles around his arms and legs. Overall extremely mundane and blending in perfectly with the ugly masses of people who tend to inhabit the cities of earth.

Usual Clothing/Armor: Damarcus has the wonderful ability to temporarily project clothing on his form. This makes quick shifts convincing to the populous. Unfortunately, the effect is only short term, and wears off with in the hour (making for an awkward situation should he forget to find real clothes to change into before times up). Damarcus wears only the necessary clothing for society’s approval. This consists of various cheap and faded trousers that, like everything he wears, seem either too long or too short on him. Along with generally stained, or otherwise blemished, shirts which he attempts to hide under light weight vests and jackets. His only well fitting apparel seems to be his thick work boots and matching gloves. All of these various items fall somewhere is the color scheme of grey/brown, despite the color they originally where when he bought them. Lastly, in an attempt to hide his terrible hair on occasion, Damarcus will employ some kind of hat. He is not very particular on the style so long as it covers the majority of his skull cap. This of course only ever draws attention to his hair and makes him look far more ridiculous than he did beforehand.

Weapons: Damarcus has never been much for weapons, but is fairly familiar with most practical tools (hammers, axes, shovels etc…) in such a way that he feels confident that if he had to use one to defend himself he would stand a fighting chance.

Magic and/or other abilities: Damarcus has the ability to “absorb” another sentient begins “essence”. Rather akin to a sponge though, in that he really has no choice on absorbing or not absorbing the presented essence. This has several benefits and causes quite a few problems. On the beneficial side, this absorption allows Damarcus to take a snapshot of a person and gives him the ability him to later project that persona on himself as a shape shift (Damarcus lacks to ability to create his own persona and therefore must rely on absorbing other people’s essences). He can also almost immediately decipher that particular being and determine if they are a friend/foe etc… And, by absorbing some of their essence he can momentarily weaken them. Now, this works all well and good on people and creatures of a similar level that have a weak essence. The trouble really begins in the presence of those with particularly powerful essences. In those cases, rather than absorbing a tiny bit of essence (just enough to memorize for latter use), these strong essences tend to overpower him. The effects of this can range from slightly disabling to completely crippling. Though Damarcus has experienced this very few times, he has described as feeling “possessed”, where another person’s essence is forcibly projected on to him and not in his control. This type of situation makes him completely susceptible to will of the essence holder as he becomes a vessel for the projected essence.

(Note: // Damarcus can shape shift into animal, but he finds it very inconvenient since he has no way to carry his clothes and equipment and therefore avoids it. Also, just because he can take on the physical appearance of a person does not mean he has their abilities/weakness, unless they derive from their physical form. So if he shifts into a bodybuilder’s body- yes he would be that strong. If he shifts into a person with a tattoo that facilitates their magic- he could use that magic. If he transformers into a wizard who has been studying magic for one-hundred years- no, he’d have no clue what he was doing. Of course, even if he gained inherent powers he would have to learn how to use them first. So even is he had the muscles of a pro-wrestler, he would not know how to pro-wrestle)

History: Damarcus doesn’t actually remember too much about his “actual” past, since he has had so many new ones. He has been a child in an orphanage for a time, a black-smith apprentice latter on. He definitely recalls working on a ship. But now-a-days the past all runs together. Damarcus has been so many people and done so many things he rarely tries to keep them straight. The orphanage might have been yesterday and the ship ten years ago. The one particularly important even that sticks out in his mind is the reason he is on the run.

In a moment of wonderful stupidity Damarcus, at the time under the persona of a one Andrew Farr, decided to proclaim his love to a young nobleman’s daughter. This would not have been so bad had it not been so public (he shouted it across an entire dinning hall) and not so abrupt (she didn’t even know him; he’d been stalking her for a month). Up until this time, Damarcus commonly did things of this nature, confident in his skill as a shifter to avoid any consequences of his actions. This though, would be a turning point in his life. Both the young women’s father and fiancé were both overly protective of her, and were not going to let Damarcus simply walk away from his outburst. The situation forced him into showing his true nature as a shape shifter by transforming in public, and he barely escaped the castle alive. Damarcus was on the run for months and the two noblemen used the full extent of their powers to try and smoke him out. Finally, Damarcus settled down in the small city he currently lives in.

So begins...

Damarcus's Story