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Darion Ruse

Leader of the Dregs of the Downs, a group of technologically advanced raiders founded in the Jarrako Downs

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Darrion Ruse


Within what people previously assumed was the unoccupied Jarrako Downs lies the Dregs, a fleet of technologically advanced raiders led by the ambitious Darion Ruse


Physical Description:
Black Haired with blue eyes and extremely pale skin from being exposed to very little natural light in the confines of the Jarrako Downs which he calls home. He is in his late twenties, and is 6'2" with 195 pounds of lean muscle. His pale skin, stark facial features, and slight but strong build give him an air of sophistication and beauty, despite being in a group literally dedicated to the dregs of society. Burns, modifications, frostbite, and fights, all of which were regularly encountered when claiming his slice of heaven, have left him somewhat scarred, not in a way that detracts from his odd beauty but adds to his mystery and intimidation.
A noble by heart, if not in reality, Darion is feared when he wants to be feared and can charm those he wishes to charm. When encountering others, such as ship captains or merchants, he is suave and slow to anger. When with his crew, however, Darion is always in command. Ruthless when he needs to be, quick to boost morale when he sees it dip, and never hesitant when making a decision, Darion always keeps his head and the elegance he wishes to emanate at all times.
Historical Background:
Darion Ruse is the descendant of the Ruse clan, one of the old ruling factions from the planet Gao. Despite contrasting with the culture the Ruse clan was able to build up quite a reputation during the war for being a refuge to the weak and ruined families of failing clans, provided they swore allegiance to the Ruse clan. However, with the rise of Gao Yuen the Ruse clan fled to the Tarsus system, taking refuge in Icarius and Ouroboros. Darion grew up on Ouroboros, living on the wealth that still fed his family almost 150 years after their departure. Upon reaching the age 18 his family was captured by a group of pirates while traveling from Ouroboros to Icarius to discuss business with the Icarius side of his family.
After capturing the family the pirates tried to demand ransom for the family, but the Icarius branch of the Ruse clan knew that with the Ouroboros branch gone the Ouroboros assets would be theirs. After this Darion's family was executed but the captain saw potential in Darion and he was forced to work on the pirates vessel. He proved adept at the work, however, and quickly rose the ranks to the captains second in command (followed by a string of unsolved absences and deaths in the chain of command). By the time he was 23 the captain inexplicably took ill and died, leaving Darion to captain the vessel.
From there Darion began a hard-fought campaign against the other pirates in the Tarsus system and, following the example of his ancestors, began giving refuge to those captains that swore allegiance to him. In less than 4 years of the campaign Darion had killed, driven out, or swallowed the majority of the Tarsus pirates, formed a massive fleet with his crew and ships, and claimed the remains of the Jerrako Downs as their home. All the while Darion planned revenge upon the remainder of the Ruse family for their betrayal. Darion took the Downs because he knew it would be no simple task to invade Icarius, even with his fleet. Now he gathers forgotten technology in the husk of the abandoned ship, improving himself, his men, and his fleet until the time where his might grows to the point that Icarius, and eventually all of Tarsus is his.
Equipment and Abilities:
Dregs Fleet - An ever adapting group of technologically enhanced raiders with a large variety of ships from scouting vessels to dreadnoughts.
Air of Nobility - Darion prides himself on his eloquence and presentation, making his people not only militarily capable but a powerful player in the game of espionage and diplomacy
Tech Savvy - Many pirates rely simply on the technology of the ships they take but because of his access to the abandoned research and laboratories in the Jarrako Downs Darion is able to better salvage technology and adapt his own equipment
Combat Hardened - As Darion has been a pirate for much of his life, he understands quite a bit about both tactical space/ground combat with units and personal combat with his own weapons and skills
Adaptive Armored Evo Suit - Within the confines of the Jarrako Downs was a combat research laboratory, and in his crew were men who could use it. With the help of those men and the lab Darion crafted a strong and flexible Evo suit for both space and ground combat using the very best materials out of those he had salvaged from his operations. The suit is mind linked and has a retractable helmet, with an air capacity lasting 3-4 hours, armguards with circular disks that can retract and be charged to produce different effects such as taser-like stunning blows, killing electrical impulses through contact, or energy nets that drain kinetic and electrical energy
Weapon Capabilities - Access to both large stores of mass based kinetic weapons (guns) and energy based weapons like electric and laser weapons. Prized among all his weapons are three extremely rare, expensive, and advanced personal railguns, sized like a sniper rifle but firepower strong enough to punch through a ships hull.

So begins...

Darion Ruse's Story


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"It looks like that new stealth drive is working out nicely," Darion mumbled to himself as he waited for a reaction from the ships below. "You men!" he shouted at his crew, "throw a bounce signal off their hull, make them dance for us." The bounce signal, a new technology Darion's men were working on, was intended to appear as a signal emanating from a direction other than where the signal came from. Simple enough in theory, but the technology had been a bitch so far to perfect.

One of his younger officers looked troubled and said, "Sir, we didn't bring the bulk of the fleet out with us, if shit hits the fan I don't know that they'd have time enough to come help."

"Trial by fire is the best way to determine the success of our operation. Without the risk of consequences then why bother developing the technology at all?" Darion gazed out the window and waited for a response from the Republic Ships.