Damnation Army

A demonic group of enemies to square off against.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ColeMaibara


A demon army that attacks those it sees fit.

So begins...

Damnation Army's Story


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Located within a wooded area of Ebouma, an encampment of demons had set up human-skin tents within a wooded area. Their blades made of hellish obsidian were being maintained and taken care of as the red lumbering hulks stomped among their camp ground. Within the tents the demons held prisoners, citizens from Wing City who had been kidnapped and were being prepared for rituals, torture, and potential ransoms.

The surliest and largest of the demons, their boss, patrolled the camp with his lower ranked grunts, watching out for intruders...


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Character Portrait: Draco of the Shadows Character Portrait: Damnation Army
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